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How AI and Personalization Are Transforming B2B E-Commerce


You cannot deny the fact that digitalization is changing the B2B buying experience. As customers are now looking for a fast transaction, quick response from the sellers and want to get personalized pricing. As a result, the e-commerce business owners must update their game to stay in the game.

As time is passing, change has become a necessary part of any business. And if you are not keeping yourself updated with all the changes you are going to lag behind. In today’s world, AI is playing an essential role in the e-commerce business, and it has become extremely important. Here is how:

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How AI and personalization are transforming B2B e-commerce

Artificial Intelligence or AI is become necessary for B2B business because of its capabilities. AI Can easily understand the customers and help us to offer data drive and actionable insights to organisations. With the help of the AI, we will get the chance to learn about our customers and provide them more personalized services.

AI can help any business in a lot of ways. Like it can improve customer service, can help you meet customer demands, increase revenue and offer a cost saving solution. As well as it helps to stay ahead of your competitors and helps you to grow your business.

Even AI can help you in the sector of sales and Marketing. By using machine learning techniques, you will be able to understand how your customer behaves and how they take a decision. Also, by understanding all these details, you will be able to create a more personalized product or service along with personalized pricing. Of course, to understand the pricing recommendation, you will have to do a price optimization.

This way, you will not just offer your customers an enhanced service, but along with that, you will be able to grow your business while keeping the profit to yourself.

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Even, smart business out there is sending their customers about the latest prices and product details with the help of the customer. To understand about your pricing, you can use a price optimization software and offer your customers the best price in the market. This way, they get the chance to hold their customers and treat them.

By having the ability to understand the needs of a customer, you will be able to offer them better service. And indirectly it will help you to create loyalty and grow a list of satisfied customers who will return to you whenever they choose to make their next purchase.

In today’s time, digitalization has given the maximum power to the customers. And now there are quite a lot of options. On the other way, it did help the business owners too. But, business will only stay in the game if they choose to implement AI in their marketing strategies and offers their customers more personalized suggestions.

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Final Words

In the end, all I would like to mention that AI is changing the game completely. Gone are those days when you can rely on your existing customer base. But as the competition is growing and digitalization is entering into the game. It is required to think out of the box and take help from AI to offer personalized services to the customers.

Top 6 most Impactful Education Technologies of our century

Let’s face it! The world is changing way faster than most of us could have imagined, and technology is at the center if it. A decade ago, smartphones were not as popular as they are today. But, the fact that you now today use Google Maps on android or iOS gadget to zoom into places you’ve never visited makes everything easy and simple. For a student, finding history writing jobs in this age of information and technology is only a swipe or a click away. Moreover, no more struggles when it comes to writing papers or studying for exams. From distant learning, online courses to instant skill evaluation apps, students in this age must be the luckiest lot, at least before Artificial intelligence takes shape in the near future.If you are you interested to learn top technologies like Big data, AWS, Cloud computing, AI, Data Science, then Big data Hadoop Training, AI, AWS and Data Science course is for you. 


How is education sector changing?

This post examines changes in the education sector in this age and time. And, taking note of technologies that now make research and writing academic papers convenient, there is a lot to which every stakeholder can look forward. The catch here is that technology continues to trigger a total overhaul of traditional education systemsOnline classes have become a more considerable alternative for education.There are many online courses like PMP, AWS Certification and Six Sigma, to get more information please visit this site

Here are six of the most impactful edtech in our century:

1.     Could computing

Apart from it being manifest in many different ways, cloud computing is arguably the most powerful and innovative data/information storage technology. Being able to access coursework, exam questions, sample academic papers and read books anywhere and anytime may have been unthinkable a few years ago. But, now, it is here, and every student loves it.

With cloud computing, you can sync data/information across different electronic devices and access it for use anytime and anywhere. It is a revolutionary way to learn.

2.     Virtual Reality (VR)

If you thought Virtual Reality only transforms computer gaming experiences and marketing, then you’ve got to rethink about it. It is now being used to stem immersive learning without having to move around looking for lab equipments and books. For example, with VR headgear, medical students have been able to examine experiments in 3D environments, something that was not possible a few years ago.

3.     Augmented Reality (AR)

Closely related to VR is Virtual Reality.  It has changed the way technology in the classroom works, especially for students pursuing courses like marketing. By infusing AR into today’s classrooms, teachers are modeling some of the most illustrious marketing career professionals.

4.     Big data analytics

Analytics have come a long way, and today, Google knows your most preferred online search phrases even before you type them. In classrooms, big data and analytics continue to take shape, bringing about more engaging learning experiences between teachers and students than ever before. By helping breakdown complex concepts, analytics are changing the way educators make decisions, analyse student data and approach personalized/customized learning.

5.     3D printing technology

Prototyping, which is another name for 3D printing is changing learning experiences in many tangible ways. Students pursuing creative courses such as fine arts, graphic design and web design can now transform their imaginations into mind-boggling realities.

6.     Speech-text input technologies

Driven by artificial intelligence (AI), speech-text input technologies are some of the most transformative inventions in education.  Most electronic gadgets now have it, which means, if you cannot type a way due to physical challenges, you can simple speak it.

Final thoughts

In summary, ways in which students partake in learning practices have changed in recent years, thanks to emerging technologies in the 21st century. With paper editing applications such as Grammarly and Hemmingway, you can now rid your essay papers of errors that have always denied you mark.


How AI Is Changing Buyer Behavior

Have you ever visited an online shopping market like Amazon or eBay to search for an item of interest, only to leave to another website and see those things you just searched for being advertised in Google Ad space? That kind of re-targeting has been there for a decade now. But, now you might see very relevant ads which you have thought but never searched! Depending on your buying history, shopping habits of people who bought those items and many other factors, AI can predict what you are more likely to buy next! Well, that is Artificial Intelligence (AI) at work.

We live in a world where technology is always evolving and getting better by the day. And since buying is one thing human beings cannot do without, it makes a lot of sense to digital marketers to take advantage of AI to enhance their products and services. The ultimate aim is to have you, the buyer buying things you never thought about in the first place.

AI and its evolution

Artificial Intelligence has always sought to make things easier and faster using human intelligence. AI has been widely used in various ways for many years and having seen how powerful it can be, advertisers, publishers, and of course, marketers have jumped in to reap the full benefits it promises.

And so, in 2017, we started experiencing a whole new level of AI, especially in the area of consumer online buying decisions. And its effect isn’t limited to online shopping alone, but also in the healthcare, automobile, banks and many other sectors of the market.

You would agree that Google Alexa has been very helpful and made life much easier. And yes, it is AI at work in this area. AI machines with the help of AI assistants are predicting buying decisions and presenting a solution for the buyer while making sales in return.

No matter how eager a shopper is, such a person can easily get overwhelmed with the endless presentation of product choices. People may be enjoying it at the moment, but time is coming when consumers will want more than just a presentation of product choices.

AI as it is

At the moment, buyers are utilizing the help of chatbots or virtual assistants to make a decision on what to buy. That means that power is leaving the hands of brand identity and marketing into the hands of machines. These machines are left to understand what the consumer needs and provide the best options available.

AI can go as far predicting a buyer’s behavior based on a change in the behavior of other buyers in the same vicinity with the buyer. Emails are not left out as AI has devised a way to send promotional materials to buyers at a time when they are having lunch or relaxed at home to increase their chances of buying.

“We are now at a point where buyers can upload an image of what they are searching for and have similar results returned in minutes than typing in the search space to get the products. Even with voice, AI is now able to recognize what the buyer wants and present a solution” says Sam Bourgan, who runs a review website that uses AI and human editors input to rank products.

AI and the future

Even with all these developments, AI still has a long way to go. For instance, in as much as buyers are making use of voice and images to search for products, such buyers will lose out on the chances of reading up reviews of other buyers of such product, or even making comparisons.

We are yet to know if AI-powered services will do simple things like answer consumer questions or provide solutions to complaints. It will be nice to see AI prompting you to buy a new toothpaste based on the presumption that your present toothpaste is about to finish.

AI is getting better by the day, but we look forward to a natural purchasing journey for the buyer without interruptions that is uncalled for. Complementing accurate buyer analysis and AI will have manufacturers and service providers making more sales in the years to come.

The man behind world’s first crowd food-sharing platform

Today we got the opportunity to ask some questions on food waste to Somdip Dey, the developer of ReMe Basket, an android application, which reminds the user of the expiry date of the food items in the fridge. It also gives recipe suggestions based on the same items if the goods have gone past the date so that the food does not go to waste. Somdip provides his opinion and answers to the related questions as follows.

What are the current statistics on food waste?

According to World Hunger Education Services, in 2017 on an average 33% of 4 billion metric tons, which equates to 1.33 billion metric tons, of food production was wasted and 1 out of every 9 people on the planet went to bed empty stomach. Statistics from the same organization also mentions that an average family in the UK wastes around £700 because of food waste.

Do you believe that people are aware of these statistics?

Maybe some people do know, but the majority are not really aware of these statistics. Personally speaking, given today’s busy work-life schedule some details related to how much food I am eating or throwing in the bin without eating becomes really difficult to track. So, from my personal experience, I think some people regardless of knowing these pressing facts on food waste, are not really able to divert their energy and focus on solving the issue because of so many other personal and/or professional issues that catch our attention throughout the day.

What can be done to stop food waste on an individual level?

There are so many things that we can do, either small or big, to reduce food waste. First, we can start recording how much food we consume and how much we end up wasting. I know this thing is tedious in our given busy work-life routine, but once you start doing it for some time, it becomes natural and inherent to follow the schedule after some time. In this way, we can keep track of how much food we really need and we can just buy that much amount from next time instead. There are few apps which could help you to keep track of how much food you consume on a daily basis but most of them are not free to use. So, find any possible way to keep track o your food consumption, whichever way it feels natural or easy for you.

Second, we should keep track of the expiry date of the food items that we buy. Personally, sometimes I buy food and forget them in the fridge because of working overtime in the office or missing a dinner schedule at home. So, keeping track of food items and their expiry date is important because many times expired food items contribute to food waste and is one of the serious concerns related to this. You can use either a sticky note to put on top of the fridge to remind you some of the recent expiry dates so that you do not end up forgetting. You can also use apps that could remind you of this simple task. ReMe Basket is one such app, which could aid you in this and is the first of its kind to remind you a food item’s “gone-by” date.

Third, even if the food has gone by expiry date, do not just throw it in the bin. Sometimes food items are still edible even if they have gone past the shelf date. Have a look at the item and inspect it closely before binning it. You might be able to cook something from the item even after it has gone past shelf date.

Fourth, if you have got leftovers then do not just throw the leftover away. Share the leftovers with your friends and/or neighbors. There are some food banks in your local area who might accept such leftovers or you can use apps for this as well.

What is your plan for ReMe Basket in the future?


Right now, ReMe Basket can help an individual to keep track of expiry date and suggest recipes on the food items that are on the list with ease. But I am developing methodologies to introduce artificial intelligence to make this task much easier for an individual such that the app can also suggest the user on which food items to buy or not to buy as well. In 2014, I have also co-developed the world’s first crowd food sharing platform, and I am also planning to introduce the concept in ReMe Basket so that the user can share the food items with people in need easily through the app. At the moment I am pursuing Ph.D. in Computer Science at the University of Essex and thus finding time to develop these key features is tricky, given my busy schedule. But we can expect them to arrive in the application very soon.

Tell us more about the crowd-food-sharing platform? What happened to it?

In 2014, my colleagues and I at Codeepy, which was initially a hackathon group at the University of Manchester, co-developed SHARE.It, which was the world’s first crowd-food-sharing platform and we won a prize category at the 2014 Koding’s Global Hackathon. We won the 3Scale API award in the competition and one of the only hackathon teams from the UK to have won a prize in this prestigious global hackathon event. The application could search for nearby users who needed the leftover food and then provide location based pickup or food dropping services. Later we attracted some clients, who also bought private equity on the application. After that, we sold the app to them. Unfortunately, I am not being able to disclose their name in public.

Any last advice to conclude this article?

Although food waste seems like a huge issue in our modern society, where we still have so many people around the world going to bed starving or children suffering from malnutrition, yet many of us do not do anything about it. I think we all need to do our part to reduce food waste and improve lives. At the end, we are also the one who will be saving money in the long run if we do not overbuy or waste food. We have to start taking food waste seriously from now on, but baby steps can definitely take us a long way.

Company That Can Take Care Of All Your Software Development – Inventive Byte

Inventive Byte is more than a software development company. They are an entrepreneur’s partner. With a team of designers, developers, intellectuals, experts, hackers and learners, they can help anyone who has an idea. The team is assembled after a careful and thorough search.
Every member is an expert in their field, and by joining forces with artificial intelligence, they are able to overcome any problem and bring you closer to making your idea a reality.

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They can offer to help you with more than just software development. They are there to contribute with their knowledge in digital marketing, talent recruitment, fundraising, and other necessary business processes.  Services they offer range from mobile and website development, to support, maintenance and help with staffing needs. They even explain to you how to get started!

Inventive Byte covers projects from various types of industry. Fashion, real estate, you name it!

They are a surprisingly new company, established in 2018, and yet they have a ton of experience already. With headquarters in Los Angeles, San Jose, New York, and New Delhi, it’s hard to imagine that this company is less than a year old!

They offer different services to entrepreneurs depending on your needs.  The first phase is guided project scoping during which they help you answer questions like what your unique value proposition might be, what’s your target audience and what would be the best way to achieve growth. This phase is important because here they make sure that you’re not taking any unnecessary risks and that everything will go smoothly and effortlessly.

After that, starts the strategic planning. This is the time to prioritize features, plan a dependable architecture, and set developmental stages.

That they are a hundred percent quality focused, proven by the fact that in case that you don’t like the demo they sent you, the changes they’ll make won’t cost you anything.

After the idea is launched, the team will make sure to stay with you during maintenance and development.

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If you’re a freelancer, Inventive Byte can be of help to you as well. They consider freelancers to be a source of technical expertise that any project can benefit from. You will be given a chance to work on innovative projects and gain useful experience. AI software helps decide relevant projects for freelancers based on their expertise and experience. They are very supportive of students, so don’t think you’re too young or inexperienced if you’re still a student. They say that there is no better way to learn than by doing.  Students can also get online courses from Inventive Byte in order to perfect the skills needed for a certain project and your successful future.

Joining their team as a freelancer will give you a chance to meet some amazing new people who are experts in their fields, and it’s going to be possible for you to make them a part of your permanent team. Networking and learning are all that young minds need to grow and expand their horizons.

Inventive Byte is also welcoming mentors in their team. Again, based on your expertise, the AI will assign you to a project that you can be most useful to.

This company is truly full of opportunities for anyone looking for them.

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