Why sending an SMS reminder is the best marketing strategy to keep customers!


If you’re stressing out about keeping customers coming back to your business, then you need to come up with the best outreach methods that show customers you are engaged with them and you value their ideas. By keeping customers in the loop, asking for feedback, and providing the clients with a platform to speak with you, you can increase the likelihood that they will stay with your business for the long haul. To improve customer retention rates – and boost customer satisfaction levels – you need to find out how to effectively communicate with your ideal clientele.

But who can do this? What is the best marketing strategy to reach out to your target market and avoid bothering them in the process? If you have tried cold calling your customers for months and months – but you have very little success – this can be because you are bugging them during their workday. Maybe you have even sent letters in the mail – and nothing is working.

What do you do now? Trying a new outreach method is key to being able to contact your clientele without bothering them in the process. Click here to see why sending an SMS reminder is the best marketing tool that you can use to keep customers, ask for their opinion, and gain valuable insights into your target market.

8 Benefits of using SMS reminders of your business!

First, what is an appointment SMS reminder and why is it helpful? Will it boost my outreach? In short, yes! Using SMS reminders is the best way that you can simply remind someone about an appointment that is coming up, a deal that they should be interested in, or another time-sensitive matter. If you are using the SMS reminders for appointments for your service – such as a hospital, hair salon, or personal training appointment – you can use the SMS reminders to help reduce no-shows by as much as 50%!

In addition, studies have shown that using an SMS reminder for their business is very effective in preventing missed, or cancelled appointments. Not only do forgotten appointments cost the business time and money, but employees can be frustrated by the lack of communication. Avoid this frustration by using an SMS reminder to reduce the number of no-shows.

Send automatically

One of the benefits of using an SMS reminder for business they can send automatically – avoid your employers from doing all of the hard work and crafting individual SMS texts during their precious work hours by using an automated service. Instead of having your employees focus on menial tasks like this, they can focus on what they’re good at! Avoid wasting time by setting up a simple automatic SMS reminder service for your business. You can do this to remind clients of appointments, reduce no-show rates, and free up your staff during the workday. Click here for more information on automated text messages and how they work.

Almost everyone reads their text messages

The next benefit of using an SMS reminder for your business is that almost every single person who has a mobile phone will check their text message at some point throughout the day! Studies have shown that nearly 75% of Americans check their phone over 150 times per day – that is multiple times per hour! If you want to have your message seen and avoid no-shows, using the SMS reminder is the best way that you can increase open rates and have the highest chance of your message being seen and read.

Instant sending

The next benefit of using an SMS reminder for your business is that the communication between you and your client is instant – you do not have to wait for minutes for the email to send or wait for someone to check their voicemail. Instead, the SMS reminder is sent instantly – this means that there’s a higher chance that someone will see it during the time-sensitive period.

They are not annoying!

Unlike other contact methods – such as calling someone over and over again, sending lengthy emails, and sending letters by mail – sending text messages are not invasive in someone’s time. If you want to avoid annoying someone while you try to contact them with important info, sending an SMS reminder is the way to go.


The next benefit of using an SMS reminder for your business to reduce no-shows and missed appointments is that this messaging service is very accurate. Unlike other methods which are subject to error and miscommunications, you will find that automatic text messages contain only the most basic information – meaning it is very unlikely they will be misunderstood or misinterpreted for example, you can simply send the appointment reminder time to someone’s phone with the most basic information to avoid any confusion.

Add to your iPhone calendar or Google calendar

The next reason you should use an SMS reminder for your business is that the client can easily add this appointment to their iCal or their Google calendar on their phone or computer. This way, it will automatically show up on their daily to-do tasks and they do not have to manually input it into their busy calendar workday.

Guaranteed delivery

Along with being delivered almost instantly, you will find that an SMS reminder has almost a certain delivery. If you know that you have the mobile number written down and stored correctly, then you are almost guaranteed a 100% chance that your SMS reminder will be delivered to another person’s phone.

Private communication

Unlike a phone call to a voicemail where someone can hear the voice on the other end, the SMS reminder like the one from is private and sensitive. If you have an appointment at a doctor‘s office, then having an SMS reminder is private, confidential, and does not say anything over the phone where someone can overhear.


If you’re trying to find out the best outreach method to avoid no-shows, missed meetings, and wasted employee time, why not try SMS reminders for your company? This way, you can benefit from the time-sensitive nature, easy communication, improved productivity, and ease of use! Try using an SMS reminder in the future to help your business benefit from this easy-to-use outreach method.

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