Allegra Versace

Everything There Is to Know About Allegra Versace

Allegra Versace Beck, commonly known as Allegra Versace, is an Italian heiress and socialite. She became the director of Gianni Versace S.p.A. in 2011 and has worked as a theatrical dresser in New York. However, she isn’t a celebrity or in the spotlight as you would have imagined going with the brand and the family. She is a very mysterious figure and wants to live under the radar. Even though she is the heiress to the Versace throne and fortune, she tries to keep her life away from the spotlight.

Allegra Versace was only 11 when her uncle, Gianni Versace, was murdered, and when she became heiress to his empire. It is estimated that her net worth stands at about $800 million. So, let’s take a closer look at everything there is to know about Gianni’s favorite niece.

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Early Life

Allegra Versace Beck was born on June 30, 1986, and she is the daughter of the American ex-fashion model Paul Beck and Donatella Versace. She is also the favorite niece of the late fashion designer Gianni Versace. Allegra has a younger brother Daniel, with whom she grew up outside Milan. She used to attend ballet classes for nine years. Allegra was enrolled in The British School of Milan, which was then known as The Sir James Henderson School. Then, she went abroad to Brown University in Rhode Island and then in 2006, she enrolled at UCLA, where she studied French, art history, and theatre.

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During her studies, Allegra joined theaters and worked as a theatre dresser before she decided to take up acting. She started playing some minor roles in films, most of which weren’t even released. Allegra wanted to play the roles of other people but didn’t want to see herself on-screen. Due to her low self-esteem regarding her body, she isn’t fond of seeing herself in photographs.

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Consequently, she decided to use her surname Beck and refrained from using Versace. She spent several years in the USA as an actress and she moved back to Milan in 2011. While she was living in the USA, she had regular visits from her mother. Then, she decided to take her place as the director of Versace, the company.

Inheritance of Versace

Allegra Versace was only 11 years old when her uncle Gianni Versace was shot outside his Miami mansion in 1997. Then, when Allegra turned 18, she received 50% of the ownership of the Versace company, while her mother owned 20% and her uncle, Santo Versace, owned 30%. So, Allegra became worth hundreds of millions of dollars but decided to participate in the business when she turned 24.

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Allegra Versace’s Life in a Nutshell

Despite the fact that Allegra was thought to become one of the most powerful women in the fashion industry, she didn’t become one. In fact, you won’t even see her in the new FX TV series The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story. Even though the creator of the show shot a scene with her, it was taken out of it due to Donatella’s wishes. Donatella Versace didn’t want to have her daughter in the show and the family has also released a statement, which read, ‘The Versace family has neither authorized nor had any involvement whatsoever in the forthcoming TV series about the death of Mr. Gianni Versace.’

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Allegra had suffered from a debilitating eating disorder in the past and she is nowadays rarely seen in public. According to an insider, Allegra loses her mind when she sees herself in photos and she works at the Versace company, but she doesn’t really run anything there. On the other hand, her mother serves the vice-president and chief designer of the brand.

We’ve seen Allegra Versace at the 2016 Met Gala together with Donatella where she admitted that she hates being a celebrity, unlike her mother. In fact, it is known that he only shows up in the company once or twice a month and is completely insecure and frail. According to a former employee, she only stays at home and watches TV. It seems like her battle with her health is ongoing and she stays away from Versace headquarters, despite being the company’s official director.

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Allegra is a dual citizen of Italy and the US and has been said to split her time between the family home in Milan and a family apartment in Soho. No one has seen her with friends or with a partner, but whenever in public she is either alone or with family members.