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SOVREN Receives $1,150,000 Funding To Launch Regulated Blockchain Securities Platform


On Friday 7th of December, Sovren announced that, led by Chaintechplc (a blockchain fund) they have raised $1,150,000 through a Seed funding round.

What is Sovren?

Sovren is a London based startup company that is building a challenger platform. Platform’s function is capital funds raising for Enterprises on Blockchain and AI technologies. Through this app, you can access to anyone, wherever they live in the world, you can trade, 24/7. Sovren gives access to billions of untouched Stock Exchanged wealth. This way, it also eliminates “the middleman” and financial structures that interfere with the listing of securities. Sovren also gives equity issuance control to companies through smart contract technologies. This app allows you to buy and sell stocks and Tokens. Use Sovren E-Wallet to pay wherever you find yourself. Without liquidating your investments, you can borrow money against your portfolio. And finally, with emotionally intelligent Va Zova, you can trade with confidence.


“Our mission is to make the trillion dollars of illiquid assets, liquid and available to the global trading market. Blockchain and AI technologies will streamline fund raising and investment businesses that to date have seen very slow progress for innovation, specifically when it comes to making use of the best technologies to make investment more accessible to a global audience to build and create wealth. “ said Avijeet Jayashekhar, founder and CEO of Sovren.

“My main motivation for launching Sovren was driven out of the fact that I have always felt investment and wealth building was an exclusive market controlled by the few. I entered the Blockchain space as I felt it will break this mould, for the first time wealth was being built by global communities of investors, investing in projects they believed in, not controlled and distributed by the few “ said Wynand de Jager, founder and CTO of Sovren.

Through Blockchain based mobile app, stocks and STOs, Sovrens goal is to produce a secondary Security Token market so that you can trade safely and securely.

Sovren founders are happy to announce the next step in their continued growth. They hope that, by appointing Mr. Peter Kudera as a new member of the board, who had a long and successful career as a businessman (and in Blockchain), with his plethora of experience in business, will help Sovren with their ambitious aim becoming a reality. On what Peter Kudera added, that the global market is ready for the beginning of a new financial evolution era. “It empowers business owners to raise funds through innovative regulated products other than just traditional equity or debt issuance”. Then adds how traditional Stock exchanges will be shacked by fund raising, trough fractional ownership of security assets. Mr. Kudera is looking forward to working with Sovren, and being part of their mission to regulate digital markets.

In the near future, Sovren will be raising another $2 million. They hope it will close present investment round and increase the business growth. With that kind of funding, mainstream investors will have accessible financing and investment with the full suite of products.

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