Top 8 Hiking Trails in Africa in 2020

Traveling to Africa should be a priority. That is for every enthusiastic explorer. The continent has beautiful sceneries. It is an ideal trekking destination. The terrain varies a lot. There are semi-desert jeep tracks. You will find soaring mountains. Besides, paths meander through the thriving rain forests. Volcanoes and coastal regions are plenty. There are gorges and canyons too.

Importance of Africa and Places

It is the second-largest continent in the world. Africa has a rich geography. The history is exciting. The flora and fauna is inspiring. Besides, the equator passes through the middle of the continent. Due to that, you find plenty of time to visit most of the places. It is an excellent trekking. The continent is a great escape for winter. Follow this website, for more information on other hiking trails, destinations, and hiking tips.

Below are the eight best hiking trails in Africa:

  • Mount Kilimanjaro
  • Fish River Canyon
  • Mount Kenya
  • Simien Mountains
  • Ruwenzori Mountains
  • Bylade River Canyon
  • Mount Mulanje
  • Atlas Mountains

1. Mount Kilimanjaro

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It is a snow-covered dormant volcano. It is located on the northeastern side of Tanzania. The highest point is 5895 meters. The mountain is so huge that you won’t see it while at the bottom. The best time for trekking is between July and October.

No need for special equipment to climb. However, you need to be physically fit. Besides, be aware of the effect of high altitudes. There are several routes to reach the summit. The shortest will take you around four nights.

2. Fish River Canyon

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It is the largest canyon in Africa with a 160 km stretch. It’s a dramatic canyon with valleys. They cut through the feature. It allows you to trek through a foundation laid millions of years back. It is the second-largest in the world. It is only beaten by The Grand Canyon in the United States. Some exciting features include the Ai-Ais natural hot springs. It is ideal for enjoyment of the healing

waters. They are present on the southern end of the canyon. You can take your trail between May and September. The rest of the year experience high temperatures.

3. Mount Kenya

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It is the tallest mountain in Kenya. It ranks second in Africa. It attracts skilled climbers from all over the world. In addition, it is a challenging technical climb. Therefore, it requires expert guides and equipment. The mountain has three peaks.

You will find Lenana, Nelion, and Batian. Hikers can reach the Lenana which is at 4985m high. Nelion is the second highest summit at 5188m. The tallest peak is Batian at 5199m. However, for the two, you need to be a technical mountain climber. The best time to climb is generally between July and October. You can use 30 technical trails to reach the mountain. In all these, you will enjoy animal encounters. You come across spectacular granite peaks. The track passes through thick forests.

4. Simien Mountains

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The mountains are present in the northern part of Ethiopia. It is a habitat for some wild species. You will see the Walia ibex. It is is a rare animal found nowhere else in the world. Besides, there are mountain goats. The cliff climbing species oversaw the rise of the range to a national park level. It offers an enjoyable trek for you. It does not matter about your fitness. Inexperienced hikers are okay for the walk too.

You will come across coarse mountain peaks. There are thrilling cliffs going up to 1000m deep. You will also come across the Jinbar waterfall. The 533m high feature dries up to a trickle during the dry periods. You can trek the simian mountains any time throughout the year. However, every season has its experience.

5. Ruwenzori Mountains

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The mountain is located in Uganda. It is near the border with Congo. The Ruwenzori Mountains National Park will give you a stunning view of high glaciers. It is a safe environment. The trail is easily accessible. It’s thus among the best treks you will come across.

You will come across a beautiful valley with lakes snow-capped peaks. You will come across diverse vegetative zones. That makes your walk more enjoyable. You can take your excursion at any time of the year. However, the best times are January and February. Besides, July to September is also suitable.

6. Bylade River Canyon

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Bylade River Canyon is the largest canyon in the world. It has vast green vegetation. That makes it one of the coolest natural wonder of the continent. It is 25 kilometers long. The depth is 750m. Besides, the highest summit is 1944m long.

Bylade River Canyon is a section of the Drakensberg escarpment. Three Rondavels are notable features of the canyon. Those are round glass-topped peaks resembling the traditional houses of the locals. A famous mark is God’s window. It is likened with God’s view of the Garden of Eden.

7. Mount Mulanje

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The mountain is located in Malawi. It is locally known as the ‘island in the sky’. That is due to how it rises abruptly from a plain. There are several gorges containing rivers. As you trek along them, you will view spectacular waterfalls. Besides, you will walk across a forest with large cedar trees. The best time to trek is from April to August. During this time, the region is dry. On the other hand, the temperatures moderate.

8. Atlas Mountains

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It is a range of mountains. They stretch for 2500 kilometers. The mountains are present in Tunisia, Morocco, and Algeria. Toubkal is the highest peak. It is found in Morocco. The second and third highest summits are found in the same country too.

It is the country where the most luxuriant vegetation lies. Suitable times for trekking are between April and September. You can use mount Toubkal trail. Besides, you can also walk through Ait Bouguemez or Jebel Sarhro treks.


The features along the Bylade River Canyon of South Africa will keep coming into mind days after your trek. You now know the most exciting hiking trails in Africa. It’s your time to pick the best for you and enjoy the excursion.

The Miracle of Medicine – Woman on the Verge of Her Eighth Decade Gave Birth

Margaret Adenuga, 68, from Nigeria successfully gave birth to twins, making her possibly the oldest woman to give birth in Africa. She and her Husband Noah, 77, have been trying for a child for 50 years, even unsuccessfully attempting In-Vitro Fertilization three times.

The pair have traveled far and wide and tried many times to conceive but until recently their attempts have been futile. Trying for so many years would make most people give up, but Noah stated that he was a dreamer who always knew this particular dream of his would come true.

The twins were born healthy at the Lagos Hospital, despite specialists’ concerns over the high-risk pregnancy due to Margaret’s age. The pregnancy was monitored by a specially assigned team.

Zandre Campos: To Fight Corruption Change the Rules of the Game

In this article, ABO Capital CEO, Zandre Eudenio De Campos Finda talks about the short-sightedness of corruption in government and raising corruption awareness through education of the youth.

The world is full of problems that are in desperate need of solving. Climate change, poverty, healthcare and hate speech; there is no shortage of work to be done. Wherever we are, our mission is to put our best foot forward and contribute whatever we can to building a better future.

We have all experienced the feeling of doing what is right, whether it is organizing a local park clean up, developing a new medication that will save lives or even just helping an elderly citizen cross the street. The capacity to do good is in all of us. We are living proof of it.

However, there are those who fight against us. They do not care about the collective and see the world as their own personal playground. They have power, money, and resources, many times most of which they did not even earn themselves. Yet they still feel like they are entitled to everything around them, no matter the social, political, economic or environmental costs.

Corruption is a worldwide problem. While some nations feel its effects more than others, no country is immune from its cancerous impact. It has inserted itself everywhere; politics, business, international affairs, etc. It seems as if every week a story breaks about a politician or business tycoon being investigated or indicted for fraud, bribery or corruption. Just recently, Malik Riaz Hussain, a Pakistani real estate mogul, paid a $248 million fine to the United Kingdom to settle a corruption investigation.

But corruption is not just a flaw of the high and mighty. Every echelon of society faces this issue. Have you ever heard of Flagler County? Me neither until a few days ago, when I read that Belle Terre Elementary School in Palm Coast, Florida is under investigation for misappropriation and/or embezzlement of funds, sexual harassment, race and gender discrimination, libel and defamation, gross mismanagement and repeated violation of whistleblower laws.

I understand what the residents of Flagler County are going through. For years, my home continent has been a breeding ground for corruption and abuse of power, with politicians stealing from government funds to fill their already full pockets. Bribery is rampant across the continent, stifling economic growth and hurting the market. Officials use money that should be going to infrastructure, welfare and healthcare and use it to buy luxury homes or Swiss sports cars.

This can all be very disheartening. If even a public school is not free from the tentacles of corruption, what is? And, more importantly, what can we do to stop it?

Corruption always has and always will exist. This is a reality we must accept. There will always be people putting themselves above, as opposed to besides, others. And some of those people will end up with money and power, making it easy for them to take advantage of the system.

Thankfully, there are a host of journalists, NGOs and government agencies who do their best to prevent and stop corruption. Belle Terre Elementary School’s crimes were exposed because of those groups and individuals who, day in and day out, work to ensure that justice prevails. And in my hometown of Angola, much has been done by the new government to help lessen corruption. Including termination, freezing of assets and even prosecution of those who have abused their power.

But journalists and government agents cannot be the only answer. Not all journalists are as reputable and credible as others.  In fact, some journalists take advantage of corrupt environments and make false accusations that damage the image and name of good people. So, what can we – the shopkeepers, the entrepreneurs, the drivers, the farmers – do to help stop corruption?

While we might not be able to fight corruption directly, we can fight it indirectly by simply being the best we can be. We must stand our ground and not let our worst instincts get the best of us. We must be better than those who call themselves our leaders and be an example for those that come after us.

This means that we must be honest in business. Prices must be reasonable and fair, and we must not cheat our neighbor. Taxes should be paid, no matter how much we may dislike it. We are all part of larger communities. If we skimp our share, everyone around us suffers.

But it does not stop at business. Our character expands beyond the walls of our shops and offices. Volunteering and participating in civic projects takes the power out of the hands of the corrupt and into ours. Don’t like how your neighborhood looks and can’t get the government to clean it up? Create a coalition of supportive neighbors and act. The action gets things done.

Beyond our own actions, one of the most critical steps we can take in the fight against corruption is the education of our youth. Worldwide, and in Africa specifically, educating children and teens on what corruption is, and how they can do their part to both avoid and fight it, will be key to the success of the continent. In order to stem the flow of corruption, the next generation needs to not only be aware of the corruption they will face in their everyday lives but how to make a difference.

Corruption, with its promises of wealth and power, can be tempting and difficult to resist. But that is only the case because we, as a society, have created an environment that allows corruption to thrive. We must do more than refuse to play the game; we must change the rules entirely. We must set up a new board, one where corruption is viewed as a parasite, not as a saving grace.

It all comes down to integrity. How do you hold yourself up? How do people see you? If we can stand our ground, we can show the next generation what it means to be a citizen of the world. We can show them that they are a part of something greater, and their needs work hand in hand with their neighbors.

About Zandre Eugenio De Campos Finda

Zandre Eugenio De Campos Finda is one of the great, innovative business leaders and global entrepreneurs emerging out of Africa. Currently, he is chairman and CEO of ABO Capital, an international investment firm headquartered in Angola with holdings throughout the globe. His career has been dedicated to fighting corruption and bettering the country of Angola as well as advancing the likes of other African nations. A big believer in the power of the youth in Africa, Zandre Finda has a commitment to education including investing in Complexo Escolar Privado Internacional (CEPI) school in Angola and sponsoring a scholarship program that paid for a semester of college tuition for a student based in the united states.

Tips for the first time visitors to Kenya

To many people, Kenya is the best country in Africa, and with so many things to do and see, it’s truly the best choice for people who like to travel. It has incredible landscapes, amazing safari opportunities, some world-class beaches and you can even get some mind-blowing hiking experience if you’re into that. What people say is that if you want to experience all of Africa by visiting just one country, you should visit Kenya. Here are some tips for beginners.

Kenya has friendly people

In entire Africa, Kenya probably has the friendliest population. They are always very welcoming and helpful, especially if you are visiting there for the first time. If you need anything, like instructions or a tip about something, feel free to ask them. The ones that will understand you will definitely be glad to help you. Remember that not everybody knows English there though, but you will surely run into someone that speaks it fluently.

Kenya is very safe

Out of all the countries in Africa, Kenya is probably the safest one. There hasn’t been any criminal activity reported for a very long time, and because of the current drop in tourism, Kenyans provide even better circumstances for their tourists. Being safe in this place should definitely be the least of your worries. Feel free to visit if you are eager to learn more about this country in particular.

Security Runs High in Kenya

It is no secret that people learn from their mistakes, and since there were a few accidents with some small criminal groups about a few years ago, Kenya increased both its airport and road security to the highest level possible. At many of the malls, you’ll notice that there are lots of guards, even undercover ones who are constantly on the look and ready to help you at any moment in case anything goes wrong. Kenya is a lot safer now than it was before.

Many budget Airlines offer a flight to Kenya

When visiting a country, the budget is always something that we consider to be an important factor. Well, it is worthy to know that many budget airlines are offering a flight to Kenya, which means that you can visit this place without paying thousands of dollars for the trip. You will be able to spend that money on many fun activities in the country itself instead of on the road. Fly540 is one of the most popular choices, and sometimes the flights cost as little as $40.

Communication is easy to get

In many countries, getting your hands on a working cellphone with a reliable service can be quite tricky. However, in Kenya, that’s not a problem at all. Getting a SIM card is very simple, easy and it doesn’t cost a lot of money. You can do this by taking your passport to any of their shops and get signed up with them. You might need to pay a small price for the credit that you want to be added on your card. Make sure that everything is working as intended before leaving the shop, and you will be good to go.



Tips to Visit Kilimanjaro That Your Guide Has Forgotten

Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa, and the fourth highest of the Seven Summits (the highest mountains of each continent where Antarctica is included, and the American continent divided into North and South).

The estimated time to reach the peak and return, for most people, is between five and eight days.

By the age of 25, I had never camped or mountaineered in a remotely serious way. That is why when my boyfriend told me that climbing Mount Kilimanjaro was one of the things I had to do before I died, I quickly agreed to accompany him, having no idea what was ahead of me.

We went with  Materia Tours, the company run by Ambrose, an extraordinary Tanzanian who offers good prices and even better service. We opted for the Mach Amer trail – seven days of travel. The Materia Tours team handled the essentials, but here are some tips that escaped them and what you should know according to Climbing Kilimanjaro.

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Bathroom Talk

Bring your own toilet paper. Wrap one or two plastic rollers to keep them dry and store them in your backpack – they will not serve much in the camp, tidy up in the tent, during a nine-hour walk!

The next council made me want to laugh when they gave it to me, but it turned out to be money well-spent: giving $160 for a health tent. Mounted just a few feet from the sleeping tents, this little tent will save you from the queue to go to the bathroom or you must walk tens of meters in the middle of the night to the nearest latrine.

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Delicious Moisturizing

It is imperative that you stay hydrated. Very hydrated. After the first day, all your drinking water will come from the courses you are going to pass through. This water should be purified with an iodine tablet. Not really a fan of iodine, I was very grateful to have been reminded of bringing a pack of Nun hydration tablets. Try some brands and flavors before the trip to find out which ones you like best (my favorites are red fruit lemonade). Although I could not confirm that they gave me more energy, the pleasant taste was a great incentive to keep me hydrated.

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And Fun?

This is a little personal, and it depends on the preferences of each person. After reviewing our itinerary, I put some things in the backpack that I used as a form of entertainment at the end of the day: a small diary, a deck of cards, a watercolor kit and my camera with a 50 mm lens. But the truth is that after each day, we never had much spare time to use these things. The hikes were made without haste, and we usually only arrived at camp at five in the afternoon, where hot tea and a snack waited for us. Later, we had dinner, we talked a little with our guides, and by eight o’clock, because of the altitude, most nights, we were already sleeping. I did not use watercolors or letters at all.

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Stay warm

We took a pack of hand warmers that were not used in the traditional way. Since I ended up taking pictures essentially with my mobile phone, the hand warmer helped us save some battery. Keep the phone in the same pocket as the hand warmer in order to keep the battery warm between photos.

A Night at the Top of the Mountain

Breathe, hydrate, and literally take one step at a time. We returned from the summit; we arrived at the camp in the afternoon, ate, prepared the sleeping bags and went to sleep as soon as possible. We woke up at eleven at night. We drank tea, we added some layers to our sleeping bags (I slept with six layers on top and five on the bottom). With flashlights on our heads, we began a long night’s walk toward a ridge we could not see. A few small points of light ahead of us seemed to be miles away, but we kept our heads down, and we continued to take one step at a time. Looking up too much will hurt his neck and make the trip seem endless. We set foot on the summit – the highest point in Africa – as soon as the sun broke and lit the immense landscape in front of us.

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Take care of yourself

Enjoy a good shower, wash your hair twice, and get a well-deserved nap. You have achieved an incredible feat, so reward your aching body with a safari or a beach weekend in Zanzibar.

Ralph Ziman`s South African Art Tank

South African Tank is a police vehicle that was designed in South Africa, in the late seventies. The project was called the Casspir project. It can drive over two anti-tank mines at the same time. If there is some damage to their tires, all problems could be fixed on the battlefield in around twenty minutes. This tank was seen as one of the fiercest symbols of the apartheid in South Africa.

It can carry around twenty soldiers, and it was meant to be one of the biggest symbols of oppression in South Africa during apartheid period. Naturally, because of its purpose, it was very unpopular in its home country. But even more than that, people were scared of it. It is known as only successful military vehicle that was designed in South Africa.

Img source:

Because of its effectiveness, it was quickly exported into other countries. It was designed on Mercedes Benz chassis. An artist, Ralph Ziman, choose to redesign the whole vehicle as a sign of protest against the regime that was in the time of apartheid. The whole vehicle was rebuilt from a scratch and totally redesigned.

Also, it has totally new parts, like engine for example. The only original element are its tires. The artist was contacted by a South African military defense who thought that they will sell the vehicle to the ISIS.

Img source:

However, that was not the case. The purposes for rebuilding this vehicle were totally artistic ones. One prof that they didn’t have this intent was that ISIS`s vehicles are all painted in black, and as you can see, this vehicle has a wide array of colors.