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What do Trump, Putin and Merkel Eat?


Vladimir Putin has a fantastic shape considering he is 67 years old. Because of that, the public has always wondered what he eats in a day.


For breakfast, the president eats porridge, tvorog (cottage cheese) with honey, and he also drinks raw quail eggs. Putin likes to drink a cocktail of beetroot and horseradish juice as well.

A few years later, the Russian leader revealed he enjoys rice and buckwheat, but not oatmeal.

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“I don’t have much time for food,” he said. “I like vegetables: Tomatoes, cucumbers, salad. In the morning – porridge, cottage cheese, honey. If there’s a choice between meat and fish – I prefer fish, I also like a lamb,” he added.

Vladimir travels a lot, so he often has to eat in the move.

“When I go somewhere, I’m pleased to try the local cuisine. I’m accustomed to green tea. I usually don’t have dinner, since I don’t have time. In the afternoon, I try to eat fruit, to drink kefir when it’s available – and when it’s not, I prefer not to eat anything at all,” Putin says.

A few years ago, St. Petersburg restaurant Podvorye had a special menu – “The Lunch of Vladimir Putin,” – which offered the his favorite dishes.

The chef Anatoly Galkin said that Putin prefers wine or beer when it comes to drinks. The cook shared a recipe for a unique cocktail, drunk by guests at official receptions: Plenty of ice, a drop of lemon juice, mint, and 50 grams of champagne.

Some media outlets also say the president enjoys Spanish red wines.

The diet of Donald Trump has been the subject of much debate.

Trump’s not big on the first meal of the day. He said that he often avoids breakfast. He has lunch, but his big thing is dinner.

When he eats breakfast in the morning, he has either bacon and eggs, cereal, or a McDonald’s McMuffin. He does not drink coffee or tea. Donald said: “My favorite would be bacon and eggs…bacon medium and the eggs over-well.”

The President reportedly isn’t a fan of eating much during the day. His eating habits are described in the book Let Trump Be Trump, written by Corey Lewandowski. He revealed, “the president would usually go 14 to 16 hours without eating”.

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He enjoys the meatloaf, however. In 2005, he and Melania appeared on Martha Stewart, where they prepared a meatloaf sandwich, which is Trump’s favorite.

This is when Trump eats the most since he eats the rest of the day lightly. He’s a massive fan of fast food, such as McDonald’s, Burger King, and KFC – but not just because of the tastiness and reliability. He likes food from a safety perspective.

The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, enjoys Italian food. She is definitely influenced by the Italian lifestyle. She considers dinner or lunch as a highlight of the day. Her favorite meal is “Spaghetti Bolognese. “Angela also enjoys Ravioli, and she chooses fruit as a dessert.

10 Successful Women Share Their Best Life Advice

Success is something everyone wishes for but wanting it is an easy game –  to become successful, you have to make a difference. I believe serving others in a whole new manner is what we call success in business, Jim Rohn once said

“ Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Do not wish it were easier, wish you were better”

Nature has already told us, evolution comes with adaptability, if you are not flexible enough for handling the casualties coming your way, success will be a Gordian knot for you.

Success is not gender-biased:

Like men, women are also contributing an almost equal share in the society, gone are the days when people thought women incapable of handling office matters although women are apt in managing house chores you can not judge a lady by she being a homie.

Success is for hard workers, brave and resilient persons. Success and fortune do not show up for men only if someone is still assuming that women cannot be successful they must give it a second thought. It is the 21st century and our world is already experiencing the phenomenon of globalization, new opportunities are showing up every day both for men and women, more specifically for those who are ready to avail them.

It will be difficult to count the number of successful women and jotting down their life advices, but a few women and their precious advices can also work as a cherry on top for those who are already motivated and planning for start up their careers, before mentioning their advices here is a pro tip.

Here is a list of 10 successful women of the world:

  1. Angela Merkel

The first female chancellor of Germany. She was a physicist. She joined politics in 1989 after the issue of Berlin wall. With the passage of time she became the chairman of her political party and with constant struggled she succeeded for the first female chancellor in year 2005. She is considered as the most powerful lady and leader. She can control the European economy, she has handled the foreign policy of country in a very impressive manner. Moreover the most significant of all is her attitude in a male oriented environment.

  1. Anna Patricia Botin

She is a Spanish banker. Her father was a banker and she received this opportunity as a family business. Earlier in this decade she was ranked as the 100th most influential woman and in 2016 she reached at the 9th level. Her salary is more than 100,000,000 euros.

  1. Ann Sanders

A writer and a journalist. She started her career from Australia and within 10 years she became the most envied personality of western Australia. Now she is a founder of AGreenHand.

  1. Theresa May

Known for her struggle, Theresa May is the British Premier. She started off as a banker in Bank of England. Then she was promoted as the head of European affairs unit. That is how her political carrier started. Later she tried to join the House of Commons and her determination made her the most powerful lady of the UK.

  1. Marry Bara

First CEO of an international auto making company. She is an electrical engineer and studied business and Stanford graduate school of business. She started working in this company as an intern.

  1. Abigail Johnson

The CEO of American Investment Funds and a co-owner of fidelity international. Her financial value is almost $16 billion dollars.

  1. Malinda Gates

She is the founder of world’s most influential philanthropic movement. Earlier she was a general manager in Microsoft. She is recognized as a national hero in United states of America.

  1. Susan Wojcicki

The CEO of one of the world’s most viewed site, YouTube. Initially she worked with google and intel. In 2014 she became the CEO of YouTube.

  1. Merilyn Hewson

Graduated form Columbia business school. She started her carrier as a chief operating officer in Lockheed corporation in 1983. Now she is the owner and chief executive officer of the same company.

  1. Ginni Rometty

Chairman of IBM. Before this she was working as an engineering analyst in general motors.

Donald Trump Needs To Clarify Views on US Trade


The G7 summit will take place next month, and Donald Trump will have the opportunity to explain his views on trade and speak about multilateral economic and political foundations of the world. This is a good chance for everyone to see where the US and POTUS stand, but some foreign leaders believe that he may miss this opportunity because of the midterm elections which take place in November.

Trump is smart enough to realize that the world affairs, and his response, will determine his faith in the seat of power. Wall Street keeps reminding him of that with asset price changes in the middle of tax cuts, jobs, and income gains, etc. These issues need to be dealt with as soon as possible, and tweets will not help. We need a clear strategy and a call to action to keep America’s interests at the top.

Speaking of trade, the US has a solid position to start with. Against them are states who are presenting themselves as the defenders of multilateralism and free trade, but these people are actually responsible for excessive surpluses at the expense of America and the rest of the world. For instance, the combined surplus of Germany and China is $463.4 billion. Meanwhile, the US trade deficit on the same external accounts was $466.2 billion. These three countries account for almost 40% of global demand and output. It is a textbook example which shows that the balance of payments on the world scale is zero.

Furthermore, the trade surpluses of China and Germany could finance American deficits, by purchasing the US government debt instruments. If you don’t understand it, don’t worry, it is a slightly complicated process. What we mean by this is that the Chinese and the Germans would increase their net foreign assets, by recycling the dollars America paid them for their services and products. Meanwhile, the US is accumulating net foreign debt. At the end of 2017, this debt was at $7.8 trillion. Why is this important, again?

A large trade deficit shows clearly that the policy relies on external demand in order to generate profit and increase the employment rate. These are so-called “beggar-thy-neighbor” policies because the trade partners are keeping the country that is chasing this goal alive. Moreover, these countries break the G-20 recommendations to balance trade accounts so that the world economy remains stable.

Also, China and Germany seem not to care about trade complaints presented by the US in recent months. In the first quarter of this year, China and the EU, led by the Germans had 62.4 percent of America’s trade gap. And these countries disparaged the US just because they wanted relief from soaring debts and deficits. And this attack on the US doesn’t stop. Recently, the International Monetary Fund spoke in Russia about “the darkest cloud” over the world economy caused by “determination of some (the US) to actually rock the system that has actually presided over the trade relationships that we have all undertaken and enjoyed to some extent over the last many decades.”

The G-7 meeting is the right place for Trump to solve this issue, or at least address it. Especially now, that his trade opponents are changing their policies. Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, visited Beijing for the 11th time and found an alternative to the German export sales that are currently on the American markets. What the US needs to do at this point is make sure that the EU and China accept the cooperation to balance out the trade accounts with America. The difficult job awaits Donald Trump and should he fail, he will not be able to rely on another tax cut to rev up financial markets as he anticipates the November’s election.


European Inability To Handle Donald Trump Could Cause Iran Crisis


The European officials showed us that they don’t know how to handle Donald Trump. While trying to get on his better side, they ended up on the side that is ruining the Iran deal.

The Iran deal is a multilateral agreement which guarantees that Iran won’t be able to acquire nuclear weapons. Trump and his office are on a path to destroy this deal, and if this happens, it won’t be just another funny Trump blunder. It will have a devastating impact on Iran, region, and European politics. If this occurs after years of negotiating this agreement, it will be a sign that European countries have a weak stance compared to the one America has, and that they have little to no influence in the Middle East.

Agreement that has been signed by Iran on one side and the United States, Russia, China, France, Great Britain, Germany, and the European Union, on the other, forbids this Middle East country to stockpile enriched uranium, and thus they are rendered unable to produce nuclear weapons. With this deal, Iran gave supervision of its nuclear facilities to foreign inspectors which would make sure that no bomb is manufactured secretly. In exchange for this, all of the countries that signed the agreement lifted international sanctions imposed on Iran.


China and Russia firmly support this agreement, not because they are naive but because the alternatives are far worse. If this deal collapses and Iran gets sanctions once again, the first thing they will try to do is to get themselves armed with nuclear weapons. They have an example of how much respect you can get from world powers if you arm yourself with atomic arsenal just like North Korea did. From a country on outskirts of society, they became feared just because Kim Jong Un developed nuclear facilities and ballistic missile capacity.

If sanctions are imposed on Iran once again, the only way that US could stop them from following NK example would be to launch an invasion. This absolutely isn’t necessary since the Iran deal was signed by both International Atomic Energy Agency and the U.S. government which confirmed that they are working in compliance with it. The ones that are breaking the agreement are the United States of America who failed to provide Iran with economic benefits that were promised. Donald Trump refuses to aid Iran economically without an explanation, while one of his advisors even said that he would tear it up on May 12th.


In response to these treats European leading countries and their leaders, all went to the US to try and persuade Trump to do the right thing. French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and British Prime Minister Theresa May, all had separate visits to the White House to try to persuade Trump to stick to the Iranian deal.

The right thing to do would be to threaten trump that EU will continue to respect the deal regardless of US stance. French president even suggested that a new deal could be struck if all parties agree. But, this is not necessary, the current deal is good enough, they should try to stay loyal one to another instead of trying to go in the direction Donald Trump wants.

Unfortunately, European countries showed weakness, and it now looks like Iran deal is about to be replaced or drastically changed. Asking Iran to modify some parts of the agreement wouldn’t be hard, but only if the United States respected their side of the contract. With them failing to comply, there’s no reason why would Iran want to recognize the deal other parties won’t. At this moment it would be hard to imagine that there isn’t something that Iran wants form the US. This is not a one-sided agreement, and Tehran will be sure that everyone understands this. If Trump indeed decides to tear it up, it could have a devastating effect on the entire region. The deal might have its flaws, but we hope that war is not a solution for this.

Merkel Consults with May and Macron, EU ready to Counter Trump’s Tariffs


According to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Europe is on the brink of a trade war with the United States. Washington must exempt the European Union from import tariffs which are imposed on the other countries in the world if the trade war is to be avoided. Merkel said that she has support from British Theresa May and French Emmanuel Macron.

The US imposed the aluminum and steel tariffs on China and Canada, and so far, Europe has been exempt from these. However, this is just a temporary measure, and it ends on Tuesday. Neither Macron nor Merkel managed to convince Donald Trump to extend the exemption. Merkel stated that Europe was “resolved to defend its interests within the multilateral trade framework.” She also added that all three leaders (May, Macron, and Merkel) “agreed that the US ought not to take any trade measures against the European Union.”

Merkel didn’t talk about specific steps which would be taken should the United States impose trade tariffs. The way China reacted was a major hit on the United States trade. They placed £70bn worth of its own tariffs on more than 120 American goods. Some of the products include rolled steel bars, wine, pork and scrap aluminum.

Before he met with Trump, Macron told Fox News: “You don’t make trade war with your ally. It’s too complicated if you make war against everybody. You make trade war against China, trade war against Europe, war in Syria, war against Iran. Come on, it doesn’t work. You need allies. We are an ally.”


Merkel’s Mishandled Relationship with Trump


This week is a busy one for President Trump, with two state visits scheduled one after another. French President Emmanuel Macron came to Washington on Monday and was treated as lavishly as possible. Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, is due on Friday, but her welcome will be quite modest in comparison to the one her French counterpart received.

The reason for the cold shoulder is simple. Ever since President Trump was elected, German public has been exasperated. He was considered a brash and uncultured person, with questionable morals and suspicions right-wing attitude, which is always a big no-no in German politics. Although Merkel didn’t offer new president her cooperation, she did it with few strings attached, something that Trump wasn’t going to forget: “I offer the next President of the United States close cooperation on the basis of these values.”

Germany’s relationship with the US has been like a wild roller-coaster ride in the last decade and a half. First, there were 8 years of despair and resentment during the George W. Bush era. Then Obama came and the entire German Volk fell in love with him. They even made a musical about him, called Hope – The Obama Musical. Just as Berlin was getting ready for another Democratic mandate in the White House, Donald Trump managed to upset Hillary Clinton and win the elections. This came as a nasty shock to Germans, and initial reactions were showing the resentment they felt for both Trump and his America First strategy.

For a while, there were suggestions that Germany should become a new leader of the free world, as America reclused itself from that role. But despite Merkle’s statements about Europe needing to step up and reduce its dependence on Washington, (“We Europeans truly have to take our fate into our own hands,” as she put it), little was done to actually perform the role. While Germany certainly possesses economic might to influence the world, it deeply lacks two other key ingredients: a functioning military and a political will to use it. German journalist Clemens Wergin perhaps put it best when describing his country, which “talks the talk, but it hardly even tries to walk the walk” in order to defend its values on the world stage. That didn’t stop Germans from advocating a bigger role for their country, in light of Trump’s presidency which 79% of them considered a greater threat to world peace than Russian President Vladimir Putin.

France leadership took a completely different approach to the new American president. While Trump’s popularity is almost the same in both countries (14% vs 11%), French pragmatism has understood the fact that Washington is still the most powerful player in the international arena, regardless of who sits in the Oval Office and that maintain a functional relationship with President Trump is a key to European security and stability, something Germans have difficulty grasping. French ace in the sleeve is its president, Emmanuel Macron, a political novice (just like Trump) who managed to upset established political structures in his country (just like Trump) which his voters deemed deeply corrupt and unable to face modern challenges (just like Trump’s voters). In light of all this, it is no wonder that two leaders managed to create a stable relationship. Some would even go as far as to call it bromance and nicknamed Macron “The Trump Whisperer.”

Macron won Trump over by inviting him to be his guest on Bastille Day last year when all other major European leaders were thinking of ways to avoid him. This played heavily on Trump’s ego, and he was eager to return the favor during this week’s visit of the French president to Washington.

So far, it would seem that the French approach to the enigma that Trump represents is working far better. While Berlin acts like a spoiled brat, throwing a tantrum because their best friend lost the elections to the schoolyard bully, French just shrugged their shoulders and accepted the reality as is. American people put Donald Trump in White House and that is a fact of life. Rather than crying about it, Macron seems eager to find a way to deal with it.

During the eight years of Obama’s presidency, the majority of communications on relation Washington-Brussels passed first through Berlin. As it now stands, Paris will be taking over that role. It is up to Merkel to adapt to the new world order.


Can Trump Make France Great Again


The bromance between Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron has been featuring on the cover of the world’s press for months now. The ongoing state visit by the French President to Washington has only served as a reminder of just how awkward the relationship between 40-years old Macron and 71-years old Trump is.

President Trump had a time of his life during his state visit to Paris last year. President Macron treated him with every honor and provided him with a front row seat to watch an impressive military parade for the Bastille Day. Mr. Trumps stay in France was crowned with a dinner Macrons hosted in the Eiffel tower. Sources close to the White House say that both the President and the First Lady are eager to return the favor to Mr. and Mrs. Macron by being hosts in Mount Vernon. Unfortunately, the military parade won’t take place, but certainly not for lack of trying.

President Macron arrives in Washington with a difficult mission. Almost every other European leader is appalled by Mr. Trump and is actively trying to avoid him. Macron, often described as the ultimate pragmatists, doesn’t have such problems.

“I’m here to deal with the President of the United States and people of the United States elected Donald Trump,” he said for Fox News.
His aim is twofold: to prevent Mr. Trump from backing out of the Iranian Deal and to convince him to revert his decision on troop withdrawal from Syria. Both objectives are quite important and hard to achieve, and it will take all of President Macron’s “Trump Whisperer” magic to accomplish them.

On the other hand, President Trump possible has an even harder task. In order to maintain his relationship with Macron, he will have to make some concessions. The trouble is that both issues are something he has been quite vocal in the past and explaining to his supporters why he let a French president to corner him into accepting his demands will be unpleasant, to say the least.

But Macron has other aces up his sleeves, apart from his charm. Despite all American might, Washington still needs allies, especially in Europe, where there seems to be a short supply of them at the moment. France brings a lot to the table, being one of the few NATO and EU countries which are fully functional, with a capable army able to project power, and a political will to demonstrate it. It is also a member f the UN Security Council. The current situation plays heavily in Paris’ favor, as the traditional American allies seem either unable or unwilling to continue their cordial relationships with Washington.

The UK is overwhelmed with Brexit and Trump is so unpopular in Britain that he still hasn’t accepted the Queen’s invitation to visit. Angela Merkel, on the other hand, doesn’t really hide her disdain for the American President and his brush ways, an emotion that will be answered on Friday when she visits Washington. Unlike Macron, Merkel won’t be attending private dinners with the First Couple or any other honorifics Trump lavished on Macron.


US Foreign Policy is About Trump, according to Macron


Even though France and the US are allies, it appears that French President Emmanuel Macron has no sympathy for the US President Donald Trump. According to Macron, Trump’s narcissistic personality guides him in his decision-making whereas he has no understanding of how the world functions. Macron also noted that Trump’s ideology is not clear enough.

With that in mind, the French president has two options. One is to lecture Trump on how the world works and how to be the president of a great nation. The other is to manipulate him, and for better or worse, he chooses the second option. Hopefully, this will be a great choice for everyone because it is up to Macron to navigate and shape the relations between the United States and Europe in the upcoming months.

The Washington Post writes: “The special bond that seems to have developed between the 71-year-old American president and Macron, a 40-year-old political novice elected just a year ago, is no accident. While [German Chancellor] Angela Merkel is clearly turned off by Trump, and British Prime Minister Theresa May’s Parliament and population have indicated they don’t even want him to visit, Macron has gone far out of his way to cultivate him.”

This is also backed up by the statement of one of the officials close to France leader “Macron is doing this because he knows that he has to be close to our closest ally, the president of the most powerful country in the world. It’s in our interest to have a good relationship. He doesn’t go as a friend.”

Could the two presidents be close friends? For Donald Trump, it is all about how he is treated by the foreign countries. When Chinese President Xi Jinping welcomed Trump on a high level, he was foolish enough to believe that China was America’s friend. The same happens with Saudi Arabia. He never considered that the American Presidents have been welcomed and appreciated across the world and that this was standard fare for the US leaders. Trump has taken this personally, and that has a huge effect on both the United States and the allies as well.

We need to make a point that authoritarian leaders know how to manipulate everyone, and they are cunning. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be in the position they are. Some people worry that North Korean’s Kim Jong-Un would deceive Trump and they are partially right. Flattery is insincere, and the US President needs to realize that as soon as possible. He may make a wrong decision, instead.

Sometimes, differences arise between the United States and its allies, which is a natural thing in politics. Instead of facing reality and solving the differences all the leaders of the allied countries need to do is to praise Trump and everything would turn up for the best. And this is what Macron has done. Instead of showing Trump the effects of getting out of the Iran deal he decided to praise his strategy. He is aware that there is a possibility that Trump wouldn’t listen to the arguments or that he might be bored by his speech, and their relationship would only deter. And The Washington Post confirms it:

“According to officials involved in the U.S.-European talks, significant progress has been made on addressing concerns about the deal’s sunset clauses, its verification rules, and the absence of restrictions on Iranian ballistic missile testing and development, as well as new measures to counter Iran’s “malign” activities in Syria and beyond in the Middle East. Four documents have been drafted that they believe are responsive to Trump’s criticisms.

“An overall declaration and three sub-texts are to outline their joint understanding that other international conventions will prohibit Iran from developing nuclear weapons beyond restrictions that expire in the next decade; push the International Atomic Energy Agency to expand its monitoring; and promise strict sanctions if Iran moves forward with intercontinental ballistic missile development.”

If Trump reimposes sanctions on Iran, they are going to continue with the nuclear weapons program while the European countries remain in the deal. Just the fact that Macron has any influence on Trump’s decisions says a lot about his skills as a politician. He is doing what is best for France, but we all hope that works because this is what’s best for the States as well.