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Some things you need to consider before you buy an electric car

In the world, there are currently the most vehicles powered by a petrol or diesel engine. However, in recent years, vehicles powered by batteries have become popular. Indeed, such vehicles require fewer maintenance costs.

There are some other advantages of electric vehicles, and perhaps the biggest advantage is that this type of vehicle does not pollute the environment. That is why the ultimate goal is that everyone in the coming decades will change vehicles with an internal combustion engine with these, more acceptable ones.

However, before you take the step and decide to buy an electric vehicle, you have to consider some of the things that are very important. We have decided to present to you some of these factors, which you have to think about it in order to not have problems later. So, if you’re ready, let’s start.

1. What is the operating range of your vehicle?

This is certainly one of the most important things you need to consider whether you are buying a used or new electric vehicle. With a new car of this type, there will likely be no problems unless you need a large operating range. Electrically driven cars that have been manufactured in the last couple of years have a minimum range of 200 miles or even more. However, the problem arises when you buy a vehicle that is older because such vehicles have an operating range that is less than 100 miles.

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Of course, the consumption depends on the conditions you are driving (city or highway driving), as well as from outside conditions such as temperature. In addition, the range will also depend on the use of devices such as a heater and air condition. Therefore, before purchasing, you must carefully assess whether such a vehicle really meets all your needs.

2. Will an electric vehicle meet other needs?

First of all, we are talking about driving comfort, both for you and your family. Some of the usual activities are weekly shopping or a trip with family or friends. Therefore, it is essential that in these situations you have enough space inside the vehicle to make the drive comfortable. Simply, you have to think carefully before buying in order to make the right choice. Perhaps the best solution in this situation would be to schedule a test drive and, in this way, check the compatibility of the vehicle with your needs.

3. Is it a better solution to buy or lease an electric vehicle?

According to some studies that have been done, nearly 80 percent of all electric vehicles have been leased. First of all, the advantage of leased cars is that the costs are lower than in other ways of financing. In addition, we have to say that with car dealers, we usually find some favorable offers that involve quite a lower cost. On the other hand, when your contract expires, you may encounter some problems, such as, for example, additional costs if you have exceeded the mileage previously defined or if you did not return the vehicle in its original condition.

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4. Ways to recharge the batteries

Another very important factor that can influence your decision to buy an electric vehicle is the distance from the nearest battery charger for your car. If you do not have one like this in your area, there are other ways to recharge your vehicle. The first is to connect your vehicle to a 110-volt outlet in your home. However, this mode is very long lasting, and for a full recharge of batteries you will need from 8 to 24 hours. This method is called Level 1 charging. The second, better way, is to install a 240-volt outlet along with expert assistance and of course with respect to all regulations and laws, and in this way, you will have Level 2 charging that will allow your car battery to be recharged in only 4 hours.

5. Is there an electric car charger nearby?

So, as we mentioned in the previous section, it is very important that you have a public charger station in the surrounding area. Of course, if you have to drive far and cross the big mileage, it is certain that you will need some extra charge of batteries, so the coverage of public chargers is a very important thing to consider. These devices will usually be found on the parking lots or in public garages. One of the most famous electric car manufacturers, Tesla Motors, have their own charging network. Their devices are called Superchargers. Also, there are devices that offer the option of DC Fast Charging and can recharge the battery of your car for an hour.

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To find out more about the locations of such chargers, there are sites and applications for smartphones such as,, EVgo, and ChargePoint. In addition to the exact location of the device, you can find out if there is a type of charging that you need and whether it’s available for use.

6. What are the benefits offered by the state in the case of buying an electric vehicle?

Due to its very favorable impact on the environment, many tax benefits can be found in many countries in case you decide to buy a vehicle of this type. For example, the federal government in the United States provides the owner of an electric vehicle with one-time financial assistance of $7,500. In the event that you decide to lease, there are also benefits that are related to monthly expenses. Also, manufacturers of this type of vehicle as well as plug-in hybrids, have some privileges.

For example, Tesla Motors has reached the number of 200,000 electric vehicles sold, which is why the tax has been reduced to $3,750. In addition, an additional reduction of $1,875 is expected after 1 July this year, and the reduction period will end on December 31. As well as Tesla Motors, General Motors has also reached this number of 200,000 vehicles and the convenience of purchasing Chevrolet Volt and Bolt will begin to phase out after April 1.

In addition to the United States, other countries have their own incentive programs for the purchase of electric cars. Some countries even give preference when installing a charging unit in your home. To find out all the benefits that you will get by purchasing an electric car, we suggest you visit the official Internet portal of your country and see all the benefits and discounts.

7. Do you need to worry about an electric car battery?

Certainly, the batteries on your electric vehicle are parts that you will once have to replace. However, there are certain provisions that allow you to have a rather long warranty period on a battery pack. This period usually lasts eight years or 100,000 miles. Hyundai has gone a step further and for its model called Kona Electric, it provides users with lifetime coverage. On the other hand, we have manufacturers such as Tesla, Chevrolet, BMW, Nissan and Volkswagen who will change your battery pack in case the capacity drops to 60% -70%. Of course, it is assumed that the vehicle must be in the warranty period.

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In any case, we must mention that replacing this part on your electric car is not cheap at all. If you need to do this, it will cost you from $5,000 up to $15,000, of course, depending on the manufacturer and model. However, if you take care of your car and keep the batteries in the right way, we believe that you will not have the need for such actions.

8. Electric vehicle insurance

Another important thing to consider before buying an electric car is the cost of insurance. Unlike vehicles with an internal combustion engine, electric vehicles have up to 21% higher insurance costs. This big difference is primarily because the spare parts for this type of vehicle are more expensive, and we primarily mean the previously mentioned battery packs. Also, in the event of a traffic accident, car repair is more expensive, and this additionally affects the price.