9 Strategies for a Perfect PPC Campaign

Selecting the right PPC strategy has a lot to do with the nature of your business and your goals. Though many businesses use PPC management software for managing their campaigns and adjusting their cost per click, PPC experts at Alpha Efficiency suggest this software is not sufficient if you wish to create a successful PPC campaign strategy. Google is continuously bringing the latest updates for ads, so you also need to stay up to date with testing and implementing new strategies. To help you stay on top of your game, here are a few latest strategies that can bring better outcomes in your PPC efforts.

Use promotion extension

This is a very effective strategy that grabs the attention of a visitor. It is displayed under your ad providing extra attention and visibility. It is a good idea to add occasional events like New Year or Christmas since holidays are the best time to get the maximum benefit from your campaigns.

Keep voice search in mind

Many marketers don’t focus on voice search in their campaigns as much as they should. It could be due to the insufficient volume of voice searches they get or the inability to recognize these search queries accurately. Whatever the reason, keep in mind that voice search is becoming very common thanks to the smart home devices. The queries of voice search are longer than normal search queries, so make sure that you optimize it in the right way:

  • Check if your campaigns are getting a voice search.
  • Get the search query report from AdWords.
  • Filter all the relevant search queries.
  • Use a keyword tool to finalize the keywords for your voice search.
  • Include research-based negative keywords.

Focus on mobile-specific PPC ads

More than 60% of marketers spend a great portion of their budget on mobile-specific ads since they show great results. But before you invest money in these ads, you will need to resolve any possible optimization problems if your website takes a long time to load on mobile devices:

  • Work on your website to provide a great user experience on mobile devices.
  • Place ad extensions.
  • Use enticing keywords to help the user make a decision rapidly.
  • Add offers and incentives to your ads.
  • Use the dayparting feature of AdWords to optimize your accounts according to day and time.
  • Include emojis in your ads.

Use target outranking share

This will help you tactically outrank your competitors on the Google search engine. Your bid on Google Ads will adjust automatically to outbid competitors, but it is restricted to the campaigns of the search network you are targeting. First, you need to pick the campaign and evaluate your competitors’ strengths by clicking the “Select” button under the “Detail” tab. This will display an in-depth report for you to see which competitor is outranking you as well as show you the number of times your ads go up comparing to others. You will be able to see all the domains where you are being outranked. Click “Target Outrank Share” under “Bid Strategy”, mention the mane of the domain you want to outrank, set the “Target to Outrank” tab, “Maximum Bid Limit” tab, the “Bid Automation”, and you are ready to go.

Target the right visitors with a location bid adjustment

Location bid strategy is the perfect solution for businesses having trouble with the conversion. It can help them invest their budget in the right area for maximum outcomes. Go to your Google Ads account click on the settings tab of the campaign you wish to set the location for. Click the location tab to see all the locations your current campaign is targeting. On the same tab, you will find the “Bid Adj” and “Clicks” tab. The “Clicks” tab will show you how many clicks you are getting from a specific location, which can give you an idea about where you should increase the bid limit, and where to decrease it. Set your bids by clicking the “Bid Adj” tab.

Place a targeted cost per conversion

Conversion optimization is a great way to keep a stable cost per conversion among your ads. Note that to optimize it correctly you need to have the conversion tracking feature set up. With conversion tracking, Google Ads can estimate an optimal CPC of your bids. These bids are considered as an average CPA that is utilized by Google to target among your campaigns. Google will automatically set the CPC bid around your targeted CPA to drive conversions. Targeted CPA is calculated on the basis of historical data like 15 conversions of your last month. However, be cautious because if the last conversions that AdWords had tracked come under the period where you were not getting enough conversions, then it can negatively affect your recent campaign.

Wisely use negative keywords

Though negative keywords play a major role in boosting your ROI, many marketers still ignore this technique. As PPC professionals at Alpha Efficiency suggest, placing negative keywords can save you a lot of money because they prevent people who are typing keywords that are not related to your offer from coming to your site. By doing this you can control the quality of your website visitors.

Add and track call extension

Call extension allows your customers to contact you after seeing your ad. This is one of the best PPC strategies for local businesses to maximize their conversions because it provides additional information to the customers regarding your business. As high as 70% of mobile searchers make use of the click-to-call feature. All you need to do is go to the Ad extension tab in your Google Ads account click call extensions tab under the new extension tab.

Add dynamic keyword in your ads

Dynamic Keyword Insertion dynamically updates the text of your ad by adding the most exact matched keyword from the term searched by your customers. There are some factors to consider if you wish this strategy to work well. The first thing is avoiding the use of the wrong code. Mistakes like using inappropriate capitalization, misspelling, missing a bracket, or using the wrong bracket can do more harm than good to your campaign. But if used right, Dynamic Keyword Insertion can increase your click-through rate and conversion rate.

Final thoughts

Although PPC campaigns are extremely important for your marketing efforts, the strategies for getting the best results change constantly. With some strategies working great for specific types of businesses but are not as effective for others, it is crucial to find the strategy that suits you the best. Your best chance is to test them one by one and track their results to discover all the top strategies for your business.

5 Ways the Experts are Driving Traffic in 2020

Ever since I spent a year learning something I could have learned in 3 months, I decided that I will always hear from the horse’s mouth. It really makes life easier to just know exactly what so and so did to reach point A than to do it by yourself with no guidance and end up in a ditch. If you are running a start-up, here is my message to you, Traffic will be the bloodline of your website and without it, your business will come tumbling down.

Google makes 500 changes to its algorithm every year which keeps changing the rules of driving traffic. To beat Google at its game, you need to know exactly what the tactics are. If you are not in for the heavy lifting, Australia ranks in the top 5 list for the World’s best SEO experts so I would say, look for a good SEO Company in Melbourne to take on the weight for you because trust me, it’s no walkover. But if you are ready to offer the best of your energy and time, here is what to do

Guest post


One of the best ways SEO experts build traffic is by Guest Posting. Guest posting establishes your website as a credible source of information. The rules to successful guest posting are that you write helpful content and get it published on authority sites.

To get on sites with a high DA(authority sites) you need to do outreach to get writers that contribute to those sites and aware them about your expertise or your products and ask them to link to them or talk about them in their articles. Another way is by directly contacting Editors of the sites in question and offer to contribute as an expert.

For example, if you are a fitness coach you could approach the New York Times and offer to share advice on fitness. It’s easy for you to get in that way. In return, you could talk about your services and maybe slip in a link and boom! Traffic will be flowing like a river.

Run a mobile-friendly site


This year Google confirmed that 50% of all web users access the internet using mobile devices. such as phones and tablets. You don’t want to miss out on this traffic just because your site couldn’t load on a phone. Unless a web visitor is desperately looking for a product you offer would they wait for a slow unresponsive site to load.

Customers will in most cases get off an unresponsive website and look for a competitor. Running a mobile-friendly website will significantly improve your ranks in search engines.

Apart from better ranking, a mobile-friendly site will:

-Improve your brand identity

-Enhance user experience

-Boost website traffic

-Reduce bounce rates

-Increase your customer base

Email marketing


A successful email marketing campaign targets not only new but also existing and lost customers. The campaign should lead the subscribers to your site, encourage them to take on your offer and lastly convince them to purchase. For better web visibility, integrate email marketing with social media marketing.

Offer your clients a satisfying experience and they will give good testimonials, promote your products on social media and take part in your referral program to drive more leads to your e-commerce business.

Use On-Page SEO

Start by creating well-researched, high-quality and SEO-optimized content that blends keywords naturally. Choose keywords that relate to the products you are selling. You can carry-out keyword research to find out. Also, design highly engaging Meta descriptions that pique your readers’ interest. The more the numbers of readers you get to click your URL, the higher the traffic you drive to your blog.

Pay for Ads


Ad’s are a must-have for any serious traffic driving website. It doesn’t mean that you will pay for the ads sit back, relax and let the ads work. You have to put in the work in all other areas. Pay for custom-made Ads and other promotional content which is easily shareable to reach your target audience on different platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Test different Ads to know which one drives the most traffic to your blog. For your ads to bring in results, it’s better to hire an SEO expert like Premium SEO Auckland so that you create perfectly targeted ad campaigns for the best results.

Parting shot

As you strive to enlarge your online customer base, consider using hashtags which are an effective strategy to pick out your ideal client. Additionally, use appealing infographics to capture the ever-decreasing human attention span.

Appealing infographics will increase your social shares as well.