Why Home Warranties Are Getting Big in the USA


Home warranties already are a $2 billion industry, reports, and that number is steadily growing. These businesses are booming all across the USA, although they are most popular in the south. Is this because they provide truly high value or is it just very good marketing?

What are home warranties and why are they popular?

Home warranties are a type of service that covers your home appliances and systems and will pay for whole or part of the repair cost in case they break down. The idea is similar to insurance, but instead of your home, it covers individual appliances and systems like plumbing and electrical wiring.

Homeowners pay a set amount in annual premiums (about $600 on average) and for this, if any of the covered items break down, they get assistance and compensation from the home warranty provider. The assistance is as valuable as the compensation for some people because home warranty companies serve as a middle-man between the homeowner and contractors. This means that you have only to contact the company if something happens and they take care of everything else.

The point of this protection is to help homeowners avoid big unexpected repair bills, which can throw your budget or severely dent your emergency fund. The majority of home warranties only pay for a fraction of the bill, but it’s usually enough to take off the bulk of the financial strain that can occur if some expensive appliance breaks down.

As the number of such appliances increases and the costs of repair for them climbs up, it’s not a surprise that home warranties are becoming more popular in America. Frontdoor, the owner of the biggest home warranty provider, reports a 9% rise in profits in 2018. The most lucrative areas for these businesses are the southern states.

That’s because more people in the south of the country own their houses, and those houses are bigger. For example, Arizona is one of the “hottest” states for home warranties. According to, 64% of the state’s residents own their own homes in Arizona, and the median size of a single-family home is 2.598 sq. feet states Now, consider the fact that new houses in Arizona are bigger than the national average.

Moreover, the majority of them are equipped with expensive AC systems, fans, refrigerators, and freezers. Many of those houses also have a variety of modern appliances. Plumbing and electrical systems go without saying.

All those things run the risk of breaking down. In fact, it’s higher in the south because the environment puts more strain on appliances and even house integrity. But repair services aren’t easily available in some more remote communities.

Enter home warranty companies, which do not only help reduce the cost of fixing expensive home systems and appliances. These companies also provide a quick connection to all contractors. They serve as a single point of contact for homeowners who get to save time and money because they don’t have to look for a suitable contractor on their own.

The situation is similar in Texas, and in California, there’s also the issue of extremely high contractor fees. Considering all these facts, it becomes obvious that home warranty companies strive in the southern states because they offer the most value there. However, they offer high value everywhere else as well, and that’s why this industry is getting bigger every year. For example, in South Carolina, home warranties are also hugely popular. If you would like to learn more about home warranty plans in South Carolina you can go now to the First American website where you can find plenty of helpful resources.

Are home warranties infallible?

Home warranties are useful, there is no doubt of that. However, they aren’t infallible. In fact, companies providing them often face criticism and some of them were even involved in major scandals. For example, the Wells Fargo and Trucoat scandals where AHS was involved, or a $780,000 settlement that Choice had to pay for misleading advertisement.

Consumer forums are full of stories from angry homeowners who were failed by their warranty providers. The most common complaints from them are:

  • The company not honoring its promises.
    Many a customer has suffered from the home warranty company not paying out the money they should have. The providers are creating contracts with loopholes and using other tricks to avoid paying both legally and not so much. That’s why it’s essential to choose the provider carefully and research their reputation online. You should study independent reviews as well as consumer portals like Yelp and Google Reviews to understand is the company can be trusted.
  • Bad contractors.
    Home warranty companies work with specific contractors, so you won’t be able to choose experts who will repair your appliances. Objectively, sometimes these contractors won’t be the best skilled or affordable. Prior research will help you learn what exactly you can expect when buying a warranty from a specific provider.
  • Avoidance of replacements.
    While your home warranty plan might cover appliance replacement, you should prepare that the chance of it actually happening isn’t big. Replacements are expensive and home warranty providers want to save money whenever they can. It will be more cost-efficient for them to pay for contractors to fix some recurrent issues every few months than to replace an expensive appliance.

You also need to be aware that all home warranty contracts have a maximum payout limit. This means that this plan won’t cover expensive repair in its entirety. You should research which parts of your appliances are most likely to break down and how much the repair will cost. Then, make sure that the warranty you buy has a high enough limit to pay for this.

And most importantly, study the contract to the letter. Hiding some hidden fees or clauses in the fine print is a common issue for this industry. This means that you should be on the lookout for the most honest and transparent home warranty provider you can find. They might not offer the best terms, but trustworthiness is a priority in this business.

With the rising popularity of home warranties, the number of companies offering these services is growing as well. It’s getting harder to choose the best and most reliable option as many new providers have very little public information. Customers should be extremely careful when buying plans from these businesses. Being a veteran of the industry is a good endorsement for home warranty providers.

What a fun day in Yuma looks like?

Yuma isn’t the first place that comes to mind when you think of a city to have fun and backpack around. It is not like the city has a Disneyland, rather it has been famous for its territorial prison.

However, every city has a story to tell and show you something that you haven’t seen before. Do you know that this place also has the center of the world lying to its West? Yes, that is right.

Yuma can be a fun place to visit. We have planned an entire day for you so you can stop searching around for something to do.

1. Down the memory lane

If you are a history buff, then Yuma would definitely excite you since the city is full of museums and historic sites. Even if you are not a fan of history, we still recommend you visit the territorial prison, which has now been converted into a park. The interesting part about this prison is that it was established in 1876 when Arizona was not even a state. Also, it was built by the prisoners themselves. Once you are at the site, you can go up and get a breathtaking view of the Colorado River. Not only that, you can get a real feel of what it must be like to be locked up in a dark hole if you visit one of the cell blocks.

If you are interested in some other historic sites, you can visit Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area. The site is brimming with some of the oldest buildings and it will give you a good feel for the history of the Colorado River.

Other than that, there is the Cocopah Museum and you can take a walk down the historic downtown area too.

2. River tubing

Want to add some real fun and thrill to your day? Then you should definitely go for river tubing in Yuma. River tubing however is a seasonal thing, so if you are visiting during April and September, you can enjoy this. However, if you are lucky, you can book a float in winters as well.

Yuma river tubing takes care of everything including your ride to the river, tubes and the entire trip. They have different forms of floats including 5 miles, 2.5 miles and the 1 mile happy hour float. You can choose according to your mood and time. The 5 mile float will cost you $20 while the happy hour is only for $10.

3. Up in the air

Visiting in winters? You probably will not get to do the river tubing, but it is all right since we have another adventurous activity lined up for you. Yuma has hot air balloons! Yes. Fly with the birds over the farmlands and deserts of Yuma and experience complete tranquility. We recommend you visit in the evening so you can watch the picturesque sunset too.

4. Enjoy the scenic beauty

Not interested in taking a risk with heights or water? We have some other places you can visit. You can enjoy the wildlife at the imperial wildlife refuge, for instance. The place is picturesque and you will get to see the wetlands, the desert landscape and the river that make up this beautiful place.

You can also visit the Gateway Park for a serene retreat. The park does not only have scenic views but also reflects history such as the historic Ocean To Ocean Highway Bridge.

5. The nightlife

What good it is to visit a city if you don’t get to see its nightlife? Don’t worry Yuma gets quite interesting as the night approaches. Your visit to Yuma would be incomplete if you don’t go to the Prison Hill Brewing. The place serves some of the best handcrafted drinks that are accurately themed. They also serve some top notch food in case you are famished with all the activity during the day. Located in the downtown area, this place has a full service bar, a patio and is open seven days a week.

Once you are done with the food and still have some energy left, you can dance the night away at the Kress Ultra Lounge, a premier dance club also located in the downtown area. The club has a roofless top that gives you spectacular views of the stars and some amazing DJs who keep up your energy until the sun rises.

Ready to have some fun?

Yuma can be a very interesting place for tourism purposes. The city is full of history and fun activities. Moreover, travelling across the city is very feasible. The hotels are amazing, public transportation is easily available and the plus point is that Spectrum Yuma provides free Wi-Fi hotspots so you don’t need to worry about spending your bucks on getting data.


Here’s Why Phoenix Leads the U.S. in Population Growth

When it comes to the fastest growing cities in the United States, no urban area has seen more positive growth over the last year than Phoenix, Arizona. And when you learn about everything the city has to offer, you’ll understand exactly why.

Phoenix on the Rise


To those in the Midwest, Southeast, and Northeast, it may be surprising to learn that Phoenix is the fastest growing city in the country. However, for those in the region, it’s pretty obvious. Phoenix has undergone a meteoric rise over the last few years and the latest U.S. Census Bureau report simply provides objective data to support what people have long understood to be true.

According to the report, Phoenix saw the largest numeric increase in population growth between July 1, 2017 and July 1, 2018. It added 25,288 new residents and now boasts a population of 1.66 million residents. This is the third consecutive year in which more people have moved to Phoenix than any other city in the country.

While some cities experience growth as a direct result of one specific factor (like a major real estate development or business project) Phoenix is a perfect example of a city that’s growing out of a confluence of factors. There’s a combination of immigration, domestic migration of retired individuals from the North, and even a dispersion of migrants from coastal towns in California who are looking for a more affordable cost of living. 

“Phoenix’s increase helped the city remain the fifth-largest city in the country — just slightly ahead of Philadelphia’s population of 1,584,138. Phoenix is far from catching the fourth largest city, Houston, which has a population of 2,325,502.” Arizona Republic explains.

4 Reasons People Move to Phoenix


The fact that Phoenix continues to lead the nation in population growth isn’t a coincidence or happenstance. People move to Phoenix for numerous reasons, including:

1. Real Estate Variety

It’s impossible for a city to support the type of population growth that Phoenix is experiencing without a healthy real estate market. Not only are values increasing, but new construction is exploding.

The best thing about Phoenix real estate is diversity. You can find new homes for sale from Kay-Grant in every corner of the sprawling metropolis. Whether you want a condo downtown or a gated community in the suburbs, there are plenty of options. And even though the prices are higher than they’ve ever been, there’s cautious optimism that values will soar even higher in the coming months.

2. Booming Business

Phoenix features a booming business environment that’s expected to flourish even more in the coming decade. Combine the small business job creation incubator with the dozens of coworking spaces around the area, and you get a city that’s ripe for innovation. At least five Fortune 500 companies are headquartered in Phoenix – PetSmart, Avnet, Freeport McMoRan, Republic Services, and Insight Enterprises – and there’s room for more.

3. Beautiful Scenery

Some people love the ocean or mountains. Other people enjoy the desolate beauty of the desert. What desert landscapes lack in major topographical changes, they make up for in raw beauty. 

You’ll be hard pressed to find any sunset in America that rivals one in the deserts surrounding Phoenix. And with very little light pollution in the outskirts of town, you can sit and watch the night sky fill up with a sea of bright stars.

4. Great Weather

If you’re looking for warm weather, Phoenix is the place for you. There are roughly 300 sunny days per year and the temperatures are a direct reflection of this. And even though temperatures are 100-plus degrees for one-third of the year, it’s a dry heat. This means it’s less sticky and easier to manage.

Is Phoenix Right for You?


Phoenix is compelling for a number of reasons. From real estate and business to beautiful scenery and favorable weather, there’s something for everyone. If you’re considering making the move, you aren’t alone. However, it’s recommended that you take your time and make sure it’s right for you. If you do decide to move here, you’ll quickly discover what so many others love about the area.

10 Reasons Why Arizona is The Perfect Location for Flight School

Finding the right flight school in the U.S can’t be that hard a task since the country boasts many great institutions in every state. There is, however, one state that has an advantage over every other. Arizona has consistently been ranked as the best state to go to for flight school and it is due to several reasons. Here are the ten main reasons why Arizona is the perfect location for flight school.

1. Weather

The first thing that you will hear from people about Arizona is the great weather. The state has one of the best weather conditions throughout most of the year. It’s almost always sunny and has clear skies for 250 days which makes it great for students and flight schools alike. Rest assured, your training will not be delayed due to bad weather.


2. There’s a Flight School for Everyone

The Arizona flight school industry has boomed over the years and with constant growth, it has become “the” place for flight school students. There is an abundance of flight schools all over Arizona. From helicopter training to commercial plane learning programs, you will find that there is a flight school for everyone. The best part is that all of these schools have different specializations and have highly customized curriculums. You will more likely come across a flight school of your match here in Arizona than in any other state.

3. Economy

The economy of Arizona is also a great reason why students can consider moving west. Arizona’s economy has consistently been listed by the likes of Forbes to be the best place for entrepreneurial endeavors. It has a skilled and well-learned labor pool with low business and property taxes than most other states in the country, which makes it an ideal place to even start an Arizona flight school of your own one day.


4. Soar high

Several schools offer gliding options owing to the nearly perfect soaring conditions. Getting a certificate in gliding is also hugely beneficial if you are looking to become a pilot as it is one of the best ways to learn how to eventually become a stick and rudder pilot as well and it’s more likely that an Arizona flight school will offer this flexibility.

5. Fast track Your License

The ideal conditions of Arizona may also help you in getting your license earlier. If you think about it, the almost perfect environment makes it pretty darn hard not to get your license in time. You can plough through your training in no time and if you are dedicated enough, you may also obtain your license in time for recruitment season.


6. The Perfect Balance for Students

The right balance for Arizona flight school students makes the state a great contender for living and learning. You have outdoor sports, natural attractions, and a very lively nightlife. While there are many other states in the country that could offer you these amenities, none can provide them like Arizona. For students, it’s a very good mix where they can go through the stresses of a typical flight school and get to relax and unwind downtown.

7. Phoenix

Phoenix alone is one of the top reasons why flight school students should consider coming to Arizona for their training. From the nightlife to the food, to shopping choices, festivals, and unique attractions; we challenge you to find a better place to stay. We guarantee that this will be the ideal flight school environment you would want to start your career in.


8. The infrastructure

Arizona also features a solid infrastructure that is very beneficial for the state’s economy and its people. You will find high caliber policing and excellent maintenance throughout the state. The transportation is top notch and you will seldom face any worries in terms of where you live. All these advantages make the state the perfect location for flight school.

9. Attractions

From the extremely desirable weather to the Grand Canyon; Arizona has a respectable number of unique attractions. Even if you have gotten over the majestic Grand Canyon, there are several complex caves that you can marvel at. These attractions are a great way for Arizona flight school students to connect with nature and enjoy their time in the state.


10. Overall Perfect Conditions

The overall perfect conditions of the state make Arizona the best place for flight schools. If you are looking for a flight school like Aeroguard Flight Training Center or one of the many other flight schools that offer a great curriculum along with fun extracurricular activities and great weather, you won’t find a better mix than what Arizona has to offer. Just a quick internet search is all it will take for you to seal the deal and start looking for and enroll in a great Arizona flight school.