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Essay Writing Help: Arguments Pro and Contra

Academic writing is a big and important part of being a student. While at school or college, you will be facing tons of different papers every semester. And you have to cope with them well in order to earn high grades and graduate successfully.

Unfortunately, not everything is as simple. Academic writing is a huge challenge that can make you crave help. But, luckily, there are essay help services that can assist you.

Although requesting immediate writing help may sound tempting, is it really worth it or not? If you feel like a bit of assistance will not hurt you, but haven’t firmly decided on whether you want to buy papers online or no, we are here to help. In this article, we will take a look at some of the biggest arguments pro and contra using such services.

The Pros of Using Essay Help

Obviously, getting professional help can bring you many benefits. Here are some of the key reasons that prove why each of you should consider opting for essay help.

1.   Time Saving

The first and one of the most significant advantages is that delegating your assignments to experts can save you lots of time you otherwise would’ve wasted researching the topic and writing your paper. Such services are created specifically to ease your studies and help you cope with tasks faster.

At the same time, such companies will rid you of the unnecessary stress associated with research, referencing, and proofreading.

2.   Flawless Quality

If you manage to find a truly reliable and experienced essay writing help service (like, you will get a guarantee of impeccable quality. Such sites typically have large teams of professionals with college degrees and vast experience. Thus, you will get an error-free piece that deserves the highest grade.

3.   Zero Plagiarism

Every student knows how hard it can be to avoid plagiarism. This is one more reason to turn to a team of pro writers for extra assistance. Your task will be written from scratch and tailored to your unique needs and requirements. As a result, you will get a high-quality and 100% unique essay. And, it is worth noting that many companies provide a free plagiarism report to confirm the originality of the final draft.

4.   No More Missed Deadlines

One of the most common reasons that force students to seek assistance is a tight deadline. Sometimes, you can find yourself in a situation when your assignment is due in a day or less. In such a scenario, coping with the task on your own can be a real challenge. That’s when using writing services is fully justified.

A professional service will let you get professional assistance ASAP. You will be able to choose any deadline you need (even if it is only a few hours) and submit your task in time, without sacrificing the quality.

The Cons of Using Essay Help

No matter how many pros it holds, there are always two sides to a coin. The same applies to essay writing services. While those can be definitely useful and beneficial, there still are a few disadvantages all students should be well aware of.

1.   Additional Expenses

It shouldn’t be a surprise that you will have to pay for essay writing services. Thus, it is an additional expense that can hit your budget.

Although this can be considered a disadvantage, it is worth noting that the choice of writing services today is quite extensive, which makes it possible to find a reliable provider that will meet your budgetary limitations. There are lots of companies that offer affordable help. Also, there are many discounts and special offers. So, spending is not a very significant disadvantage.

2.   Unreliable Services

One more disadvantage you should know about is that there is a big number of unreliable platforms out there. The Internet is full of scams and frauds. This makes it rather hard to find a really trustworthy academic assistant.

If you request help from the first site that comes along your way, you can get into the fraud’s trap. This can bring lots of unpleasant issues. For example, scam sites can provide you with plagiarized or poor-quality papers and make your order a waste of money.

However, there is some good news. Avoiding scams isn’t that hard if you know what to do. There are unbiased platforms like that create honest best essay writing service reviews to help you make the right choice. Checking out such reviews can significantly save your time and prevent you from making a mistake.

3.   You Will Still Have to Figure Out the Topic

If you buy essays just because the topic is too complex or incomprehensible, there is another con you should keep in mind. Even if you receive the best paper and score the highest grade, eventually, you will still have to learn the topic. Most of the topics you are assigned will later pop up during tests and exams. So you have to study each topic to succeed in the long run.

The good news though is that a professionally-written essay can actually help you understand a complex topic. When you will read a compelling and well-researched piece, it can be a sort of introduction to the subject matter. Maybe it won’t help you to learn the topic fully. But it sure can help to grasp the core idea.

The Bottom Line

The 21st century with all its innovations and gadgets may make us socialize less, but it also brings plenty of benefits. One of the core pros of the modern world is that it gives us lots of tools to solve our day-to-day tasks faster and easier.

That’s what essay writing services are meant for. They are here to make students’ lives simpler. And, in most cases, such resources do help. But, there are still a few cons.

In this article, we’ve discussed all the key arguments pro and contra using essay help. All you need to do now is to decide whether the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

How To Learn The Process Of Writing A Research Paper

Research papers are a fundamental part of any academic life. You will be required to write several of them by the end of your college life. Knowledge of how to write a research paper will have a direct impact on your overall performance. Look at it this way, you will be required to write a paper for every course you take. Interestingly, the methodology for writing a research paper does not change. According to , once you master the rules, you are on your way to academic success.


It is not lost on experts that each paper comes with unique instructions. However, these instructions form just a part of overall directions. If you cover the main instructions, the remaining 5%-10% of instructions will be easier to execute.

Here is a look at how you can learn and master research paper writing to improve your academic performance.

  • Review the Lesson on Academic Writing

Part of common courses in all colleges and universities include research writing. You will be introduced to the different sections of a paper, citation, research methodologies, referencing, and most of what you need to write an academic paper. Materials on academic writing are also available in the library or over the internet. Review the materials for revision purpose.

Different requirements on research paper writing are addressed in the course. For instance, you will learn how to treat MLA, Chicago, and APA formatting styles. You will also understand the difference between an essay, research paper, thesis, and dissertation, among other academic exercises.

Research writing will vary based on your discipline or department. Supervisors also issue unique instructions based on the topic. Such differences require clarification before you begin any paper. Do not make assumptions on instructions because it could lead to disqualification or the demand to repeat the entire paper.

  • Use Certified Samples and Examples

Learn from works produced by other scholars. Seniors in the same department are the best role models when it comes to writing a research paper. They have tackled the same topics and followed similar instructions. It makes it easier for them to guide you through the instructions.

Samples of research papers similar to what you are supposed to produce can be found in the library. Because libraries serve a variety of students, you will get samples and examples of all types. The quality of academic papers found in the library is ascertained. Samples and examples give you a practical demonstration of what is expected once you complete your paper.
  • Understand the Instructions that Come with Each Paper

Evaluate the instructions that come with each paper before getting down to writing. Slight variations in instructions result in a huge difference. For instance, you may be used to APA formatting style only to find a paper that requires you to use MLA. Do not make any assumption regarding instructions.

Before leaving the class as the assignment is issued, ensure that you understand the instructions provided. In case any of the instructions is unclear, seek clarification. Do not risk repeating the entire paper or being penalized because you failed to execute a single piece of instruction.

  • Use Writing Apps Online

Use resources like apps and videos online to learn more about research paper writing. The apps will demonstrate such elements are citations and referencing such that you can see a clear difference. Since the apps are available over the phone and 24/7, you can learn anywhere and at any time.

Beware of low quality online materials and apps. Ascertain the credibility of developers and check reviews for the opinions of previous users. Using a low quality app or online video will give misleading results. It affects your overall academic performance.

  • Hire a Coach

Hire a professional academic writing coach to guide you through the process. Ask all the questions you may have regarding academic papers. You will also get clarification on instructions that may be difficult to understand.

Research writing coaches are available online from writing services. They have written numerous academic papers and can execute any instructions. You can ask questions or help anytime of the day or night to help you complete your academic paper.

  • Read High Quality Academic Works

Visit the library and read some of the highly regarded academic works in your discipline. Request for past research papers from your department or recommendations of titles you can get elsewhere. Notice how the seasoned writers treat such elements as citations, references, different chapters, research presentation, footnotes, and such crucial academic writing features. You will become one of the best writers if you copy the gurus in your industry.
  • Practice Intensely

Write as many academic papers as possible, implementing what you learn along the way. The best way to understand rules is by implementing them. When given an assignment, be deliberate with every paragraph, word, and elements of your writing. Ask questions once you receive your academic papers back. It helps you to understand mistakes you might have made and correct them. Over time, you will no longer make the same mistakes. Practice helps your grasp of academic writing to significantly improve over time.

It takes effort to learn how to write academic papers. Furthermore, you will be writing a lot of them by the time you complete college. To avoid a poor performance, learn the rules and practice intensely. Seek help whenever you encounter difficulty. Consider hiring a coach to guide you through research paper writing.

COVID-19 and Its Influence on Education

There is, perhaps, no area of life that wasn’t affected by the coronavirus. If half a year ago someone told you that everyone would have to stay at home for a couple of months, all countries would close their borders, and President Trump would issue a $2 trillion bill to support the falling economy, you’d probably laugh in their faces. And yet, this is the reality today.

However, while it may seem that life on the planet has stopped, something is still happening around. Companies are trying to operate remotely; governments are collecting taxes, and, of course, schools are still teaching (or at least trying to). But how do they cope with this task? Let’s find out!

Is Studying from Home Effective?

Undoubtedly, modern technologies allow students of any university or school to receive all the educational materials they need while staying at home. Books, notes, presentations, and lectures do not require physically taking them from libraries or attending a classroom anymore. Homeschooling saves a lot of time wasted on transportation, especially for those who live outside the campus, and allows redirecting energy more effectively. Sounds like a perfect decision during an epidemic?

Except for the already mentioned advantages, remote education has much more to offer. Consider these points:

  • It saves funds for schools. Infrastructure, personnel, maintenance fees, electricity bills, etc. are significantly cheaper when thousands of kids don’t attend schools every day.

  • Smaller expenses for a private school mean smaller fees for parents. Public schools that are funded by taxpayers benefit as well since the money collected to support the facilities can be channeled somewhere else.

  • Education can become more customizable. While studying at home, everyone can manage their time in a way they believe to be most efficient.

At times, when meeting other people means putting them and yourself under a potential threat to health and life, there is no choice whether to study at home or not. Social contacts bring more harm than good these days, so remote education is probably the best choice during the pandemic. Why don’t schools proceed with this way of teaching in the future then?

Drawbacks of Homeschooling

It turns out that no electronic means of communication can replace old good personal conversations. Sharing knowledge is essential to education, and there is no better way of doing it than gathering in one room and talking to each other. On teachers’ side, speaking to a class while everyone is physically present in one place is much more pleasant than addressing thoughts to a web camera.

Particular subjects and topics require physical presence at school to be taught properly. Physics, Chemistry, or Biology presuppose experiments with dangerous or rare substances that can’t be handled at home.

Online lectures are also a source of technical troubles. Computers tend to break down with time, and an internet connection can be unstable. Issues can arise on both teachers’ and students’ sides, and there is hardly a simple and fast way of fixing them. This can cause significant time wastages, especially when classes are taught online in real time.

Due to the restricted access to communication, students who study at home are encouraged to write more. And while writing would become a passion for some of them, most learners hate spending their time on academic papers. In addition, essays are strictly regulated in terms of format and content, so they aren’t a perfect way of expressing one’s ideas. A decision? Online writing agencies!

Why Order Your Essay from a Custom Writing Company?

There is a whole bunch of advantages that such services offer:

  • Ordering your essay on the web saves you time. Depending on the length of the paper, you can spend up to a whole day searching for information, locating credible sources, and formatting your essay. For instance, can complete orders with deadlines starting from 3 hours. Check out the service to find out more data on the subject.

  • Professionals will do the job for you. Entrusting your paper to an online writing agency means that an experienced author who knows how to compile a decent essay will be working on your task.

  • You won’t need to spend much money either. Rates in writing agencies start around $10 for a page but can rise depending on the topic and complicacy of the subject.

The increased flow of paperwork during the quarantine stimulates students to search for assistance, and that’s the right step to take. The efficiency of the studying process is under a serious threat if most of the learners’ energy is spent on putting their thoughts on paper. In a situation when most of the students’ efforts are directed at writing academic essays, asking for expert help is a perfect decision.

However, the extended flow of essays is not the only reason to contact an online writing agency. Most of them can complete almost any type of paper, from undergraduate essays to dissertations and admission letters. And while getting a bad grade for an essay is not the most pleasant experience, failing to enter university because of a poorly composed admission letter is definitely much worse. Some writing services can even design a perfect resume specifically for you.

International Cooperation and Online Writing Services

Universities are centers of international knowledge exchange, meaning that there are always plenty of students from abroad in any of them. And while students of one school can speak dozens of different languages, teaching languages are often limited to one or two options. This can be rather inconvenient for international students, especially during their freshman and sophomore years in college. Luckily, online writing services are designed to suit everyone’s needs.

Even if you find casual writing interesting, it’s hard to predict whether you would like academic writing as well. Writing a decent academic paper requires attention to formatting, proper language, and developed research skills. Handing the work over to a writing agency includes all these aspects together with a deep understanding of a topic and the absence of smaller mistakes like punctuation or typos.

Top 7 Resources For Your College Assignment Writing

Writing essays and assignments can be a taxing endeavor particularly when you have a lot of work to do. As a student, you have to attend class, write term papers, weekly assignment, dissertations and application essays among many types of writings. It can be difficult keeping up with the different formats of papers while maintaining the quality expected by your instructor.

Thankfully, there are resources online such as CustomEssayMeister that you can use to make the writing of assignments and essays easier. These resources make it easy for you to format your papers, edit them, improve your vocabulary, and cite your papers among many other things. The following are seven of these assignment writing resources.

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UNSW Essay and Assignment Writing

The University of Southern Wales Sydney Learning Center provides some of the most comprehensive help to help you with your academic work. The website provides self-help resources that could help you with anything referencing, academic integrity and plagiarism, critical thinking, note taking and reading, time management, oral presentations, and writing skills among many others.

It has a specific section that helps you with assignment and essay writing. It has links to resources to help you with the basics of essay writing, reflective and  writing annotated bibliographies, critical reviews and how to answer assignment questions.

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Uni Learning

Comes with a wide collection of interactive learning resources that can help you with the study and writing skills needed for college studies. Some of the critical things that you can learn from the site include grammar and punctuation, critical thinking, note-taking, essay, academic and report writing.

The site is mainly tailored for university students through high school students and teachers may also find value in it. The site can act as a reference where you can go to find tutorials and work your way to improve proficiency. Through the interactive activities, you can grade yourself as you practice and develop your study and writing skills.

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Copy Crafter is a content development company that has been providing assignments and essay help to students for years. Copy Crafter helps students with the creation, editing, and proofreading of original texts. When you do not have enough time to write your assignment or essay, you can always depend on Copy Crafter to furnish you with a high-quality paper for your college assignments.

They have a proficient team of native writers who can write high-quality papers that could be anything from a tweet to a book. The team of writers is composed of sophisticated copywriters, bloggers, and writers with years of experience. They have been writing for years and have the capacity to handle orders of varying levels of complexity for you.

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Royal Literary Fund

The Royal Literary Fund is an online guide that provides everything you ever need to write undergraduate essays. The website is a resource full of resources that combine the practical and descriptive to help you become better at writing assignments and essays. It includes not only the definitions but also examples of how to do the assignments and essay writing.

It is structured in a progressive format so that you can go from start to finish or alternatively click on the area that is most relevant to what you need. While it does not have everything a college student would need, it has all the essentials including guides on report , dissertation, and essay writing.

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Time 4 Writing

This is a website that provides resources for the modern student right from elementary school right up to high school. It provides a curriculum that is designed for the modern student. The curriculum helps native English students and ESL students become better writers. It has certified teachers who will teach the student anything from essay, narrative, paragraph construction, mechanics and the basics of research paper writing.

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Cite It In

Citing can be one challenging aspect of academic writing that many students even at the advanced levels still struggle with. Throw in the fact that different professors ask for different citation styles and you have the perfect recipe for chaos. You have to remember how to format and cite your sources accurately in APA, MLA, Chicago, and Turabian among other styles, which can be overwhelming and often results in mistakes. Cite It In takes care of these issues as it is an automatic citation generator that makes it possible to correctly cite your sources as long as you have all the required data to input.

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Whether you are studying for the TOEFL, GRE, or SAT, prepping to ace the quiz set for tomorrow or just need to improve your eloquence, is a handy resource for all your needs. It has a vast database of new words in every discipline from breaking news to classic literature. There is nothing you won’t find in Vocabulary. Since vocabulary grows with you, it can help enrich your assignments and essays as it helps you internalize and memorize more complex and discipline-specific terms over time.

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There you have it, seven resources to help with your assignments and essays. You will not improve overnight but systematically using these resources will significantly help to improve your writing skills.

Whether you struggle with citation, have a less developed vocabulary, have poor grammar and punctuation, poor sentence and paragraph construction or need someone to help you with your assignments and essays, you can find help with these resources. Use two, three or all of them and you should definitely see some improvement in your academic writing.