Ariana Grande Net Worth 2021 and How Does She Earn Her Millions?

The 25-year-old is one of the world’s leading contemporary recording artists and she has recently released her latest single. In her latest single 7 Rings, Ariana Grande sings about some of her favorite things, such as diamonds, lashes, and ATM machines. The actress-turned-singer has recently performed at Coachella and brought Nicki Minaj, N*Sync and Puff Daddy on stage with her. Rumors have been swirling that this performance brought her $8 million. This led us and her fans ask how much is her net worth.

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Net Worth

It is estimated that Ariana Grande’s net worth is around $50 million. It is believed that during this year it will continue growing as there are many new releases, lucrative touring schedule, and endorsements set to happen this year.

Besides the clues, she gives in her latest single that he likes spending money at breakfast at Tiffany’s and on bottles of bubbles, Ariana also loves investing in real estate. Hence, she has recently bought a $16 million apartment in New York City. She briefly lived there with her former fiance Pete Davidson. Grande also spends a lot of time in her mother’s home in Boca Raton, which is worth about $2 million.

Grande also loves spending money on tattoos and she has more than 20 of them, including a crescent moon on her neck and a Spirited Away Anime character on her arm. Likewise, Ariana also has a pet collection, including her pet pig, Piggy Smallz, and nine rescue dogs.

How Does Ariana Grande Earn Her Millions?

When you read that a 25-year-old person has a net worth of around $50 million, the natural reaction is to ask how does she earn that money. Well, her net worth comes from her turn on a teen TV show, being part of the musical theatre world, and being a world-renowned pop star. She first started performing at the age 14 when she appeared in 13 the Musical on Broadway. She was part of the show Victorious, where she made $9,000 per episode. Grande also appeared in a number of other TV shows, such as Family Guy, Scream Queens, and Hairspray Live.

Then, Ariana Grande shifted her focus to music and in 2013, she released her debut album, Yours Truly. After that, she released another album, My Everything, which sold 169,000 copies in its first week. She quickly became a pop star and embarked on The Honeymoon Tour throughout America, Europe, and Asia. The eight-month tour brought in $40 million.

This was followed up with Dangerous Woman and a tour which brought her $71 million. Grande has done plenty of brand endorsements, such as ones with Reebok and Lipsy. She has released her own perfume collection, which grossed $150 million in retail sales.

Moreover, Grande has been nominated for six Grammy Awards and won three American Music Awards, including Artist of the Year in 2016, and two MTV Video Music Awards.

Ariana Grande was born on June 26, 1993, in Boca Raton, Florida and her parents are Edward Butera, a graphic designer, and Joan Grande, a businesswoman and an owner of a company that makes military communication equipment. Ariana has a brother, Frankie Grande, who is an actor and he also starred on Big Brother show.

Andy Mineo Net Worth 2021 – His Biography and Career

Andy Mineo is an interesting figure. He is a Christian Rapper and artist, a producer, a minister, and an actor. He is really successful as a solo artist but he is also a member of a group 116 Clique. We are going to tell you a bit more about Andy Mineo and his life.


Andy was born in Syracuse, NY on April 17, 1988. He was raised in a single parent home and he has a sister. His family was very religious and his sister worked as a counselor at a Christian Camp he attended as a child. While he was at Henninger High School he worked as a producer and he also joined a rap group Fat Camp. This rap group signed with Syracuse University’s Marshall Street Records.

In 2014 in September Andy married Cristina Delgado. Mineo is currently living in Washington Heights.


Andy Mineo’s Career

Andy was a rapper and a producer in his early life. And in his early career, he even opened for Jadakiss. But eventually, Andy decided to dedicate his life to religion and Christ. He discovered the urban evangelism project T.R.U.C.E and he became a part of it. He is now signed to Reach Records and his creative initiative Miner League.


Andy’s Net Worth

The total net worth of Andy Mineo is estimated to be around $3 million according to Forbes.

Frank Stallone Net Worth 2020 – A Versatile American

Frank Stallone is a famous person in the United State. He is known as an actor, songwriter, guitarist, and singer. He is best known as a songwriter for movies that featured his brother Sylvester Stallone. His best-known work was for writing songs such as “Far from Over” that featured in 1983`s “Staying Alive”. The soundtrack from this movie earned him the tenth place on Billboard Hot 100. Let us give you an insight into Frank Stallone`s short bio and net worth as of 2020.

Personal Life

Frank Stallone Jr. was born on the thirtieth of July 1950. He was born in New York, the United States to Frank Stallone Sr. and Jacqueline Stallone (ex Labofish). His mother was a dancer, women`s professional wrestler promoter, and an astrologer. His mother was one Ukraine and French ancestry. His father was of Italian descent. He is a younger brother of famous actor Sylvester Stallone. He graduated from Lincoln High School.

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As a solo musician, he released many singles, mostly pop songs. As we said, he is best-known as an author of songs for movies that starred his brother Sylvester. His credo is a song named “Far from Over”. It was featured in “Staying Alive” that was released in 1983 and featured his older brother in the main role and director position. That song earned him a nomination for Grammy and Golden Globe.

In 1985, he released his first studio album called “Frank Stallone” that was part jazz part big band. Later, he formed his own band called “The Frank Stallone Band”. He has worldwide tours with his band even today. From 1985 to today, he released ten studio albums, from which nine were his solo albums. Throughout his career, he was praised by famous musicians such as Sammy Chan, Tommy Bennet, and Frank Sinatra.

Before he became a musician, he was an amateur boxer, and because of that, he was chosen to appear in a tv show called “The Contender”. Also, he appeared in “Hulk Hogan`s Celebrity Championship Wrestling”. In that show, he was the second one who was eliminated. Plus, besides his acting career, songwriting, singing, guitarist, and many other talents, he appeared in several tv shows. For example, he appeared in “The Smoking Gun Presents World`s Dumbest…”. Also, he starred in some several movies, most notably “Tombstone”, “Barfly”, and “The Roller Blade Seven”.

Net Worth

As of 2020, Frank Stallone`s estimated net worth is $3.5 million. Most of his wealth comes from his musical career, and some smaller part comes from his appearances on movies and tv shows. Plus, he appeared on several reality tv shows, which were very popular in the United States. He has toured with his band from the late eighties, so he gets a significant amount of money from that part too. At his spare time, he enjoys working out in the gym and going to the shooting range. Also, he considers himself a collector of souvenirs, guns, and guitars.

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Jay Park Net Worth 2020 – Popular Artist

Jay Park is a multitalented man, dancer, singer, songwriter, rapper, model, actor, choreographer, and record producer. He has American- Korean ancestry, and at the moment he is a part of the Art of Movement. This band is in Seattle.

If you want to find out everything about the net worth of Jay Park continue reading this article.

Early Life

He was born on 25th April in 1987, and raised in Edmonds, in the Seattle. His full name is Park Jae Beom. In his early age, he showed interest and huge talent for break dancing and hip-hop music.
He finished Edmonds Woodway High School, where he did pay attention only to dancing and writing the par songs. From 2003 he is the important part of the group Art of Movement. In 2004 he went to Korea, where he started Dankook University.

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He also went to audition for JYP Entertainment while he was in Korea. Jay Park improved his rapping, singing, and dancing in Korea.


At the beginning of the career, he was the leader of the band 2 PM, and his first single was 10 Out of 10. After a couple of years, he left the band because the audience demanded that, even he apologized for his bad words towards Korea.

He continued his career and living in Seattle when he moved from Korea. His YouTube channel Jayaram is very popular, and if you want to find out all about this talented man you should check it. The song Nothing on You in his interpretation collected 2 million views less than 24 hours.

Awards and Achievements

Jay Park has many awards and achievements for his choreographies and songs. He won Golden Disc Award for the song Take a Deeper Look in 2012. The next year he was the winner at the category Male Musician of the Year in Korean Music Awards.
His album Everything You Wanted was declared for the Best R&B Soul Album in the Korean Music Awards.

Eight years ago he got Mashable Award for the song Nothing On You in the category named Best Web Video. He also won Popular Artist Award who gave Asia Model Awards. Five years ago he got Best Hip Hop Music Video by SBS MTV Best of the Best Award for the song So Good.

Net Worth of Jay Park

The estimated net worth of this amazing artist is around $2 million, and most of his income came from his songs. He also was an actor on a little screen. He was a member of two bands, Art of Movement and 2 PM.

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His covers of other musicians are very popular on his YouTube channel. He also has his record label called AOMG, and H1GHR. He signed the record label with Roc Nation and that puts him at the number one on the list of Asian artists who do that.

He ended up on the Forbes list 30 under 30.

At the moment he is single, and before that, he was in the relationship with one Korean girl.

He is the role model for many boys at the moment.

Who is the Rising Star Singer Liza Jane?

At the 239th Anniversary of the US navy for the Wounded Warriors Veterans, Liza Jane performed. Whilst this was merely linked to her tireless efforts to help homeless vets through charity work, she certainly did not go unnoticed: the City Commissioners of Key West named the day in June 2015 in her honor and recognition of all her humanitarian achievements.

 So who is Liza Jane?

She was born in 1998 in Key West, Florida and began singing at an early age to become a soprano vocalist. Distinctive indeed if one considers that Liza Jane was the only ever soprano vocalist to win a district-level competition with a “superior-plus” rating. Later on, at age 11, she performed at the St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Key West – the youngest ever soloist who were invited for such a performance. Fast-forward to today, she is majoring in Classical Voice Performance at Belmont University in Nashville, where she is also a member of the Nashville Opera Guild. Liza Jane is proud to have Italian heritage and is enthusiastic about fitness, meditation, swimming, and travel.

 Liza Jane had a passion for singing and performance since a young age


After becoming known, other popular performers were quick to involve this new rising star. Liza Jane was invited to open several acts including The Grand Funk Railroad, The Doobie Brothers, Three Dog Night – and she sang with Paul Cotton (formerly of the rock group Poco). The list goes on: she also worked with Phil Brown (formerly of Little Feat) – and James Slater, the Grammy-nominated songwriter of Nashville. Evident of her true ability to be diverse, Liza even performed at the Bottle Cup Jazz club in her hometown, The green room, and DoubleTree resort.

Liza’s first album

Her first record album was called “We Can Start a Fire” – which was produced with a well-known songwriter Biff Watson. At the time, when asked about her inspiration for future work, Liza said: “many of my confessional alt-pop ballads are rooted in my own feelings and experiences – and since I enjoy playing guitar and piano, it gives me pleasure to produce music that is in tune with what I do as an artist”.

A Liza Jane single – “Asleep”


Liza Jane commented as follows: “The song Asleep personifies depression and anxiety, something I’ve always struggled with and that many others do. I want to keep bringing awareness to the issue”.

Her second album

She is in the final preparation stages to release her second Album. It is anticipated around December 2019 / January 2020. Her social channels are all buzzing with fans who are clearly in anticipation of the next release.

Why the second album looks promising

Besides the fact that Liza’s social channels have ballooned in recent months, there is a lot of positivity from influencers in the music industry. To name just three examples:




To be notified of her future albums and live events, the best way is to find her across social channels.

Step into the fantastic world of EDM with Lord Conrad 

This young multitalented artist is taking the world by storm. He is a DJ, a music composer, a dancer, an actor, a model, and a TV personality. Lord Conrad was born in Milan, Italy and is today considered to be one of the most rapidly rising stars in the 21st century. His style, music, glamour, and the general level of attractiveness are what make him appealing and intriguing.

His popularity goes beyond the USA. This incredible performer is popular in Italy, Japan, India, Indonesia, and pretty much everywhere in Europe.

His newest track will be released on May 1st and will be available in all digital stores and all streaming platforms such as Spotify.

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The majority of his fame came thanks to his single “Touch The Sky” which he released in 2017. The fabulous video and the catchy and energetic song are an incredible combo that has been featured on numerous international radio and TV stations. The video is captivating, as is the Lord Conrad’s song. It was filmed in Rome but watched and enjoyed all over the world. The song is more than just a good tune to dance to though. Lord Conrad sends the messages of love, showing his altruistic character. His songs are perfect music to listen to, both on the dance floor and from your couch. “Touch The Sky” has over a million and a half views with viewers from all over the world.

His hit song “Only You” that entered the YouTube channel “Elements” is admired everywhere by everyone who likes to shuffle. The positive vibe can be felt through the majority of Lord Conrad’s songs as he is an altruistic man simply wishing to share the love with the world using the music as his messenger.

This artist is also a dancer, an aesthetic guru, a personal trainer, trader, and influencer.

New Song Comming: Lord Conrad – Videogames

His passion for video games and technology is strong and he is collaborating with the Italian gamer and YouTuber Pepo3393 that has over 3 million views on one of his videos and over 2700 videos on YouTube. The video in which you’ll be able to see both Pepo3393 and Lord Conrad in action is being shot in Milan, Italy.

As a model and a professional dancer who specializes in hip hop and Michael Jackson style, he sets the stage on fire not leaving one indifferent soul in the audience during his performance.

Year after year he is becoming more wanted, more popular, and let’s face it- hotter.

The songs expand beyond the energetic, EDM world. Lord Conrad has proven to us that he can create songs infused with elements of R&B, creating a slower and a more introspective tune taking you through the whole range of emotions.

His “1 minute” track is making people ecstatic. The song is raw and real, embellished with falsetto vocals that are leaving us speechless. “Fight Till The End,” a song following his three major hits, has a much more aggressive, electro house vibe.

The truly remarkable thing about Lord Conrad’s songs is the fact that no matter what type of song he makes, no matter what genres he combines and in what way, the songs can be easily recognized as his. There is a unique stamp that Lord puts in all his songs that makes us appreciate every note, every pause, and every jump.

Ralph Ziman`s South African Art Tank

South African Tank is a police vehicle that was designed in South Africa, in the late seventies. The project was called the Casspir project. It can drive over two anti-tank mines at the same time. If there is some damage to their tires, all problems could be fixed on the battlefield in around twenty minutes. This tank was seen as one of the fiercest symbols of the apartheid in South Africa.

It can carry around twenty soldiers, and it was meant to be one of the biggest symbols of oppression in South Africa during apartheid period. Naturally, because of its purpose, it was very unpopular in its home country. But even more than that, people were scared of it. It is known as only successful military vehicle that was designed in South Africa.

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Because of its effectiveness, it was quickly exported into other countries. It was designed on Mercedes Benz chassis. An artist, Ralph Ziman, choose to redesign the whole vehicle as a sign of protest against the regime that was in the time of apartheid. The whole vehicle was rebuilt from a scratch and totally redesigned.

Also, it has totally new parts, like engine for example. The only original element are its tires. The artist was contacted by a South African military defense who thought that they will sell the vehicle to the ISIS.

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However, that was not the case. The purposes for rebuilding this vehicle were totally artistic ones. One prof that they didn’t have this intent was that ISIS`s vehicles are all painted in black, and as you can see, this vehicle has a wide array of colors.