Student Report on Global Warming 2023


Global warming is one of the most important issues we need to face during these times. Even though the 1970s was the first mention of this concept, humanity has not done a lot until a couple of years ago. And the reports say that things are getting more and more severe. It is now clear that human activities have triggered global warming, which is triggering climate change.

it may seem that this is a distant problem we have. But the effects are easily visible for a few years now. Hurricanes, wildfires, sea levels rising, the poles melting are just a few of the consequences of global warming. And the latest reports show that we failed to follow the goals set in the Paris Agreement, which will, in turn, lead to severe consequences. Let’s see what the student report on global warming 2023 is saying.

Losing Homes

One of the consequences of global warming that will be more and more visible is that people will start losing their homes. Those who are living in cities or communities near the sea will experience sea-level rise. The most affected communities are those living on islands that are already affected by climate change. But it is not only about the sea-level rise.

Global warming means that we will experience more and more heat waves. During the summer months, it will become increasingly difficult to go out during the day because the temperatures are slowly increasing. Even though many people say that a 1.5C warming is not that much, it is affecting the ecosystem and our health terribly.

These heat waves will lead to wildfires, which have become so common during the last years. We have seen wildfires in California, Australia, and Greece last year.

Adapting to Global Warming


Many scientists say that going back to how the world was before the industrial revolution that triggered global warming is not possible. Instead, we need to find ways to adapt to these climate changes and the consequences that come with them.

Global warming is something real, even though some people say it is a hoax. It’s a topic of interest in college too. Students who are getting an education might need to write a paper or essay on a global warming-related topic. You can get inspiration from A useful site and writing tool that helps students understand the topics of adaptation and mitigation of the consequences of global warming.

Irreversible Changes

Student report on global warming says that some changes are already irreversible. This might leave you hopeless that something will change very soon. But the planet needs each of us to do the best we can to save it. So, every small action matters and adds up to the greater good the planet is receiving. However, urging people to change their lifestyle does not mean that they will do it.

Change takes time, and unfortunately, we do not have so much at our disposal. Global warming has led to climate change. And this has come with terrible effects on the ecosystem. Coral reefs are already dying because the oceans have become too acidic. And we cannot recover corals. The same goes for many plant and animal species which are threatened with extinction.

Some of them have even gone extinct already. These are just a few of the irreversible changes. Which should motivate us to do what we can to save the species we still have and protect them.

Health Effects

Global warming is caused by the release of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. The more gasses we emit, the warmer the atmosphere will be. These greenhouse gasses are mainly released by human activities. Cars, airplanes, factories, and many more are constantly warming the atmosphere. The air, water, and soil are more and more polluted. Which, in turn, has effects on people’s health.

Some studies have found microplastics in people’s bodies and even in the mother’s placenta. The air is polluted which leads to health problems in many people. The Global Burden of Disease study has shown that about 4.5 million people prematurely died in 2019 solely due to outdoor air pollution. In India, schools are closing when the air is too polluted, so it seems that we still have a lot to work on.

Final Thoughts

The report on global warming does not come with good news. Every stat, fact, and result can make you feel hopeless, overwhelmed, and stressed. However, it is important to do everything you can to contribute less to global warming. These changes we are already seeing in weather and climate are affecting people’s lives and health. And on top of this, they put a toll on the health of ecosystems and biodiversity too.