Some Easy Ways for Photographers to Create Backup


As a photographer you need to work on several different versions of shots at a time. There is a possibility of losing your photos due to accidental deletion or hard drive crash. To prevent your hard work to get lost quickly, there are a few reliable ways that would help in restoring your lost photos easily.

Store your data on multiple devices

One of the main ways to ensure safe file storage practices is “redundancy”. Get your files stored on multiple devices. This can be a CD, tape, etc.

Use of external hard drive as a backup plan

Your data is getting stored in the internal hard drive of your computer system. You can use one external hard drive with reasonable speed to take back up of your data. So, if in any case, any data loss happens, then this second slower external hard drive can be used for recovery.

Get assistance of file recovery software

To back up an entire hard drive, optical and logical discs, creation of a disk image is considered to be a highly secure, efficient and reliable method. R-Drive Image uses a commercial patented format with “.arc extension”. This image is a precise replication of a CD, drive, DVD and all other media types. Depending on the type of settings chosen by you, disk images can get saved with file extension such as .cdr, .img,.iso, .dmg, and others.

Unlike other programs that consider disk images to be a source material for system backup R-Drive Image enables you to load a “.arc” file in the form of a virtual disk. It then lets you copy files using it without following a lengthy system restoration procedure. Thus, this disk image helps to easily form disk images, replica systems using a disk image. It can be later used to access data from the disk image.

How does disk image help in system restore after a crash?

There is several other software that performs different working and functions. Anti-virus software will either stop, protect and remove the computer system from different types of virus attacks. The password recovery assistance aids in restoring the lost and forgotten passwords of the email id that got stored in the system. In the same way, disk image is a credible means to recover back your lost data. It is done by scanning the hard drive.

A disk image has the ability to fully restore a system post a crash, virus attack or system failure. These images are helpful to deploy several computers or workstations with the same settings. Instead of configuring different computers turn by turn, you can easily establish one system that has the desired settings. Now an image will be created from the system disk and later deployed it to the different systems. Disk images are a beneficial alternative to physical CDs or DVDs that enables developers to share installation disks through the Internet.

Online Storage Solutions

Cloud based storage systems give you an ability to store and access huge amount of data at one place easily.  This is one of the most affordable, quick and reliable strategies for all sizes of businesses.


Back up is an essential utility that must be performed by every business. All these strategies are most effective when it comes to backing up of the business data.