Spaniard Walks Fish in Order to Avoid Coronavirus Preventive Measures!

While the whole world faces the Covid-19 pandemic, Spain is one of the countries in which the novel coronavirus crisis was the most dangerous. However, Spaniards have come up with an unordinary way in which they can get out of their homes, despite the police warnings.

According to CNN, on Friday, a photo of a man getting a fine because he took out his fish for walk was posted on the Twitter account of the Spanish National Police.

The photo shows police officers and a man, together with his fish in a bowl. The man was punished because he had violated the government’s orders.

This unordinary event occurred in Logroño, a town in northern Spain. However, it is not the only case of Spaniards trying to go outside in this way.

On March 25th, in Lanzarote a man was spotted walking a hen, while on March 16th one man was walking a dog toy.

The Spanish Police warned the citizens not to try to deceive the police officers, and to stay at their homes until the coronavirus crisis is over.

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