Why You Should Sell Your Long Island Home to a Professional Buyer

Are you selling your home in Long Island, New York? While you could put your home on the market and sell to an individual, there are several advantages to selling to a professional buyer.

It’s cheaper to sell as-is to a professional buyer

If you value your time and money, selling your home directly to a professional buyer like will save you plenty of both. Selling as-is to a pro buyer is cheaper than selling to an individual for the following reasons:

  • You won’t need to perform repairs. Under most contracts, you’ll be required to perform certain repairs before the sale will go through. On the other side, pro buyers expect the homes they purchase to require repairs. In fact, they’ll intentionally buy homes that need extensive repairs.

Not having to perform repairs means spending less time and money dealing with more appointments and paperwork.

If the cost of materials rises, you won’t have to foot the bill. For instance, when lumber prices rose by over 100% in early 2021, homeowners had to eat the cost or go without. If the cost of materials rises again, the professional buyer will absorb the cost of higher-priced materials.

  • You can skip some inspections. Professional buyers purchase homes as-is, and they will perform their own inspections. They want to make the process easy for homeowners, so they don’t always require inspections.


  • You won’t need to get endless appraisals to get a good deal. Professional buyers know how to evaluate a property and do their own appraisals. If your asking price doesn’t match your appraisal, a professional buyer will conduct their own. This can save you a significant amount of time and money, not to mention frustration.


  • You won’t need to pay a seller’s agent. Normally, you’d hire an agent to help you sell your home. However, real estate agent fees add up quickly. Since professional buyers take homes as-is, there’s no need for a real estate agent.
  • You won’t need to stage your home. Home staging can cost thousands of dollars, depending on how many rooms you need staged and what kind of furniture and décor you choose. Skipping this bill is a great reason to sell your home to a professional buyer.

The more money you save on selling costs, the more profit you’ll keep in your pocket.

Selling to a professional buyer is better than FSBO

Many homeowners go the “For Sale by Owner” route to save money on agent fees. Typically, homeowners pay their agent around 4-5% of the sale price. This can add up to thousands of dollars, so it’s understandable that people would choose FSBO.

However, listing and selling your home without an agent can be difficult. You’ll have to host your own open houses and showings, and you’ll need to pay an online service to list your property on the MLS. According to Investopedia, posting an MLS listing through an online vendor usually costs around $100.

Real estate commissions are more than just a convenience fee

Real estate agents work hard for their commissions, and by cutting out the agent, you’re also cutting off access to expertise and wisdom.

When you sell your home directly to a professional buyer, you don’t need an agent. However, the process will be easy and smooth. You don’t need an agent to sell to a pro buyer.

Instead of having to list and show your home to a bunch of potential buyers, a professional buyer will come look at your home and make you an offer. There won’t be any listings, open houses, showings, or frustrating phone calls.

Selling directly to a pro buyer bypasses all the details that would normally require an agent to manage.

Discovering hidden problems won’t void your contract

Can you imagine entering into a contract with a buyer, only to have them cancel (legally) because they discover a plumbing problem nobody knew about?

Professional buyers acquire homes as-is, which means they are taking on the responsibility for all unseen and unknown problems.

When you sell your Long Island home directly to a professional buyer, they won’t cancel the contract if they discover a hidden problem.

Open houses don’t sell homes

If you’ve been selling investment properties for any length of time, you know that open houses don’t sell homes. They’re essentially a waste of time.

Those who attend open houses are usually just nosy neighbors and curious people, not committed buyers.

When you sell your home directly to a professional buyer, you won’t have to deal with any open houses.

Last-minute showings are frustrating

It would be wonderful if every potential buyer made an appointment and stuck to their slot. However, that’s not always what happens. Many people request last-minute showings for various reasons.

While you don’t want to skip out on a potential buyer, last-minute showings are frustrating. When you haven’t planned on showing your home, you have to clean up as fast as possible and make plans to get your pets and kids out of the house. When you don’t function well on short notice, this can drive you crazy.

Potential buyers can’t mess with your stuff

In a perfect world, potential buyers wouldn’t mess with someone’s stuff, but it happens more often than you might think. Kids jump on couches and have pillow fights, and adults sometimes pick things up to admire and inspect. Sometimes people have sticky fingers and your stuff will turn up missing.

Bypass frustration and risk by selling to a professional buyer

Selling your home directly to a professional buyer is the best real estate shortcut around. You’ll save time, money, frustration, and you won’t have to worry about coming home to a mess made by strangers.

When you don’t want strangers in your Long Island home, sell directly to a professional buyer. You can meet with them in person, skip hiring an agent, and close the deal quickly.