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Back Pain


Look and Feel Healthier with a Posture Corrector

Bad posture is one of the most common reasons behind multiple health conditions. From muscular pains to digestion problems, hunched back and drooped shoulders, all can be avoided, even cured with a good posture. Strange right? But it is true. The poor back is the culprit behind a lot of health problems. Here are some… Keep Reading


6 Ways to Fix your Posture

Good posture is not all about the looks. How we stand, walk, and sit can affect both our mood and our health. So, stop sitting improperly and slouching and focus your attention on these tips in order to improve your posture, as well as your health. 1. Do posture-correcting exercise In order to have good… Keep Reading


5 Easy Ways to Treat Lower Back Pain at Home

A lot of people suffer from lower back pains due to various reasons. The most common is sitting for a prolonged period of time, lifting items incorrectly and old age. Bad posture for instance when sitting on office chairs and in our cars exerts a lot of pressure on the lower back. The studies show… Keep Reading


The Health Hazards of Gaming Dissected

Video games are one of the modern era’s most popular forms of entertainment and will become even more dominant in the years to come. Kids love them, adults play them, and the tech industry makes a mean buck off of them. But like everything technology related, they can easily be abused, becoming a serious health… Keep Reading

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