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What Are The Benefits of Argan Oil?

Originating from the fruits of the argan tree, argan oil has been widely used in Morocco for centuries. Argan oil has many potential benefits and it’s because of those benefits that we are seeing a massive rise in popularity across the globe. The use of argan oil is widespread but mostly in culinary, cosmetics, and through medicinal use.

In this article, we are going to tell you some of the key health benefits that come from using argan oil.

1. Argan Oil Contains Essential Nutrients

A well-known fact is that argan oil is rich in fatty acids and other phenolic compounds. From all the fatty acids, up to 36% is linoleic acid and omega 6, making it one of the best sources of essential nutrients.

Up to 49% of fatty acids are composed of healthy fat that can also be found in olives. These acids are super essential because they have a positive impact on our hearths health.

Argan oil is also a very powerful antioxidant because of the abundance of Vitamin E, which is very good for healthy skin, hair, and eyes.

2. Argan Oil Has Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Properties

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Adding up nicely to the previous point, organic argan oil is widely used for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. This is due to the abundance of the various phenolic compounds that can be found in argan oil.

The antioxidant properties are used to reduce the damaging effects of free radicals, which they come in the form of Vitamin E or tocopherol. Another great source of antioxidant found in organic argan oil is melatonin and plant sterols.

Multiple studies have found that argan oil can significantly reduce inflammation to our skin caused by injuries or infections by simply applying it to those areas.

3.    Argan Oil has The Potential to Improve Heart Health

Oleic acid is a monounsaturated omega- 9 fat that can be found in abundance in argan oil, as well as, avocado and olive oils.

Olive oil is great for our hearth in a way that It decreases the change of heart diseases. Studies have found that argan oil has the same potential benefits as olive oils due to its high antioxidants.

4. Might be Beneficial against Diabetes

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Various harmless experiments in animals have shown signs that argan oil can prevent diabetes.

Studies were conducted on mice and in both studies the mice were fed argan oil. After monitoring the experiment, researchers found that both blood sugar and insulin resistance were reduced after the mice were fed a high sugar diet.

However, we should add that further human research is yet to be conducted to prove it.

5. Might be Beneficial against Cancer

The previous point lacked human researching, however, this one doesn’t. Multiple studies were conducted on prostate cancer cells in order to see how they would react when treated with argan oil. The experimented cancer cells managed to reduce their growth by a whopping 50% when used argan oil on them.

Another study was also conducted on breast and colon cancer cells. The cells in question were treated with a mixture of argan oil and vitamin E which caused the death of those cancer cells. This means that argan oil could be beneficial in treating breast and colon cancer.

Why you should use Argan Oil

Are you a person that uses a lot of cosmetics? Or you prefer to use just one or two products and stick to them for a while? Well, either way, if you haven’t used Argan Oil before, you must try it.

Here’s why we recommend it so much.

To those who aren’t familiar with this product, it comes from Morocco. Now, you might think that you’ve already heard or tried one of these before but you just don’t remember it, well, there are many oils that come from the same place but most of them contain artificial ingredients, silicone and stuff like that. Today we’re focusing on the purely organic Argan Oil.


It hydrates and moisturizes your skin.

After just one or two uses you’re going to notice how much smoother your skin is and how hydrated it gets. It feels amazing and the fact that is purely organic and natural just makes it the best oil there is. A long term use of this oil will make you feel and look younger as well.

It doesn’t go through any automated or factory processes.

Other oils use a lot of artificial ingredients and the process of making them is mostly automated and with the help of machines. Organic Argan Oil is entirely hand made. It is produced from the nut of the Argan tree which can only be found in the area of Southwestern Morocco.

The local women that are involved in making the oil use an ancient technique of cracking the nut from the tree between two stones. This technique is used for centuries and it’s completely natural without the help of any machines. Handcraft is always better than factory made. The kernels are extracted also by hand from the shell. Because of the unique and totally natural process, the productions of the Argan oil are pretty slow. It takes one woman at least three days to finish just one liter of this precious oil. That’s why it is so valuable.


It is so valuable that it is protected by UNESCO.

Back in 1998, the entire Argan forest in Morocco was put under protection by UNESCO. The entire biosphere is protected so that the Organic Argan Oil can keep being produced and is sustainable. This means that it will never run out and it will keep its value forever.

Tons of benefits.

Argan Oil can be used in many different ways. You can use it on your hair after a shower and it will immediately fix that dry feeling that you get from ironing or from the daily use of a blow dryer.

You can use it on your face to get a nice glow. It makes your skin much smoother and makes it glow so you look much younger and prettier.

It can also be used on your lips and it will hydrate them and make them soft. It fixes any problems on your lip skin like dryness and roughness. Plus, your lover is going to love your soft lips.

Argan Oil can be put on feet and heels to make them softer and tighten the skin making you look much younger. It also encourages nail growth.


You can use it on your belly if you have stretch marks as well. After a month or so of use, it will make all the stretch marks go away. Use it if you recently had a baby and you have unwanted marks on your body.

We can keep writing about its countless benefits all day, the Organic Argan Oil is just so good, you must try it. Embrace its natural healing effects.