Snowmobiles 101 – 2021 Guide

Many people like taking their snowmobiles out as soon as the first storm hits their area because they want to start enjoying the winter season. If this is your first time trying out a snowmobile, you probably have a lot of questions. Maybe you are wondering if there is any required paperwork or where is the best place to buy the ideal gear. But one question that the majority of people never ask is how much snow do you need to drive a snowmobile.

Believe it or not, if you want to make the most out of your snowmobile, you need a certain amount of snow. This is not an activity such as sledding in which you only quire 1-2 inches of snow to have fun. In this case, we are talking about a snowmobile with a heavy track and skis in the front. What happens when you don’t have enough snow is that you can damage it, which means no more driving.

Because we don’t want you to break your brand-new snowmobile or get hurt while you are using it, we are going to tell you how much snow is required to snowmobile. Keep in mind that you should at least be 12 years old to drive this vehicle. In case you are younger, we advise parents to help their children figure out how to use a snowmobile to prevent any accidents.

Which elements determine how much snow you will need?

This is an important question because when people wonder how much snow is needed to snowmobile, most of them never consider that depending on certain factors, the snow requirement is going to change.

The three main elements you need to consider before taking your snowmobile out for a ride are the surface area of your tracks, the weight and the snow consistency. Below, we are going to take a look at each of them.

Snowmobile tracks

There are different kinds of snowmobiles you can find in the stores, and depending on which one you purchase, they will need a certain amount of snow. When you start looking at the different models, you should check the back, specifically the tracks.

Now, if you live in the north or in maybe even in Alaska, you need a wide track that gives you grip and can dig easily, avoiding that you get stuck. These are easier to use in terrains where there is a great amount of snow and unpredictable conditions.

However, if you live in the city and you only like to travel north to enjoy this activity, you might want a smaller track. This kind of snowmobile will be perfect to drive in 4 to 7 inches of snow, which is what you will find in most recreational tracks.

Keep in mind that even when you are being careful, a snowmobile is a big vehicle that can get out of your control in an unfortunate case. That’s why once you buy your snowmobile, it is crucial that you purchase insurance. Read here to find out more about the type of coverage you will need for your snowmobile in Ontario.

Weight of the snowmobile

‘How much snow do you need to snowmobile’ has a lot to do with the weight of your vehicle. As will happen with any other vehicle in the market, snowmobiles come in different weights depending on who will use them and in which terrain you are planning to drive. For instance, the snowmobiles for children are smaller than the ones an adult will require. In the same way, one will be heavier than the other.

When it comes to the weight of your snowmobile, you want to also think about where you want to drive it. If you only have access to snowmobile trails near your home, you might want to consider having a rather light vehicle. This is because most trails usually are open when they have between four to seven inches of snow, which is the amount your lightweight snowmobile can handle.

In case you live in the northern provinces of Canada, chances are you get heavy snow every winter. This means you can have a heavy snowmobile capable of digging from six to seven inches of snow. Remember that even though snowmobiles have a good grip during winter, they are not recommended for deep snow.

Snow Consistency

If you ask anybody how much snow do you need to drive a snowmobile, some people will tell you that the answer depends on the snow conditions. Well, they are not wrong. Apart from the other two factors that we mentioned above, snow consistency also plays a role in creating the ideal scenario to drive your snowmobile.

In this regard, you can find two types of snow. First, there is powdery snow, which you can recognize from the fluffy aspect of the flakes. In this condition, the snowmobile should have a large track and heavy sleds.

However, you can also find icy areas, where it is easier to sled over the snow. That’s why you won’t need a big track to dig deep, and lightweight sleds will do the rest.

How much snow do you need to snowmobile?

Snowmobiling is an activity that everyone likes to enjoy during the wintertime, but if you want to have a pleasant experience, you need to know how much snow is needed to snowmobile.

Many people consider that only one inch of snow will be enough to take the vehicle out for a ride, but others say that driving in those conditions will damage your gear. To be safe, we believe it is better to have six to seven inches of snow, which is the amount you will find on trails. These few deep inches will allow more security while you are driving.

If you are a first-time driver, four to seven inches of snow will give your snowmobile enough space so it doesn’t touch the ground. Also driving on this type of terrain will be easier.

Now that you know how much snow to snowmobile you should have, you can have fun with your friends all winter long.