Angela Merkel

What do Trump, Putin and Merkel Eat?


Vladimir Putin has a fantastic shape considering he is 67 years old. Because of that, the public has always wondered what he eats in a day. For breakfast, the president eats porridge, tvorog (cottage cheese) with honey, and he also drinks raw quail eggs. Putin likes to drink a cocktail of beetroot and horseradish juice

10 Successful Women Share Their Best Life Advice

Success is something everyone wishes for but wanting it is an easy game –  to become successful, you have to make a difference. I believe serving others in a whole new manner is what we call success in business, Jim Rohn once said “ Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do.

Donald Trump Needs To Clarify Views on US Trade


The G7 summit will take place next month, and Donald Trump will have the opportunity to explain his views on trade and speak about multilateral economic and political foundations of the world. This is a good chance for everyone to see where the US and POTUS stand, but some foreign leaders believe that he may

Merkel Consults with May and Macron, EU ready to Counter Trump’s Tariffs


According to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Europe is on the brink of a trade war with the United States. Washington must exempt the European Union from import tariffs which are imposed on the other countries in the world if the trade war is to be avoided. Merkel said that she has support from British Theresa

Merkel’s Mishandled Relationship with Trump


This week is a busy one for President Trump, with two state visits scheduled one after another. French President Emmanuel Macron came to Washington on Monday and was treated as lavishly as possible. Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, is due on Friday, but her welcome will be quite modest in comparison to the one her

Can Trump Make France Great Again


The bromance between Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron has been featuring on the cover of the world’s press for months now. The ongoing state visit by the French President to Washington has only served as a reminder of just how awkward the relationship between 40-years old Macron and 71-years old Trump is. President Trump had

US Foreign Policy is About Trump, according to Macron


Even though France and the US are allies, it appears that French President Emmanuel Macron has no sympathy for the US President Donald Trump. According to Macron, Trump’s narcissistic personality guides him in his decision-making whereas he has no understanding of how the world functions. Macron also noted that Trump’s ideology is not clear enough.