General objectives that guide the activities and relationships of one state in its interactions with other states.

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Adolf Hitler


Unseen Hitler’s Photographs Kept in The United States Archives

A series of photographs of Adolph Hitler made by Heinrich Hoffmann played a crucial role in increasing his popularity in the 1920s, during his rise to power in Germany. Heinrich Hoffmann met Hitler in 1919. He became infatuated with Nazi ideology and joined the party in 1920. The next year he was named Hitler’s official… Keep Reading


Martin Ludwig Bormann – Secret Leader Of Nazi Germany

Martin Ludwig Bormann was born on 17th June 1900, in Halberstadt. He had two half-siblings, Else and Walter from his father’s first marriage with Louise Grobler who passed away in 1898. Antonie Bormann gave birth to three sons, but one died at infancy. The other two Martin and Albert survived to adulthood. Martin had a… Keep Reading

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