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Should You Buy Used Auto Parts From Scrap Yards

Car parts can get worn out and in need of a replacement, every now and then. But as you know, car parts can come at a pretty high cost, so buyers usually turn their attention towards other means of acquiring them.

One of the most popular ways to acquire the part you need is to buy them directly from a scrapyard.

Scrap yards are places where broken or busted cars die. Scrap yards usually buy off cars that are no longer in function so they can sell their parts to people in need.

So, that begs the question. Should you buy used auto parts from scrap yards? The answer will surprise you but before that, we are going to explain a few things.

A Word of Advice

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Buying used parts is always a gamble. This is mainly due to the fact that you have no assurance of how long the part will last, in which condition it is, or if it actually works properly.

And while buying used auto parts do come at a much lower cost, the risks are much higher. So before we get into the whole scrapyard thing, let’s discuss a little more about the things you should know regarding used auto parts.

1. Know Your Needs

Before heading out to the scrapyard in search of a particular part, you should know exactly why you need it for. The best way for you to cover this whole situation is to take the old part along with you. This way, you can make a definitive comparison of the size of the part, and whether it can fit in your vehicle or not.

Bur furthermore, used auto parts are mostly sold without the option of returning it if the parts don’t match, so you’ll be saving a lot of money this way.

2. Ask A Lot of Questions

One of the most frustrating things when negotiating with a used auto parts counter is not wanting to look like a total newbie. However, this is a mistake that every macho guy does, and you should stop doing it.

It shouldn’t concern you if you look like you have no idea what you’re talking about; don’t worry these guys deal with people like you every single day.

Scrap yards do business with a lot of people, and most of them are mechanics in need of spare parts. So, to put your mind at ease and not make a mistake, you should ask a lot of questions and don’t feel bad about it.

3. Make Sure You Can Return the Part

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We mentioned earlier that most scrap yards don’t offer a return on a particular part. But, a simple friendly conversation could make a lot of difference when negotiating.

For example, in South Africa, the majority of people are purchasing the necessary car parts from scrap yards. And as a matter of fact, South Africa has hundreds of scrap yards doing business with the people. Because of that, South African scrap yards have a return policy in play, where you can return a specific part and have it replaced if it doesn’t match or turn out to be faulty.

If you’re interested in doing business with professionals who offer a return policy on most used auto parts, then we suggest you visit this website. Not only that, but there are Audi spares to be found as well!

4. Make Sure that a Used Part Will Make the Difference

And now on to the final talking part and the one that concerns you the most.

Namely, not always will a used part do the job. In some cases, the part in question needs to be new, otherwise, it will not function properly.

This isn’t an issue when buying used tail lights, motor mounts, etc. In these cases, buying them straight from the scrap yard is the best and most cost-effective way to do it.

The parts that you should definitely avoid buying from the scrap yard, are parts such as brake rotors, alternators, and starters. These parts tend to wear down through time and are always advised to be purchased new.

Why you Should Buy Parts from Scrap Yards


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The most obvious pro when it comes to buying from scrap yards is the fact that you’ll save a lot of money.

Like we mentioned, scrap yards buy old and broken down cars for a cheap price and resell the parts that could be salvaged. The entire industry operates on the concept of selling on the cheap since there isn’t much guarantee that a specific part will work as intended.

But as we mentioned, you shouldn’t buy specific parts from scrap yards, or from anywhere, if the part is susceptible to the effects of time.

In all other cases, buying used parts from scrap yards is the most cost-effective way to do it.

It’s a Green Decision

The manufacturing of new parts takes a huge toll on the Earth. From having to use resources to fuel the machinery, to resources for the parts themselves, it’s not a very ecological process.

Buying from scrap yards, on the other hand, involves no manufacturing what so ever. Sure, a few screws might be added, but that’s not something that makes the environment suffer.

Furthermore, by buying from scrap yards you are effectively reducing the waste in that specific scrap yard. This not only impacts the environment positively, but it also promotes recycling.

Scrap Yards Come With Reputation

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Contrary to popular beliefs, scrap yards aren’t the places that scam you for your money. As a matter of fact, buying used parts from a scrap yard is considered safer than buying new, if we compare the costs. Sure, a new part is new and will work regardless, but no scrap yard will scam you for your money.

And to add to the fact that they sell you parts extremely cheap, it’s a risk worth taking.

Another Word of Advice

We mentioned countless times in this article, and we will mention it for the last time. Never buy parts that are susceptible to the effects of time. Never buy used parts that directly impact your safety on the road.

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