Air Purifier

6 Benefits of Having an Air Purifier in your Home

The air we breathe is the main factor that determines whether we’ll be healthy or not. This is why people who live close to mountains or on top of them have a much larger lifespan. But, thankfully, we have technology that allows us to purify the air we have in our homes without having to move over in a different living area.

There are a lot of advantages when it comes to living in a larger city, but clean air is not one of them. However, some people like to trade-off that for the rest of the perks, and although it’s not the smartest decision health-wise, some of us do not have a choice.

In today’s article we’re going to talk about air purifiers and why you seriously need to consider getting one for your home. Regardless if you have kids or not, taking care of your health and the health of those in your family is a priority. Air purifiers nowadays are not as expensive as they were in the past when they were first introduced to the public. That’s an even more significant reason why you should consider making the investment. But, if you are still not convinced, or simply not familiar enough with the concept of air purifiers, today we’re here to explain everything you need to know. Let’s take a look.

1. Your kids will grow in a healthy environment

We all want to contribute to the growth our kids, and we want them to be healthy and fully developed without any issues. As far as medicine goes, there’s nothing more important than the air we breathe when it comes to health. Implementing air purifiers in your home is a great way to ensure that the air they breathe is healthy. Breathing clean air improves the development of the blood cells, reduces the risk of any respiratory diseases, drastically reduces asthma symptoms and improves appetite. As you can see, all of these things are crucial for the proper development of a child.

2. You’ll sleep better at night

A great way to sleep better at night is to expose yourself to clean air. There’s a reason why people sleep so much better when they’re out camping on mountainsides or places where the air is not even slightly polluted. Not to mention that air purifiers can clean the air a lot more than nature itself, thanks to the sophisticated technology. If you have troubles sleeping at night, this is something that can help you. If you’ve never purchased such a gadget before, and you are willing to do so in the near future, StuffedAbode is a website where you can learn some more by reading detailed reviews and buyer guides.

3. It’s an inexpensive investment

Air purifiers are not as expensive as some people think. This is especially true now when they are not considered to be such a brand-new type of technology. Will you decide to invest in something like this is up to you, but we strongly encourage you to do so, especially if you live in a larger city where the air pollution is drastically increased. We think that it’s just a matter of time before these become a mandatory in every home. Some governments even started providing financial support for all those who want to purchase such gadgets for their homes.

4. Air purifiers are very easy to set up

Setting up an air purifier in your home is not a difficult task at all. You don’t need to do anything specific besides setting it in the right place and connecting it with electricity. But, positioning is key when it comes to these devices. Don’t place it near a fan or something that blows air directly into it. Place it in a “neutral” location where you spend most of your day at. Living rooms are usually a great example. If you decide to purchase multiple, placing one in your child’s room is a great idea. Please make sure to keep their use strictly in-door. Don’t place an air purifier in your backyard or somewhere out in the open.

5. Some countries offer financial help for it

As we mentioned above, some countries have critical amounts of air pollution, so during the winter when this has the most effect, governments offer financial support for those who want to invest in air purifiers. Everybody knows that the air we breathe can be either the healthiest thing for our bodies, or the worst unhealthy thing that we consume. Breathing polluted air on the regular can easily cause lung cancer and other health problems as well. So, if you live in a country where air pollution is high, chances are that your government will help you make the investment by covering some of the cost for you.

6. Asthma symptoms will be drastically reduced

Last but not least, it’s very important to mention that this can be a real “game-changer” for people who suffer from asthma. If you have difficulties breathing because of this condition, we suggest investing in air purifiers for your home. It is proven that doing so will reduce your symptoms and you will be able to breathe a lot easier. Not to mention that your situation won’t get worse because of polluted air in your environment.


It’s crucial for you and your children to breathe clean air while remaining in home, especially if we have another quarantine coming up. During the curfew, we are not allowed to go out hiking or visit a mountainside for some clean, fresh air, so we have to modify the one we have in our home located in the city.

Air purifiers are one way to achieve that, and in the guide above we listed six main benefits of having on in your home. We tried to keep thing as simple and concise as possible, so hopefully you’ll consider making such an investment in the near future. Remember to stay safe and take care of your health since it’s the only thing you cannot purchase with money.

How To Get The Best From Your Air Purifier

An air purifier is considered a worthwhile investment for your home. It can help people living with asthma, reduce allergy triggers, protect against toxins and chemicals in the air, and even get rid of unwanted bugs and insects!

There are many considerations to bear in mind when looking to buy an air cleanser, and with a few simple checks and routine maintenance, you can make sure your system is working smoothly for years to come, providing you with fresh, clean, and pure air throughout your home or workplace.

Mobile or stationary?

The first consideration to make is whether to opt for a stationary system or a mobile unit. There are pros and cons to each, and it ultimately comes down to your preference and lifestyle.

Fixed systems allow for purified air to be continuously and passively moved around your home through the existing fans and air conditioning. Once installed, they can be left to do their job with little effort or maintenance on your part.

On the downside, they must be installed by a professional, which can drive the cost up. There are also fewer choices within the ranges available.

Mobile units offer more flexibility and can be easily transported to wherever they are needed. There are often also a wider range of choices available depending on your individual needs and preferences.

They can be less powerful, however, and usually only offer filters which can handle physical particles, rather than eliminating chemical substances and gases.

Make Other Changes

According to , while an air purifier can go a long way to eliminating triggers and improving health and wellbeing, there are other steps you can take within your home to boost the efficiency and help it to be even more effective. These include changes such as:

  • Preventing smoking in the home. Air purifiers can remove particles from second-hand smoke, which can have a devastating effect on health. By banning smoking from indoors, you are making the purifier work less hard allowing for better efficiency.
  • Switch to hardwood floors: Soft, spongy carpets may look fancy and feel luxurious, but they are also a haven for spores, pet hair, pollen, and other unwanted particles which can irritate the lungs and affect your health. By switching to a hardwood floor, you are reducing the number of particles already in the air, helping your purifier work more efficiently.
  • Choose hypoallergenic materials: Similarly, hypoallergenic materials are less likely to attract spores and particles, and this helps the purifier as well.

Don’t Forget The Filters

The filter of an air purifier is the place where the magic happens. This is the area that captures the airborne particles, intercepting them before you have a chance to breathe them in.

No matter the type of filter or unit, one thing they will all have in common is maintenance. It’s essential to check the manufacturer’s guide for your air purifier and follow their guidelines on how regularly filters must be changed.