Simple Ways To Surprise Your Soul Mate


The best way to surprise someone you care about is by giving them something they’ve been talking about for days or by taking them somewhere they mentioned they would love to go.
A small sign of affection here and there is what keeps the relationship and marriage alive and interesting.

Even though you might not feel that buying a piece of hers or his chocolate is all that important, it’s a fact that you’ve been thinking about your loved one that counts and puts a smile on their face. Even those presents that were bought for “no reason” are bought for a reason – a proof that you think about your significant other.
That’s the spark that every relationship needs to keep it fresh and romantic.


Typical reasons people decide not to surprise the other person, after all, are lack of time and/or creativity. Most of us are under a lot of daily stress and don’t devote much time to details like surprises or buying presents. There are, however, many ways to surprise someone that won’t take up that much of your time.

Simply picking up someone from work with a piece of their favorite chocolate or a flower will usually be enough to put a huge smile on their face.
Make your partner breakfast in bed and add a love letter. What better way to start a day? That will keep them smiling throughout the day.

Put a little love note in their bag. They will find it when they’re at work at it will brighten their day. It can include a love quote or a reason why you think they’re amazing.

If you have a hard time thinking of something cute and romantic yourself, there are a bunch of love quotes to choose from online. Depending on who you’re writing to, you can find love quotes for her and him.
Pack a picnic with your partner’s favorite food and eat and sleep outside. Sleeping in a tent under the stars is romantic and will be a change of scenery everyone needs from time to time.

Candles. Candles everywhere. It’s never old or played out. Dinner or a bubble bath with wine and candles is something everyone enjoys, and it might lead to something even more exciting. You can write a bunch of cute love quotes on sticky notes and place them all over the bathroom or the kitchen.
Do something you hate doing, but you know your partner enjoys.
It will show them how much you care, and it’s almost certain that they will do the same for you!

You can change the wallpaper of your partner’s laptop with cute wallpapers with a love quote. They will be reminded of you every time they open a laptop.
Do something adventurous together. It can be zip-lining, indoor skydiving or anything else that you might have talked about doing, but never really had the time.

In case you have a bit more free time, some hand-made gifts can make for a beautiful surprise. Photo album with your favorite photos from the trip you took, a small drawing (if the drawing is your thing), a short love letter in which you can list all the things you love about your soul mate or a pack of love coupons.