Some of the most beautiful and popular flowers in Spain 

Once you’re in Spain, there are numerous stunning fields of gorgeous flowers you can see. The streets and buildings can be equally spectacular as in Spain they adore beautiful flowers and they tend to put them everywhere. Flowers are highly important to the Spanish culture and they often use them to express their feelings, emotions and send messages. Many of them have vibrant colors and intoxicating fragrance all of which makes them so attractive and paints a colorful picture of Spain.

The country’s official flower is pomegranate. It is mentioned countless times in literature and can often be found in numerous art pieces. This is the most important flower in Spanish history. The blooms are delicate and colored in light red and white and they look as stunning as Spanish literature portrays them. This flower symbolizes mature elegance. The Spanish word for pomegranate is Grenada which is also the name of a very important city in Spain. The city is full of pomegranates and it looks and smells fantastic.

Red carnations also have a special place in the hearts of people of Spain. It symbolizes passion and love. It’s also a religious symbol and is known as “The flower of God.” These flowers grow in many different colors but the red ones are most loved in Spain. You can go here to read and learn more about how you should combine these flowers in a bouquet.

Gazania flowers are stunning, yellow and orange flowers with long petals spreading wide form the center. They are found in sunny and dry regions of Spain and the fields of these flowers make for a truly spectacular view. They are most often seen in Oliva Nova in Valencia.

Valencia rose is another beautiful flower that you can see in Spain and even though it looks quite similar to a regular rose, it carries its own unique beauty. They can be red, pale orange, and sometimes yellow. Valencia rose is a symbol of love and appreciation and it’s often gifted to loved ones. Spain has the perfect climate for the growth of these flowers and they thrive there.

Orchids, my personal favorites, are a symbol of beauty and uniqueness. They have an intriguing appearance and they come in numerous different colors. Many wild varieties are found in Spain and there are orchid tours across the country that lead you to explore the different species of orchids. The most popular species are found in Andalucia and they include the Giant Orchid and the Butterfly Orchid.

Alstroemeria flowers also come in many different colors and are quite common around Spain. However, they have no fragrance. These delicate flowers symbolize friendship and devotion. They are typically very brightly colored and as such, they can bring light to any room and smile to every face.

Spanish Bluebells are native to Spain and they have wonderful blue, pink, or white, bell-shaped blooms. They are quite low maintenance as they are able to grow in almost any kind of soil and in shade. Their beauty and resilience make them a perfect gift for any occasion.

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