Importance of SEO for New and Upcoming Business Online

SEO is getting important day by day as more and more online marketing trends are changing. It was the time those people who had designed their websites with good content and made those nicely but the design was not up to the mark, they lost their ranks to other competitors in the race of business.

The most important thing about SEO is it does not allow you to lose your rank even if your website goes down for some reason i.e. if your server crashes or your hosting company has closed out its services or even if you have moved to a new web host through which you cannot access your previous files then also you will be able to maintain your rankings. This means that all major search engines like Yahoo, Google, Bing, etc will automatically recognize your new website and rank it with your previous rankings.

If you are not doing SEO then most probably you will lose your business income as there will be no traffic on your website to make them buy the products or services which they want. This is a very bad situation and even if you survive through all this and do proper marketing for a particular product, still only people who had seen your old website will come to know about it and they also need some time to trust you again.

SEO Needs To Be Done Constantly


According to SEO needs regular effort for maintaining those positions which you have achieved through those efforts of the past few months. So you will always have to do SEO because if your website goes down for some reason then again you will get the chance of doing it from the scratch and this is a very bad situation.

This means that search engine optimization should be done in such a way that you can maintain the work which has been done already and also you will get enough time to rank yourself high on SERPs i.e. Search Engine Results Pages.

Web Design

One of the major factors is web design. If you are creating your website from scratch make sure your web design is on point. The website should be user-friendly and everything needs to be properly organized. Choose the theme of your site with proper colors and a logo that is custom made.

All these things are done by teams of people and you cannot do this by yourself. A good web design will assist you immensely in your chance to rank well in Google.

Therefore, you can consider outsourcing web design to professionals and for more information, visit:

Keyword Research And On-Page Optimization

Keywords are a very important thing about SEO. Without them, there is no use in submitting anything online so keywords play a major role in this. Proper research must be done before submitting anything online as per the requirement of your business. Google Adwords keyword tool is best for all types of keyword research related to SEO.

So when you are optimizing your website you need keywords with good competition but low in cost so that maximum people can come on your website typing this particular keyword in search engines. It is a very important task because it will define the success of your marketing efforts and you will know whether or not these efforts are worth doing or not for a particular product/service which you want to promote through the internet only.

It is also necessary that content on web pages should be written in such a way that people understand what they are reading about so proper communication must be there between publisher and reader. It is also necessary that the site structure is very simple so that people can reach the point of interest easily. This is because no one has the time or they are not interested in reading your whole article if it is lengthy, too technical attractive, etc which requires a lot of effort to understand any particular thing.

Importance Of Social Bookmarking And Directory Submission

According to Strategically, there are many websites on the internet that are offering good exposure for submitting your website URL’s and their services but most of them will charge you some amount which may vary from $2 to $200 per submission depending upon various factors like page rank of site, niche, number of backlinks, etc.

But for this purpose, you can use the free services of and as they will provide your website the largest exposure on the internet with high-quality backlinks to improve the page rank of your website which is very important factor for business online success. So it depends upon you whether you want a quick result or a better but a slow result so the choice is yours, select one from these two depending upon urgency and importance of work to be done.

SEO does not mean doing something different from others but actually means improving what is already there according to new search engine algorithms and guidelines issued by them from time to time. So many things like social bookmarking submission etc should be done at the same time to keep your website ahead in search engine results. This is not a one-day work and needs a lot of patience and dedication but you will surely be rewarded for this when people start linking back to their old articles and directories in which they have submitted their site URLs etc.

Search Engine Optimization Is Not A One Day Job


This whole process actually takes 2-3 months if you do it properly with complete dedication and hard work without giving any chance to any other factor because when you want to achieve something then nothing can stop you from achieving it. So just put your mind into this matter that whether I am doing the right thing or wrong, am I taking this more seriously? Even Google has started asking these questions to its advertisers so it means that there is some issue about online ads and marketing.

So it is necessary to keep our eyes open all the time and be updated with everything which comes across the internet about SEO & search engine optimization because this is going to become a major factor in business success from tomorrow onwards. And don’t forget that your website’s placement must be on the first page and not at the bottom of page 17 because this is the only way you can get more and more traffic which will eventually result in an increase in your sales and business.