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10 Horror Movie Remakes Worth Watching in 2020


If you are a horror movie fan, you will be happy to learn that some of the best horror movies are coming back as remakes. In fact, some of the most famous horror faces are heading into cinemas in the next few years. So, let’s take a closer look at all horror movie remakes which are worth watching in 2020.

10. Train to Busan

This foreign language film first came out in 2016 and was an immediate success. In fact, it didn’t only captivate the attention of the audience, but it also made more than ten times its budget back. The English language remake will be directed by James Wan, the Aquaman director, and Gary Dauberman. The story is truly mesmerizing that Train to Busan is definitely worth seeing.

9. Friday the 13th

Img source: dreadcentral.com

After its success, it will be strange not to have Friday the 13th as one of the reboots in the horror film genre. The forthcoming film will be produced by LeBron James and his Springhill Entertainment production company. Even though the director is still unknown, Jason will definitely be back.

8. The Candyman

Jordan Peele is considered as the new king of horror and as such, he decided to remake The Candyman through his Monkeypaw Productions. The Candyman will be directed by Nia DaCosta and it will be starring Lakeith Stanfield, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, and Virginia Madsen. We can’t help it, but hope that Tony Todd, the original star will star as the Candyman.

7. Arachnophobia

This film was not as much appreciated as much as it deserves it. It primarily captivated people who have long-standing issues with spiders. However, the remake is done by a Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment and James Wan’s Atomic Monster. However, it isn’t likely that any one of them will direct it.

6. A Nightmare on Elm Street

Img source: bloody-disgusting.com

Freddy Krueger would be coming for you again as the New Line Productions Inc. decided to give Freddy a new injection of life. The reboot is happening in the near future, but we won’t see Robert Englund in the role. He has retired from the role, but let’s hope that there must be some way of convincing him to bring it back.

5. Fantasy Island

Fantasy Island was first released in 1978 starring Ricardo Montalbán as the mysterious Mr. Roarke. This is a horror TV series, which is definitely worth watching. The series ran for seven seasons and was revived 14 years later by Barry Sonnenfeld and Malcolm McDowell in the lead. This time, it is Blumhouse who picked up the reboot. The director is Jeff Wadlow, while Michael Pena will play Roarke. The release date is February 28, 2020, and we are all looking forward to it as Maggie Q, Michael Rooker and Lucy Hale are part of the cast.

4. The Birds

Img source: JoBlo.com

It looks like the remake of The Birds is finally happening. However, it won’t be a big screen remake, but it’ll be made by the BBC and the producer David Heyman. This horror remake will focus more on Daphne du Maurier‘s 1952 novel than on Alfred Hitchcock’s film.

3. The Toxic Avenger

Even though the remake was set to happen in 2010, it is finally happening ten years later. Even though there were many variations linked to the remake, including stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Guillermo Del Toro, it seems like Macon Blair will be the director and Legendary Pictures had taken the rights on.

2. Grudge

The remake of Takashi Shimizu’s delightfully creepy Ju-On: The Grudge is set to be released on January 3, 2020. There was once a remake of the Grudge with Sarah Michelle Gellar, but it didn’t do the trick. The producer of the forthcoming remake is Sam Raimi and Nicolas Pesce is the director. The cast is also great, including Andrea Riseborough, John Cho, William Sadler, and Jacki Weaver.

1. They Hear It

Img source: slashfilm.com

They Hear It it’s a short film which will get its remake by David Robert Mitchell. The director is Julian Terry, who won the “My Annabelle Creation Video Contest” with his short The Nurse. If you love having your senses turned against you, then this remake is definitely for you. The movie is focused on a mysterious presence called ‘The Sound’, which once heard by anyone has terrible consequences.

Are you as excited as we are for these upcoming horror movie remakes? It might look like Hollywood finds it challenging to come up with an original concept, but some classic horror films definitely need a reboot!

16 Coolest New Electric Cars Arrive in 2019

Practically every automaker nowadays is doing research, development, and starting the production in the anticipation of a future where battery-powered electric cars, crossover SUVs and even pickup trucks run on electricity. Both long-established, legendary manufacturers and high-tech upstart companies battle for their part of the EV market. The development of these new technologies and cars is the trend of today, as companies look to give us more miles on a charge, better-looking cars, and more power. Read the rest of the article for the best 16 electric models set to hit the market this year, and in 2020.

16. 2019 Audi E – Tron

This spring, Audi is set to unveil a full electric, all-wheel-drive, five-passenger luxury crossover SUV. The expected range is around 250 miles, while the price will start somewhere around $75,800. A coupe Sportback version, as well as a four-door GT model, will soon follow the release.

15. 2019 Hyundai Kona Electric

Img source: cnet.com

This is a battery-operated edition of the small crossover car by the manufacturer. It is coming early this year and brings around 258 miles per charge. The price will be around $37,500. At least initially, the sales will be restricted to California and several other states with similar emissions regulations.

14. 2020 Bollinger B1

Bollinger seems to want to begin with the sales of the boxy electric utility vehicle before the year ends. An aluminum frame, all-wheel-drive, and a 200-mile range are promised. The 0 to 60 mph run will take you only 4.5 seconds, while it is said to tow 7,500 pounds. There could also be a full electric pickup truck one year later.

13. 2020 Aston Martin Rapide E

Img source: autoweek.com

British sports-car maker Aston Martin will unveil the first EV by the end of 2019, based on their gorgeous Rapide Coupe. The car will have limited production and a targeted run of over 200 miles on one charge. In addition, m it will reach 60 mph in about four seconds. The price is expected to be around $260,000.

12. Kia Niro EV

The alternative to the Hyundai Kona Electric arrives in spring 2019, but as a 2020 year model. This car was limited to California and 11 other states at first, and it can run for about 239 miles before it needs the plug again.

11. 2020 Mercedes – Benz EQC

Img source: autoweek.com

Mercedes is set to enter the EV business in the USA with a complete family of battery models. The EQC is the first, a stylish compact crossover SUV, powered by a pair of motors offering more than 400 horsepower, and a 0-60 mph dash in five seconds. The range will be 279 miles on a charge.

10. 2020 Kia Soul EV

In 2020, we will get the redesigned version of the funky and boxy compact hatchback, this time with a 64 kWh lithium-ion polymer battery pack with a currently undisclosed range. It will be somewhere around 225 miles, much better than the 150-mile range of the predecessor.

9. 2020 Mercedes – Benz eSprinter

Img source: roadandtrack.com

The popular, large commercial van is getting an overhaul for 2020. What is more, a full-electric version is also in the works.

8. 2020 Polestar 2

Volvo will showcase a new line of performance EVs for 2020, called Polestar models. The first car is a plug-in hybrid coupe, while the second will be a fully electric four-door hatchback. A total of 400 horsepower is expected, and a run of 300 miles per charge.

7. 2020 Mini Electric

Img source: greencarreports.com

Mini is working on a full-electric version of the legendary Cooper Coupe. It will come by the end of 2019 and will share the technology with the BMW i3. On a full charge, a range of 200 miles is to be expected.

6. 2020 Porsche Taycan

This electric Porsche will be an ultra-sleek four-door sports car, very similar to the Porsche Panamera. It is set to have a range of over 300 miles on a charge per some reports, while the two synchronous motors will give it north of 600 horsepower. The Taycan will reach 60 mph in just 3.5 seconds.

5. 2019 Tesla Model 3 Base Model

Img source: Teslarati.com

After some rather extended delays, the $35,000 Model 3 sedan is set to debut sometime during this year. We hope this is the final date for the long-awaited unveil.

4. 2020 Rivian R1T

Rivian offers this as their flagship model. The R1T is set to have around 400 miles range, go from 0 to 60 mph in three seconds, and engage in some rather impressive off-road abilities. An SUV version called the R1S will also follow sometime after the initial reveal.

3. 2020 Tesla Roadster

Img source: YouTube

The Tesla Roadster returns for the model year of 2020. A modernistic curvy profile is a design, while the company promises amazing, almost rocket ship performance. Tesla will lead the market with a 620-mile range on a single charge, while the car makes the leap from 0 to 60 mph in the blink of an eye, a mere 1.9 seconds.

2. 2020 Volkswagen ID

Volkswagen also enters the EV game, with a whole range of affordable electric vehicles. The ID will be a small battery-powered hatchback, expected to have a 168-horsepower electric motor and between 249 and 373 miles per charging. A crossover variant, ID Crozz, and a slightly bigger ID Buzz will follow soon after.

1. 2020 Tesla Model Y

Img source: forbes.com

The crossover SUV version of the Model 3 sedan is also in the works at Tesla. If this model escapes the delays and drama in Elon Musk’s company, the production will start sometime during next year.

Who Will Be The Next US President In 2020?


Donald Trump has been in the office for only one year, and people are already speculating about his successor. The challengers for the office in 2020 will be many, and we are here to discuss them. During the speech at the Golden Globes, even Oprah Winfrey put herself in the mix. She’s one of many people intrigued by presidential position. Other names include dedicated politicians. Many candidates believe that they have what it takes to replace Donald Trump. Here, you have a list of primary contenders.

2020 presidential election candidates:

9. Mike Pence


The current Vice President of the United States may not be the obvious choice for a Republican candidate in 2020, but his chances are actually quite good. In case Trump gets impeached (and the possibility grows larger every day), Pence will automatically become the President. He will then have to, for the rest of the term, persuade the rest of GOP to be their candidate. All things considered, Pence can very well find himself on the ballot in 2020. In case he changes his mind and resigns after his boss is impeached, the presidency will go to the next person on our list.

8. Paul Ryan


As Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Paul Ryan is second in the line of succession in case Donald Trump gets impeached. In order for Ryan to assume the office of the President of the United States, Mike Pence would have to resign. Although seemingly far-fetched, Ryan is a far more acceptable candidate for Republican Party come 2020 elections as a long-time serving member of Congress and established household name, especially compared to Pence, who is considered an outsider by many Republicans.

7. Bernie Sanders


In 2016, Sanders was one of Democrat candidates. He fell short that year, but his progressive views have many followers among people. Two years ago he lost to Hillary Clinton but continued his political work through his group Our Revolution. He’s dedicated to discussing health and education issues. His only downside is his age. In 2020 he will be 78, so if he runs for president, he will be the oldest person ever to do so.

Many of his supporters still feel that Bernie was cheated out of the nomination by the Democratic National Committee and that their support for Hillary Clinton was a mistake. Her defeat at the elections proved them right, at least when it comes to who would be a better candidate. According to Jeff Weaver, Bernie’s campaign manager in 2016, he still hasn’t decided if he will run again in 2020 but is strongly considering the option.

Source: www.itv.com

6. Joe Biden

Biden is former Vice President during the Barack Obama tenure in White House. As one of his greatest regrets in life, he states the decision not to run for office in 2016. He decided not to run due to death of his son Beau in 2015.

Former senator enjoys popularity and has been in the race in 1987 and 2007, losing on both occasions. Biden who was very critical of Hilary Clinton’s campaign will be 77 in two years.

Biden is viewed as one of the strongest candidates for the Democratic nomination in 2020. He has already started to position himself, but there are quite a few skeletons in his closet when it comes to his voting record in the Senate that could seriously dampen his chances. Most important is his sponsorship for the bankruptcy reform bill that made it harder for people to declare bankruptcy, something many in his party will never forgive him.

Source: www.itv.com

5. Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren is Senator from Massachusetts and is a fierce adversary of the current president. She will be the forerunner for Democrat candidate in 2020.

Signs that she will run for office are evident as she is already raising money for her campaign. At the moment she has $12.8 million to her name, which is much more than any other candidate. Same as Sanders she belongs to the left-wing populist.

Source: www.itv.com

4. Kirsten Gillibrand

A Senator from New York, Gillibrand is currently at the seat formerly occupied by Hilary Clinton. She gained broad support after advocating against gender impropriety. When the allegations of assault against Al Franken became public, Gillibrand was the first to call for his resignation. She also noted that former president Bill Clinton should have resigned when he was charged with the same.

If she gets to be the one to run against Donald Trump the campaign will be super exciting. Why? Well, Kirsten called for Trump’s resignation when he was charged with assault.

Source: www.itv.com

3. Kamala Harris

When she was elected as the Senator of California Kamala was only the second black woman to be elected to the body. She’s in the office for only one year but thanks to her involvement in health and immigration issues she’s being considered for president run.

If she runs for office, she will be the youngest candidate from this list. Kamala Harris also asked for Donald Trump to resign from the office after the harassment claims. She said that his resignation would be in the “best interests of the country.”

Source: www.itv.com

2. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

After an article from Washington Post claiming that The Rock could win the elections if he runs for the president went viral, the actor started to consider this option. He’s not a member of any party, and his political stance is unknown, but he stated that he would run for office out of his love for America: “I care deeply about our country, and I care deeply about our people – especially now. Decency matters and being a decent human being matters, and character matters, and leadership matters.”

Johnson works on a tight schedule, so his run in 2020 doesn’t seem likely. But, in 2024? Everything is possible.

Look also Celebrities That Are Interested In 2020 Presidential Run

Source: www.itv.com

1. Oprah Winfrey

Another non-political candidate is Oprah Winfrey. Just like the current president, she has no prior experience, but she is a philanthropist and is dedicated to all the right causes. What works against her is that she’s similarly to Donald Trump also an entertainer. Analysts believe that US public won’t be interested in another president of the same profile.

She is seriously considering launching a campaign, but this doesn’t concern the current president. During one interview at White House POTUS stated: “Yeah, I’ll beat Oprah. Oprah would be a lot of fun. I know her very well. I like Oprah. I don’t think she’s going to run.”

Source: www.itv.com

Will Trump run in 2020?