5 Super Easy DIY Home Improvement Ideas to Try in 2020

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, most of the countries have been on lockdown. This means that people all around the world are forced to stay home most of the time. This has been going on for months now, so you are probably getting sick and tired of this situation. We completely understand how you feel, since we are in the same position.

However, why not use this enormous amount of free time that you have on your hand, and be productive. Some people have started painting, while others acquired a new language or took an online cooking class, etc. If none of these activities sound appealing to you, why not go a step further? Surely there are multiple things that you wanted to change or upgrade, but just never had enough time. Why not do it now?

Yes, we understand how important it is to save money nowadays, which is why we are not talking about big projects. Instead, we are suggesting that you should engage in a DIY one, and in this article, we are going to give you some ideas on possible projects that are both cheap and quick.

Add more space to your kitchen area

Regardless of the size of the kitchen, the number of drawers and cabinets, it seems that there is never enough room. We are not only talking about bulky appliances, but also cans, bags, and fresh produce. There has never been a better moment to clean the mess and figure out the way how to create more storage space.

Observe the space that you have at your disposal, and then think about the appliances such as a toaster or a coffee machine that you want to keep on the counter, and try to estimate how much room they will take. Then you should begin by reorganizing everything else. Maybe the whole problem is that you haven’t used the space efficiently, so you might have to move things around.

If you believe it to be necessary, you can add some pull-out drawers to the bottom cabinets or incorporate more shelves to the wall that you can use for stocking spices and other smaller items.

Even though this product isn’t in close correlation with space, since we are talking about the kitchen area, we are going to mention it anyway. We are talking about a kitchen mixer tap. This item will make your life so much easier since it will allow you to, fairly simply, get the exact temperature of the water you need. Due to the fact that there is a wide variety of this item, you should visit to learn what your options are.

Decorate the empty wall

Okay, this project is so simple, and yet so fun. Surely there is an area of empty space on the walls somewhere in your home. It can only be one portion of it or even an entire wall that has been driving your nuts. So why not decorate it a little bit?

You have probably seen a lot of images on Instagram and other social media platforms that provide you with numerous ideas on how to increase the overall appearance.

First of all, you can start by adding some family photos. You can go with numerous smaller frames that aren’t actually a part of the same set. You can arrange them however you want. You can scatter them around or group them together. It doesn’t really matter as long as you like it.

Next on, you can put up some abstract pictures, or even drawings made by your kids. These are usually very colorful, which means that they are not only going to brighten up space, but also make it more cozy and comfortable. What’s more, if painting is your hobby, why not put some of your work up for everyone to admire?

Change the lights


When it comes to the lights in your home, there really isn’t anything that you cannot do. You can add new lamps or fixtures, change the existing ones for some in vivid colors, or simply get new lampshades. You would be surprised to learn what a significant change these can make.

The entire perspective of your living room or some other area in the house will change, just because you have added new details to it. Plus, experimenting with items of different sizes, shapes, and colors is always fun, so go online and purchase those that you like the best.

Restore the furniture

Okay, this one might seem like a big task, but we promise you that it isn’t. Most of us get tired of any piece of furniture quite fast. The moment we get used to the new piece and the overall appearance of the room, we start thinking about what we can change. It doesn’t matter if you have just renovated your living room six months ago or a year ago, sooner or later this will happen.

So, if you are a creative person who loves DIY projects and the necessary tools, now is the perfect time to change things a bit. Why not paint that dresser or a bookshelf in some other color? Make sure to pick your favorite color, and don’t forget to add a clear coat that will protect the new paint and also give the furniture that beautiful shine.

If you want to take it a step further, you can always use paint to draw some unusual shapes on the pieces or even create designs of your own. You will see how relaxing this process will be, and in the end, you will create something one-of-a-kind.

Create an outdoor space

If you are lucky enough to have any kind of outdoor space, then there really isn’t a reason why you shouldn’t use it. It can be a small portion of your backyard, or even your balcony, literally any type of area you have at your disposal.

Design a comfortable sitting area by using outdoor furniture that you already possess, if you do not want to spend any money to purchase something new. Incorporate multiple pillows and cushions to increase comfort, add a small table for your drink, and so on.

We all need a corner for ourselves, a place where we will have the opportunity to enjoy the peace and quiet and to relax. Plus, this area has never been more essential than now, due to the social distancing recommendation.

5 Spring Backyard Cleaning Tips for New Homeowners

Having a house with a big backyard that is filled with all kinds of trees, flowers, and plants is something that many people dream of. If you are one of those people that finally managed to achieve this dream, you are in for a treat. All you have to do is sit, relax and watch all those trees bloom during springtime, right? That’s what most new homeowners think, but it is not that simple. Assuming that you do not want your backyard to turn into some wild jungle, you will need to do some cleaning.

Since spring is when most plants start blooming or producing and its finally starting to get a bit warmer, you will get to spend a lot more time outdoors. Most of that time you will be outdoors will need to be dedicated to your spring yard clean up.

At first, it might seem like a daunting task, but if you take everything slowly, you will be done in just a couple of days. There is no need to rush it and overwhelm yourself. To help you keep track of the process and keep everything steady, we have made a list of several backyard cleaning tips that are especially good for new homeowners.

Start raking

One of the first things you need to do after the snow has finally melted and grass has started showing is to rake everything. Your yard will probably be riddled with all kinds of fallen leaves or dead plants that dried out during the winter season. Not everything can survive the cold temperatures of that season.

After going through the lawn with the rake several times, most of the land should be clear of debris. Although, there are probably larger objects such as dead tree branches or anything similar that you will have to pick up. Grab a nice pair of gloves with enough protection and start picking up stuff that you couldn’t with the rake.

Try composting

Once you have collected all of that debris, you are probably thinking about throwing it all away. Why should it take up any more room from your lawn after you have spent so much time clearing it from the ground? Well, there is actually quite a good use of all those dead leaves and other parts of dead plants. You can put everything you found into one giant pile and leave it there to compost.

As a newcomer, you probably do not have a place where you can keep this pile safe, but if you have some extra wooden or wire fencing, you can make a small cube with that. Stick everything in there and then pour some water in it. Make sure you place the cube somewhere on the side, away from where you will be sitting most of the time because composing leaves can get a bit smelly.

To speed up the process of composting, make sure to pour water every few days.

Trim trees and bushes

After last year’s spring, all of the trees and bushes in your backyard have probably doubled in size. Well, at least the bushes probably have. While it is great to have big healthy-looking bushes and trees to give your yard an authentic look, it is still best to prune them once in a while so they can have some kind of form.

We recommend that you start trimming all of those dried out branches that you can find and those that are severely damaged too. You can do most of this with handheld shears. Although, you might even find some big dead branches which means you will either need a folding or a bow saw. If you feel comfortable working with power tools then a chainsaw will be able to cut through anything.

If you do not want to invest a lot of cash in a chainsaw or maybe you do not feel comfortable using one, you should consider calling professional services that can easily deal with the trees in your yard. For example, this site offers stump or tree removal, pruning, and trimming.

Pressure washing

When talking about a yard, it is not always just about the flower beds and the trees. Assuming that you truly want to make everything look good, you will need to take care of your pathways and your patio too. I would suggest that you first start with a simple brush and start scrubbing away any debris such as dirt, pebbles, and leaves.

It might take a bit more effort while scrubbing because all of that dirt that has been sitting there throughout the entire winter season will not give up so easily. Spray a bit of water with your hose to make it easier for yourself. Once you have cleared up most of the debris from your pathway, it is time to pull out the pressure washer. Check out to learn how to turn garden hose into a pressure washer.

A pressure washer is a must-have for every homeowner. It allows you to clean everything in a matter of minutes or even seconds.

Once you have plugged it and put the appropriate attachment start spraying away. Start washing every single bit of concrete to make it shine like the first day you installed it. Once you are done working on the pathways, you can continue on the patio with the same steps. First, brush then do the pressure washing.

Fix fence damage

Most of the time, fences can get a bit damaged after a winter of heavy snow and very low temperatures. All of that moisture from the snow has probably done damage to the paint which means you will have to do some repainting if you truly want to get your backyard to its former glory.

Don’t worry, this won’t take up a lot of your time. I’m sure that you probably have a couple of backup paint cans in your garage ready for use. Apply paint only on those beams on the fence that have been damaged, you won’t have to go through every single one.

Once you are done with this, your backyard should look great and ready for use.

Different Types of Pools and Everything that you Need to Know about Them

During the winter, owning a pool doesn’t seem like something as great as others describe it, but when the summer comes and the temperatures start rising, you’ll quickly understand what they’re talking about.

Living in a house has many advantages, but one of the most significant ones is the ability to build a pool in your backyard. Although this might cost a bit, it’s probably the healthiest and most relaxing luxury that you can purchase.

Fancy cars and expensive furniture are nice and all, but a swimming pool is more than a luxury. It promotes a healthy lifestyle, since swimming is a pretty nice physical activity that works your entire body, and it allows you to “cool down” for a bit when the temperatures start becoming unbearable.

Now, when it comes to choosing the right kind of pool, things might get a bit complicated. In this article, we are going to list all the different types that you can purchase for your home, so if you are currently in the process of making one, or you’re just curious to learn some more, make sure to stay with us until the end.

Here’s what you need to know.

Analyze your backyard

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Before you do anything, you need to take a look at your backyard and be honest with yourself. Do you have enough space to build a pool there or not? If the answer is no, well, we have a solution for that as well, but we’ll get to it in just a minute.

In some living areas, space becomes very limited due to the number of people constantly moving in and building their homes right next to each other.

But, designers realized this a long time ago, so they started working on projects that can be fitted in almost any home. If your backyard has an awkward shape, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to place a pool there, even though that’s what some of the companies in your area told you.

Meet lap pools, the perfect solution for a backyard

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We’ve all seen pools that are shaped like squares or circles, and although they might be the most popular ones out there, it doesn’t mean that no other types exist. Lap-Pools are just like the regular full-sized ones, except they come in many different dimensions and shapes to be able to fit almost any backyard. If you are interested in seeing how they look or how much they cost, you can visit and see for yourself.

Unless you are building this for professional swimming and training to become an athlete, you don’t care about the size or shape of it, so if relaxation and cooling down in the summertime is what you’re after, these are the perfect choices for you.

Infinity Pools

This is another very popular concept that is considered to be the best-looking one on the entire market due to the “disappearing edge” look. Usually, these designs are used in luxurious hotels and places where visitors take a lot of photos with a background such as the ocean or the sea, because of the ability of the pool’s edge to blend in with the background making a visually pleasing effect for a picture.

They don’t cost that much, even though they are often related to luxury, but there isn’t anything special in the design that would increase the price, it’s just the overall planning of space that needs to be done to make them look good.

Circular Shapes

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Although these aren’t very good when it comes to swimming or racing in them, they can be very useful when you are low on space but you want to build a place where you can relax and just “chill” for a bit during the summer. Usually, they aren’t built in large dimensions, and when someone wants to have a huge pool in their backyard, they either choose rectangular ones or “Infinity” designs.


These can be good if you like to practice distance swims, and due to their simple shape, they can fit in almost every backyard. The cost can vary depending on the size, obviously, but there are other important factors as well, such as the materials it’s going to be built from and the insides of it. Although rectangular ones are the most common type, they are still able to do the job without any problems.

Custom-shaped Swimming Pools

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Maybe your backyard has a very awkward shape, and you cannot seem to fit any of the previously mentioned types in it. This means that you’ll have to hire a designer to make a custom-shaped one that’s meant specifically for your place.

This is not the only reason custom-shaped designs are being purchased however since rich people and celebrities usually like to order them just for fun and to show off a bit with the fancy ideas. It’s not very rare to find a swimming pool in Hollywood that’s shaped in the initials of a famous person or in another very unique shape that you haven’t seen before.

Accessories make the experience richer

Regardless of what kind of design you’re going to choose, you must pay a bit of attention to accessories, such as waterfalls, massaging pumps, led-lights and all the little things that make the atmosphere cozier or more exciting, depending on what you’re trying to achieve.

If you are often throwing parties in your home, and people enjoy taking a swim while they’re spending time in your backyard, make sure that you decorate well enough to make the entire experience memorable. Led-Lights are pretty amazing if your party is during the night-time, and water fountains are just making the entire experience a lot more exciting.

In conclusion, there are tons of different shapes and designs that you can choose from, and each one of them has an advantage. The price will mostly depend on the size and the materials that you’re going to choose, but if you decide to go for a custom-shape, that might cost you a bit more as well.

Rattan Furniture Set to Fully Enjoy Your Garden

When redecorating your backyard, there are so many decisions to make. From plants and flowers to other ornaments, items for fun children-friendly outdoor activities, and of course, patio furniture. In the following text, we are going to tell you about all the benefits of rattan garden furniture.

Rattan patio furniture has gained popularity in the last few years and that’s due to its multiple benefits. If you are already familiar with them or you have already owned a set, check out website to see different types of balcony seats.

The biggest advantage of rattan furniture is a comfort. When purchasing it, opt for a high-quality one and ensure the amenity of your entire family, friends and other guests. Furthermore, each piece usually comes with seat and back cushions that are not only cozy, but it is also water resistant which means that you don’t have to worry about it being ruined in case of sudden summer showers. In addition, these pads are easily washed.

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Another benefit is durability. This furniture is specially designed for outdoor use, which means that it can be left in the garden, even when not used, all year round. Clearly, you should put away cushions, but you can leave the entire set outside, and you don’t have to run to store it away every time it rains. Moreover, due to its resistance to UV rays the color will not fade and it will look just as good as the day you bought it. We believe this to be an important feature since your furniture will be set in your garden during hot summer months and you don’t want to get a new one every few years.

Besides comfort and durability, another thing that makes these pieces of patio furniture popular is that it is lightweight. Since it is made out of wood vine it is extremely easy to move around. Additionally, due to the flexibility of the material, there is a variety of different types and shapes of each piece. You can choose between rounded, squared, cubed or any other shape that is to your preference and that compliments your garden. Moreover, due to its growing popularity, nowadays, there is a diversity of designs and sizes of this furniture. As mentioned above, you can choose between different shapes as well as colors and size of rattan furniture which will allow you to perfectly decorate your backyard.

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The last advantage of rattan furniture is that it is easy to clean and maintain. This is highly important if you have small children and as we all know, they are prone to spilling juices and making a mess. All you need for cleaning it is a washcloth and regular dishwashing soap.

Upon mentioning all these benefits, there is one more thing that we have to tell you, and that is the price. As with every other item, the cost of this type of furniture differs on the material, size and, naturally quality. But we are sure that if you do thorough research, you can find the best one for your garden within your price range.

To conclude, after reading this text, we are sure that you are going to start the inquiry for the perfect rattan set that you will enjoy for years to come.

The most effective method to Decorate Small Outdoor Spaces

Having a little outside space doesn’t mean it ought to go unused. Make the most out of what you have by consolidating diverse things that have double uses and low profiles to expand your zone. Look at these valuable tips that will enable you to supplement your outside space, regardless of how little.

1. Utilize Dual-reason Items

Reconsider your open-air territory by utilizing things that have something other than one capacity. Consider utilizing the 9×6 metal backyard storage tool shed that you can see here as the back help for a seating zone. Utilize cushioned footrests for extra solace and seating. Wood containers could make racking for plants or simple side tables that are incredible for engaging. To preserve much more space, including tables that crease out from the divider on pivots. Regardless of the measure of your deck, yard, or overhang, you can make an enticing territory to engage on those warm summer evenings!

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2. Include Some Lighting

To make an altogether unique air during the evening you could balance a couple of strands of lights along the border deck or overhang. Yard lights are in extreme interest as individuals utilize their open-air territories for daily engaging or unwinding. You’ll be stunned by the new vibe of your comfortable and welcoming open-air region. This is one spending plan benevolent choice you won’t have any desire to leave behind!

3. Make a Barrier

Because you have a little open-air space doesn’t imply that you don’t need protection. To put some separation among you and your neighbors, have a go at including a room divider. It won’t just give a boundary between your home and the outside world, yet it will likewise give spread from the hot sun. On the off chance that you have a little overhang, consider including a security screen that can be introduced along the railing to make some detachment from your neighbors too. Another extraordinary choice is outside shades that you can pull shut or open up contingent upon your state of mind.

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4. Utilize Vertical Space

Don’t simply concentrate on the physical floor space of your open-air living zone, however, turned out to be mindful of the vertical space that is effectively overlooked. Introduce some balancing grower with low support plants to include shading and magnificence. Consider introducing a vertical greenhouse on a bright divider to develop vegetables and herbs. You can make a point of convergence by draping different designs on the dividers, for example, in vogue metal fine art. Also, remember, utilizing the dividers for putting away tables and seats is an incredible method to open up more space when you need it while as yet having enough seating when the entire group is finished!

5. Include a Rug

In the event that you need to influence your open-air space into to a greater extent a day by day living territory, to consider including an outside floor covering that will truly unite your outside. There are numerous sizes of open-air appraised mats to look over in case you’re thin on space-from sprinters to doormats. Recall that, they give solace to uncovered feet as well as get your Outsunny furniture and give a point of convergence to your region.