Finding The Best Social Proof Software 2021 To Boost Conversion Rates


As a business owner, your prime concern is to make the most of your resources. One of the major expenses is marketing, a way that helps you connect with your target audience and sell products. However, spending money and not getting the expected outcome is disheartening. In this article, we will talk about how to improve conversion rates by using different methods like the best social proof software and third-party influence.

What is a Conversion Rate?


In simple words, a conversion rate is the percentage of visitors that took the desired action on your website. The higher the conversion rate, the more the products that you will sell. To increase the conversion rate, you have to match the right customer with the right product at the right time and place. Different things matter for different customers.

If customer A likes a modern, contemporary design, customer B will be more interested in the refund and warranty policy. As a business owner and seller, you have to ensure that you meet multiple demands at the same time to maximize the output.

Here are three ways to increase your website’s conversion rate:

1. A/B testing

Build two websites, one of which will be the control and the other one will be the experiment. Show these websites randomly to your visitors and record which website gets a better conversion rate. The website that persons is the one that you keep and continue showing to your visitors. If you feel the results aren’t desirable, keep making big and small changes until you find a design that works.

2.Clear and direct instructions

You don’t need to use flattering words to woo your visitors. Potential customers no more fall to those marketing gimmicks. Instead, focus on promoting yourself as an authentic and credible brand that supports different causes. Use action verbs to attract buyers and create value among them.

3.Build visitor trust

When you meet someone, the person doesn’t trust you immediately. The two of you start trusting each other gradually. It is the same with a website and a potential buyer, but you have very limited time to impress and gain their trust. Use true customer reviews, testimonials, case studies, and research to build trust. If the customer is impressed with the quality, they will surely return for more purchase. Social proofing is an effective part of the trust building process. Head over to the next section to know more.

 build visitor trust

What is social proof software?

Social proof

Social proof is a psychological practice to make website visitors mimic the behavior of the earlier customers to achieve the end goals, which is selling the product or service. It is aimed at creating positive connections between the visitors and your brand.

use social proof


Social proof software

A social proof software is nothing but a tool that shows recent customer activity on your website to the visitors to encourage them to replicate their actions. There are multiple ways you can reach to your target audience by using social proofing. Let’s take a look at two ways it can help your business grow:

1.Trust builder

According to a survey, visitors are 12x more likely to purchase your product when they read a peer review. That’s a huge increase compared to businesses who don’t pay much attention to reviews and testimonials.

2.Brand Reputation

Social proofing is all about showing how good your brand is. You highlight the most positive parts of the business, including the reviews, certifications, awards, and celebrity testimonials to build a strong brand reputation.

Different ways you can use the Best social proof software 2019


1.Build a comments community

If you are selling a service or a subscription package, you might want to allow customers to comment in the comment section. They can ask each other questions and give information. New visitors will go through the comments and develop an impression about your offering. If there is some technical question, make sure to answer it as soon as possible.

2.Product and customer service reviews

Put product and customer service reviews as pop-ups on the home page and other landing pages. Use it as a reinforcement to motivate visitors to read them, check the products they purchased, and then buy it themselves. Trust Activity is exactly the software you need to try this method.

3.Product statistics

Mention how many products you sold during the day. If you have a hotel booking website, keep mentioning every time someone books a hotel or the number of rooms left for the day of booking.

4.Names of celebrities, experts, and companies that use your products

If there are any celebrities, experts, or companies that use your products, put their photo and name along with a small review from them. The visitors will surely follow up.

celebrity endorsement


5.Social media mentions

Commonly seen on clothing websites, displaying social media mentions is a strong way to show customers how their products look. Put this section in the middle or the end of the page and keep it dynamic. You can use this technique for all types of eCommerce stores.

Top three social proof software


A mainstream choice among small and big businesses alike, UseProof is a complete package. It offers a series of features including A/B testing, live visitor count, recent activity, custom rules and timings, language translation, and customer journeys. You can also try the Fomo software, which is very similar to UseProof.


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Taggstar is a bit different from UseProof as it uses crowd influence to improve your website’s conversion rates. The software offers different ways of messaging, which include review, scarcity, trending, urgency, and authority among others. It is a fully responsive software that comes equipped with JavaScript integration.

taggstar software


3.Trust Activity

Another favorite of ours is Trust Activity, the latest entry in the social proofing world. With an assurance that it will improve conversion rates by 200 percent, the software offers multiple affordable monthly packages to choose from. It has a 24 hours customer care, who are more than ready to help out. You can display non-real user activity using Trust Activity. Also, when you refer to your entrepreneur friends, you will get a 20 percent discount for every referral.

trust activity


Draw your new marketing plan today and achieve those business goals you have been dreaming of.

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