Swing Dancing: Why You Should Learn it

When choosing a hobby that suits your lifestyle, people tend to make beginner’s mistakes, right? We overestimate our time, energy, and will-power in the gym, or fitting a schedule for basketball with friends, etc. Relying on your past experience will not move you in the right direction at the moment. It will hold you back from new experiences you haven’t even considered. Your approach to this topic must be with an open mind and free of stereotypes, judgment, and stick rules. Remember, you aim to be positive and use your time out of the office for your pleasure. That is why we are talking about swing dancing and why you should learn it.


The majority of people tend to associate swing dancing with one kind of music represented in the 1920s and 1930s when the mentioned dance style made its name. Note that swing dancing is a combination of different styles of dancing like Lindy Hop, Balboa, East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Boogie-Woogie, Hustle, and many others.

The first thing I learned at swing dancing lessons is the variety of dancing styles it had to offer. Shaping your perspective and forming another side of you that, believe me, exists in everyone, swing dancing heals, and benefit people all over the globe. Here are some of the things that swing dancing offers to everyone who decides to try it.


Everyone in their life needs to improve their self-confidence to make more significant steps in professional and private life also. Learning a new skill boosts your self-esteem instantly. The changes in your appearance will be recognizable to anyone who knows you, even you will see the strength it will give you. Communicating with numerous people you meet will be ease because you will share your hopes, dreams, disappointments, and successes each class around. The transfer from the swing dance class to the office is almost unnoticeable, but you will know what gives you the wind in your back.

Restart Button

Swing dancing is a medicine to get out of my over-active head and office. Simple things should stay simple without the need for over-thinking the past and future, and just live the moment. Take a step out of your head and see that obligations, stress, and worries are all part of the life you live but have an option to be calm and satisfied with your free time.

Your mind-set requires a restart button to have when you enter the swing dance class, enjoying it every second, without hesitation and obligations in your way. Practicing your mindfulness while dancing will make you realize you now have an anti-stress action that helps you find your quiet place. Highly beneficial for persons under pressure on the workplace or in private life, swing dancing allows you to see options and channeling them accordingly.

You learn steps to make at swing dance class, but you evolve anticipating and creating your movement alone with time, as you will do in other parts of your life.  This is a liberating feeling to live the moment with music to lead the way for you. For more information, visit

Social Connection and Awareness

Another reason why swing dancing is so popular is that it allows you to express yourself accordingly and be understood. Swing dancing is not only about the movement of the body but with communicating with others, whether with body-language or verbally. If you have struggled to find to right words in social cycles and similar occasions, you will find this hobby more then helpful.

The crucial thing in this part is to know that when you enter a swing dance class, everyone there is your kind of people, and take it to step by step. It may sound good, but be sure it is much more to see, share, and connect your experience. The social awareness of others and you will be clear and will boost your performance on different social gatherings. The uncomfortable feeling when you meet someone new in person will be gone, and you will enjoy the whole process with others present in the class.

No Age Limit

One place where you can always feel young is in your heart. Swing dancing has no age limit for 7 to 77 people like to be involved in activities that make them feel as much alive as they can be.  If you have a much older or younger dance partner, no problem, it will be a matter of time you realize that fact. Your spirit and will-power will make way for you on the dance-floor, experiencing the dance-moves will be a memorable thing in anyone’s life.

Open Mind and Open Hands

The group of people that you will meet on a swing dance class already have a mind-set ready to greet accordingly. No matter your body shape, physical fitness, or appearance, the procedure is the same, you don’t have to stress about it. The atmosphere is absolutely fabulous when you were to compare it to the time spent in the gym. Probably you will find more consideration, understanding, and help then you thought in the first place. Just remember all the people there have been in your situation, and there are all here to be involved.

Exciting and Fun

The magnet for attending swing dance classes is because it is fun. Frankly speaking, when you hear the rhythm and see people around you dancing, enjoying themselves, you feel better already.

As a hobby, swing dancing brings a smile on anyone’s face, even if you are only watching. Learning new dance moves is exciting, and a bit sexy to know what you are doing. This might be the reason why men opt for it in the first place to impress when they need to. Fun and healthy to have an activity that makes you happy and benefits your body simultaneously.

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