Shailene Woodley Used To Be In An Open Relationship

The actress Shailene Woodley is currently promoting her new movie, Endings, Beginnings. She stars Jamie Dornan in it.

In her recent interview with The New York Times, Shailene discussed many topics, including her experience of being in an open relationship. Woodley revealed, ‘Listen, I’m someone who has experienced both an open relationship and a deeply monogamous relationship in my life, and I think we’re in a day and age where there should be no rules except for the ones designed by two people in a partnership—or three people, whatever floats your boat!’

She then continued, ‘But there has to be a level of responsibility in any relationship dynamic, and that responsibility is simply honesty and communication and trust. Apart from that, it’s really none of our business what people choose to do with their lives.’

She also discussed undergoing many health issues early in her career. Woodley said to the publication, ‘I haven’t spoken much about this yet publicly, and I will one day, but I was very, very sick in my early 20s. While I was doing the Divergent movies and working hard, I also was struggling with a deeply personal, very scary physical situation.’

Shailene revealed, ‘I said no to a lot of opportunities because I needed to get better, and those jobs ended up going to peers of mine who I love. They went on to a lot of success… I was in a place where I had no choice but to just surrender and let go of my career, and it brought out this negative voice in my mind that kept spinning for years and years afterward.’