Server Shipping: 5 Mistakes To Avoid

No matter if you’re hiring a shipping company to move your servers across the state, or you’re planning on doing it by yourself, there are a couple of mistakes that you must avoid in order to ensure the safety of your equipment.

Server shipping and IT shipping solutions are in high demand these days as the use of servers and large IT equipment get more and more necessary. But whenever you’re planning on taking your servers from one part to another part of the country, there are a few factors that you must account for. Stuff such as safety should be your top priority, and other stuff such as speed and cost should also mingle within your mind. A lot of unprofessional shippers make up for the speed and cost at the expense of safety. Safety should be number one, so naturally, these are the shippers you should avoid at all times.


So with all that said, let’s get to know the most common 5 mistakes to avoid when server shipping.

1.  The company you shire should be the same one that takes care of the equipment

A lot of companies outsource work to other companies in order to avoid extra costs such as personnel and equipment necessary to do the job. In the server shipping business, a lot of companies tend to outsource the transportation part to transportation services. This is an instant red flag as servers and IT equipment is very expensive, so you would want the people you hire to be responsible if something happens to your belongings. If they outsource the work to other companies, who will get the blame? Why would you trust people who simply take your money, and dedicate a portion of it to pay other people to do what they’re paid to do?

2.  Never Settle for the Old “cent per pound” insurance coverage

Most transportation services and that goes the same for server shippers, tend to employ yee old $0.60 per pound insurance coverage. Your equipment such as servers and IT machinery costs far more than 60 cents per pound. Whenever you’re looking for the right server shippers, always make sure that you get 100% full value insurance in the case of something horribly wrong happening to your equipment.

3.  Never accept wooden pallets

According to Craters and Freighters Orange County, wooden pallets might be great for transportation of hard machinery, but they are terrible for protecting server equipment. Make sure that the server shippers always use cardboard boxes and double wall cardboard boxes at the very least. They are far more effective than wooden pallets, and they will cause less damage if the road is bumpy.

4.  Know the limits of OEM packaging

Shippers tend to use OEM packaging as a very basic way of protecting equipment. As manufacturers tend to lose some of their equipment during shipping, OEM packaging provides good enough protection that will result in some damages, but the costs of replacing those damages are none existed compared to the prices they have to pay in order to fully protect their equipment. Make sure that the shippers fully understand what your wishes are, and pay extra if you must in order to ensure 100% safety during transportation.

5.  Never use foams

People are under the false impression that Styrofoam and other foals provide protection. They do not. And as a matter of fact, they provide very minimal shock and vibrant protection. They also tend to flake easily and these flakes can pass through openings in your equipment. This can lead to serious problems with your equipment that could prove very costly in the end.

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