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Brad Pitt Riding his Bike Gets Recognized by Fan

Famous actor Brad Pitt was seen on his bike riding around Los Angeles. He was seen on Sunset Boulevard in LA. Even though he was wearing both a helmet and a face mask, he got recognized by one of his fans who later on asked him to get a picture with him. While they were

Angelina Jolie’s Life – Changing Decision

Angelina Jolie dared to do something almost no woman would. She changed parts of her body that are considered “feminine” for such a powerful reason that will make you think. Angelina’s life changed when she saw the results of her genetic test. She found out she had an 87% chance of having breast cancer. Her

The Incident Which Made Angelina Jolie File for Divorce

Brad Pitt was completely wrecked by his divorce. When Angelina decided to leave him, he thought he would never get back on his feet. Did the actor find the courage to turn his life around? Brangelina seemed like the perfect couple. They had it all: success, beauty, a big family, and envious chemistry. The couple

Angelina Jolie Revealed Maddox’s Plans Since Coronavirus Closed his School

Like many parents today, Angelina Jolie is adjusting to schools being closed. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect millions of people around the world, most of the academic institutions have understandably closed and moved to online as part of social distancing. In a new interview, the actress and mother said her son’s school, Yonsei