Smart Forest Planned for Cancun, All Inclusive Resorts to Benefit

Last week renowned architect and urban planner, Stafano Boeri, released news of his latest project: Mexico’s first ‘Smart Forest City”. Real estate developers, Grupo Karim commissioned the project that will be the first of its kind in North America.

For those who don’t know what a smart forest city, it is a new kind of urban planning that prioritizes environmental sustainability. What does one look like? Well, they are very green. All buildings are completely covered with thousands of plants from hundreds of different species. This ensures that the city ‘gives back’ to nature. In this particular project, Boeri estimates that nearly 160,000 tons of carbon dioxide will be absorbed by the plants.

Designed for a 557 hectare area just outside of Cancun, the project will likely spark additional tourism and interest in the region. The best all inclusive resorts in cancun for families will definitely gain from the extra publicity and foot traffic from this amazing new attraction. For more information about the project, click here

Stefano Boeri: The right man for the project

This is not the first forest city that Stefano Boeri has designed. In fact, his architecture studio ‘Stefano Boeri Architetti’ was the first to do it. Located in Milan, Boeri’s first vertical forest structure won several distinguished awards in architecture and design. It also paved the way for other green urban planning initiatives.

In addition to his technical expertise, Boeri also has the heart for this work. He is a passionate advocate in the fight against climate change, and he believes that architecture and design can be part of the solution.

Speaking in an interview with Arch Daily, Boeri has said previously, “Cities have the potential to become protagonists of a radical change”.

Never afraid to share his thoughts and insights on biodiversity in design, Boeri is often a guest lecturer at top universities like Harvard. He also gives keynote speeches at conferences worldwide. Mexico’s culture will definitely benefit from having a local project completed by such a distinguished architect.

The best all inclusive resorts in cancun for families will gain from new visitors

The Yucatán Peninsula is already a prime tourist destination and boasts some of the best all inclusive resorts in cancun for families. Just off the coast of the Caribbean Sea, its beaches and natural surroundings are truly breathtaking.

If planners follow through with the project, local businesses will definitely boom. A project of that scale will likely attract thousands of tourists from all over the world. And they will all need a place to stay. Within the smart forest city, there are also plans for research buildings and conference centers to be built. This will raise the profile of the area and attract global events in science and innovation.

It is only a matter of time until local hotels, restaurants, and bars start to see more academics and scientists among their thousands of yearly spring break vacationers.

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