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How to Clean Printed Circuit Boards

If your computer shows slower processing speed, there is a big chance that there is some grime, dirt, or corrosion on the circuit board that you will need to clean. There are a few different ways that you can clean the printed circuit board and the treatment you choose will depend on the issue. Dirt and dust can be treated with compressed air, while grime and corrosion can be treated with spot-cleaning. However, significant corrosion should be treated with baking soda. In this article, you will be able to read what treatments should you perform for specific issues, as well as how to do it. Let’s take a closer look:


Cleaning a Circuit Board by Using Compressed Air

Step 01 – According to the team of experts from, the first thing you should do is to shut down your computer. Shut it down and unplug it entirely from all the cables. Using compressed air while the computer is on can damage some components and you are also at risk of electrocution.

Step 02 – spray the compressed air into the CPU (central processing unit) in short bursts. Place the nozzle of the compressed air canister into the fan ports, which are usually placed on the back of the console top. Ensure that you keep the canister upright when you spray, and sprat in contained, short, bursts. Keep in mind that turning the canister upside down or spraying the components for too long will cool the air, hence, you might freeze some parts of your PC.

Step 03 – by using a screwdriver, open the CPU. Then slide the side panel off the unit and that should provide you access to the circuitry. You might need a flathead or a hex head screwdriver, but this will depend on the model of your computer.

Step 04 – spray the air on the board. It will most likely be green, which silver lines on it. Spray the air in short bursts on the board, keeping the canister upright at all time, as well as keeping the nozzle a few inches away from the printed circuit board. This can also provide you with insights to look for corrosion or grime that you might need to clean as well.

Step 05 – once you are done, slide the panel back on, screw it on, connect your computer to its cables, and you are good to go.

Cleaning a Circuit Board by Spot-Cleaning it

Step 01 – dampen a cotton swab with alcohol. You should buy isopropyl alcohol that is at least 90 percent alcohol. Pour a little bit of it into a bowl and dip the swabs in it. Then, squeeze out the extra moisture in order for the swabs to be lightly damp. Keep in mind that you should never swab, drip, or leave puddles of alcohol of the circuit board. This can cause even more damage to it.

Step 02 – brush the swabs across the grime so that you can dislodge it. Look for grime that is close to the heat generators and on top of the circuit pathways. Lightly brush it and build up your find with the swabs until your dislodge it entirely. During this step, you should be patient, not forceful. If you have been brushing it for some time and you cannot dislodge it, do not apply more pressure to it. You will just need to move on to cleaning it with baking soda.

Step 03 – allow the alcohol to dry. It should not take more than an hour for it to dry and in most cases, it takes about 30 minutes. In the meantime, you can continue with brushing other parts of your PC in order to try to dislodge the grime.

Step 04 – use compressed air to get rid of the grime you dislodged. Return everything back where it belongs, connect you PC, and you are done.

Cleaning a Circuit Board from Significant Corrosion

Method 01 – the first thing you should try is to rub the corrosion off with a pencil eraser. If your printed circuit board has significant corrosion that you could not remove by spot-cleaning it, you should try removing it with a pencil eraser. This is a good method if you want to avoid using baking soda on it, which if used improperly, can cause damage to your circuit board. The pencil eraser method is also useful for cleaning circuit boards that have copper components.

Method 02 – mix together water and baking soda and apply it to the areas that have corrosion. Mix a bit of water and baking soda together in a bowl (the amount you mix will depend on the number of corroded areas), until you form a runny paste from the mixture. Then, you should soak a cotton swab in the mixture and apply it gently to the areas that have corroded. Keep in mind that you will want the mixture almost dripping from the swabs so that the mixture can soak the corroded areas as much as possible. You should leave the paste to dry for at least one day and then remove the corrosion. After it is dry, dampen the swabs in isopropyl alcohol and squeeze out the moisture. Brush away the dried paste with the swabs. Again, do not apply a lot of force and be patient. You do not want to damage the circuit.

Method 03 – replace the battery that caused the circuit board to corrode. As you might already know, corrosion is often caused by acid leaking from the battery neat the printed circuit boards. You should be able to spot the battery quite easily since it will also be corroded – even more than the circuit board. Put on some rubber gloves and carefully remove the battery, clean the corrosion it left in the battery socket, and insert a new battery to replace the malfunctioning one. You can recycle the old battery at an electronics store or at a recycling center. You can even mail it to a specialized recycling company. The information that you will need to find a suitable replacement battery is usually in your computer’s documentation or on the battery itself. If you cannot find information on the battery or if you do not know where your PC documents are, place the battery in a bag and take it to an electronics store for identification.


As you can see, the methods from this article can help you with cleaning your printed circuit boards, hence, you will be able to improve your PC’s processing time, as well as prevent your computer from needing expensive repairs.


Invest In An Air Compressor And Ease Your Daily Routine

Air is something that we do breathe in every second without even noticing it – and one of the biggest points in meditation and self-care is to actually get aware about our breathing and the oxygen we put in. And indeed, oxygen is essential to all life, and our cells wouldn’t be able to function without it. Once a brain is not receiving oxygen for above 10 minutes (at most) it is proclaimed as dead. Now, apart from air being a beneficial thing that we can’t see or get a hold of, it can have a lot of other uses as well.

Using air as an energy source has proven to be more efficient than electricity, and certainly more environment-friendly as well. But how could you use air to ease your daily routine, and does it really come that handy if you are a manufacturer? The answer is yes – by investing in a tool called an air compressor you will get to use it whenever you like, whether it is for cleaning debris out of your garden, making it a part of certain craftsmanship or a business where you are working at high temperatures. Without further ado, let’s go ahead and take a look at the few benefits of investing in an air compressor!

Why You Should Buy An Air Compressor
  1. First and foremost, an air compressor has so many uses – from daily tasks like garden cleaning, to tire inflating, or machine handling. It is an efficient tool that will allow you to save money and electricity while providing you with long and sustainable use. This is, of course, the case if you invest in an air compressor with adequate cubic feet per minute, and horsepower to support it. Along with that, if you are running a bigger business you should get an air compressor with a large tank, while for your personal use the one with a small tank and powerful burst should be your way to go.


  1. By buying one from a relevant company such as California Air Compressors you will be able to get a high-quality product for fair and a reasonable price, making the most out of additional attachments as well. Investing in add-on steel finger valves, oil monitoring devices, and one-piece rods is a great option in case you are at a somewhat higher.


  1. Using an air compressor can be pretty entertaining and make your long work hours fun. This is especially true if we are looking at a smaller and portable air compressor that will allow for a powerful boost while remaining quiet.


  1. Now, a great thing about using air as an energy source is the fact that it is free as most of the gas stations can offer it to you without paying a penny. And even if you do it will be no more than a pocket change. On the other hand, you are leaving with a set and ready air compressor that will allow for effective use in case your tire flattens out or your scuba diving equipment needs a boost.
  1. Last but not least, air compressors are convenient and easily transportable. Whether you are running a construction business, or you need one for personal use, this multi-tool will save your much-needed energy and time. And the high-quality air compressors are incredibly simple to control and use for hours time.


Investing in an air compressor is one of the best things you can make if you run a manufacturing business, have a big garden or you are a craftsman. It is a fun, simple to use and a convenient tool that will allow you to be effective while your money and time!

A Few Things To Consider When Buying An Air Compressor

Now, air is essential to all life on earth and although we don’t see it we breathe it every second, allowing the oxygen to enter our cells and keep us running. And exactly the fact that we don’t see it is what makes the air so fascinating. On the other hand, in the past few decades and with all kinds of industries being on the rise we have polluted our air and now most of the big cities do have high levels of pollution that no one is proud of. Once the holiday season comes some people enjoy moving to the mountainside at least for a few days just to get a bit of fresh oxygen in their lungs.

Although we are used to seeing air as essential to life it can actually be a pretty good energy source especially compared to electricity. Now, an essential in turning air to an energy source is a tool called air compressor and it is something that is becoming more popular with each and every year. A lot of manufacturers have started using it as an aiding tool in machining, handling and even spray painting. It turns out to be cheaper, safer and more convenient than if we were relying only on the electricity source. But what to search for in an air compressor and how to know the right one? Let’s go ahead and take a look.

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What To Look For In An Air Compressor

  1. First and foremost, you should decide on the size of the needed compressor by comparing it with the size of your business. If you get too big of an air compressor you will be wasting resources, while too small will waste your time as it takes much more to create the wanted pressure.
  2. One of the most important things when buying in an air compressor is to go for the one that has an effective airflow. Now, it is measured through cubic meters per minute and you want one that has an airflow CFM greater than what is the operational requirement while still not going above the maximum output of the air compressor tool. Just remember, the more CFM your tool has the more horsepower will be required.
  3. Now, before moving on, you want to make sure that the company selling an air compressor is the right one for your business. California Air Compressors is a great example of how a good company should look like – decades of experience, providing efficient and high-quality machines, and a 24/7 support team.

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  4. Once you have decided on the company you will buy from, it is time to see if you are going for gasoline or an electric engine. While electric may be cheaper and more efficient, a gasoline engine will allow for better transport. Along with that, depending on the type of business you will be using your air compressor from you should decide on the tank size as well – a larger tank will provide sustainable use, while a smaller one is there to provide a powerful burst.
  5. You would want the amount of horsepower is adequate to the amount of CFM that can be produced. Low CFM and horsepower will result in a power usage that will be of short life, while a high CFM and low horsepower will not be able to run.
  6. An air compressor with a dual control will allow you to get the hand on the spend and start/stop features at any given time, which is beneficial especially if you plan to work with the tool for more than a few hours.
  7. Last but not least consider certain additional features like steel finger valves and one piece rods. These can come in really handy and if you are on a somewhat higher budget you should absolutely go for it.

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Whether you are running a big manufacturing business or you need an air compressor for your personal use it is a good investment. And especially now, when these tools are becoming more popular, you are able to find one at a fair and affordable price without skimping on quality. So go ahead, follow the above-mentioned tips and find the one that suits your needs!