The 4 Tricks to Sell a Plot of Land

Selling a Plot of Land is not for Beginners

Do you want to know how to sell a plot or lot of land quickly and at the best market price? Everything is in the preparation of that land for sale.

Many real estate agents treat the sale of land, as if they were selling a property. They limit themselves to writing a couple of descriptive sentences, they write an ad with four pieces of information that are generally not the most important, they upload it to a couple of portals and wait patients for the phone to ring.

The sale of plots of land is a specialized area of real estate and is not for beginners. First, you must know what information to gather about the terrain. Secondly, you must know how to prepare an Information Dossier for that area. Third, you must know how to promote it, know how to reach the right investor. And finally, you must know how to negotiate the sale of that land. For more help with this visit

Sure, this all sounds like work and who wants to spend time doing all of this? Well, some of my students have been willing to invest that time and have sold their plots of land, some of them, in less than 3 months.

I have 3 students, who have once known the method to sell a plot of land, and who have the experience of having commercialized 1 or 2 lots; they have decided to specialize in selling them. They have realized that there are few specialized agents and the great opportunity that the market offers them. Great opportunity? Well yes, think about the sale of land that can leave you in fees of more than $ 30,000.

Skymarketing is a real estate consultant and technical architect from Murcia, who specialized in the sale of land, after selling her first plot. In 2018 he sold 5 plots of land, earning a fee of more than $187,000 that year. Today it exceeds that figure, and more than selling land, what it does is search for them on behalf of several clients.

All agents would like to reach these figures, but to reach them they must change their approach to selling and be willing to learn the method.

Since many real estate agents do not know what the best process is to sell a plot of land, we have prepared an Online Course on this topic. A course, where we detail the protocol to follow, illustrating it with videos and practical cases.

It is the only course in Spanish on this subject. In addition to showing, you how to sell your lot, it also shows you how to get an investor for your real estate project.

The Investor Complaint

Investors complain that the land is not prepared. Presenting a set of legal documents is not what investors are looking for to make the decision to spend time analyzing the land and/or project. You need to present a feasibility and profitability study and do it correctly. A prepared land increases in value increases in price and sells faster.

A prepared ground attracts investors like a magnet. In this course, we show you how to do it the easy way. The size of the land, its use or location does not matter. For any terrain; either for agriculture, (vineyards, olive groves, cereal fields) , or for urban development, (golf, hotel, residential …) , and even land to build a house or in condominium. Selling a parcel of land is easy when you know the method. This method.

“This course clears up several misconceptions about land sales and a lot of bogus marketing strategy circulating online about land sales. There is more demand for land than meets the eye.

This course will tell you where to find that demand and how to capture them either nationally or internationally. A Manual that is full of surprises and debunks with real examples many myths, concepts and beliefs about the sale of land”.

1. How to Sell a Plot of Land. The course

This Course is divided into 4 parts:

  1. The Agricultural Land. How they are sold and how to reach those who buy them.
  2. How to prepare a plot to sell it fast. Any type of terrain
  3. How to promote a plot and precisely reach those who are looking for it.
  4. How to avoid having to negotiate the sale of land and how to approach the negotiation in extreme cases. How to sell value and not price.


As an introduction we will tell you the story of Miguel Gutiérrez and what he does to sell a plot of land. How Miguel, with our advice, went from a real estate agent to today a well-known professional in Mexico. A specialist in the sale of lots of land.

In this first part, you will find, among others, the following topics: How to sell a plot of land and who to sell agricultural plots, (vineyards, olive groves, fields for cereals, vegetables …); what means to use to reach real estate investors at an international and national level, recognizing what a Real Estate Investor values ​​the most in a land and how to give it to them.


In this second part on how to sell a plot of land, you will find the 5 phases of preparing a plot. Did you know that to sell a plot of land, you cannot sell the plot of land itself? This Manual shows you the reason for this statement and the detailed steps of my method of marketing land.

Do you know how to increase the value of land with low investment? Do you know how to take the right photographs of a terrain? Do you know how to locate your land on Google Earth and Google Maps? Did you know that a geotechnical study can increase the value of a piece of land? All these questions are answered in this Manual on how to sell a plot of land.

Do you know how to easily do a feasibility and profitability analysis of a large plot in a few days? Do you know how to price a piece of land to attract several interested parties, and not lose money selling it below the market?

All these questions are answered in this online course, including Excel tables to illustrate the examples.

Do you know how to prepare an Information Dossier to sell a multi-million-dollar plot of land? Here we tell you how to do it. In addition, you will learn what an investor relies on to buy land; you will discover how to find the investment partner you need to develop your land instead of selling it and you will know how the real estate investor searches for land.

How to Sell a Plot of Land. The Most Attractive Part.


This is the most attractive part of the course. It is really satisfying to put a land up for sale and start receiving good requests for information from the first week. Calls and emails from people who are genuinely interested in your field.

In this third part of How to Sell a Plot of Land, the following sections are included, among others.

  • Identifying your Ideal Buyer. Who they are, what they are looking for and their purchasing potential?
  • The 6 Factors that influence the Sale of a Land and how to use them in your advertising and online promotion.
  • How to Describe a Land to Sell It Quickly. Template and example.
  • Here you are going to discover the 2 mistakes made by 90% of the agents and owners who put land up for sale.
  • How to Create a Landing Page for a Land Sale. What very few real estate agents know.
  • The Keyto Sell your Land.
  • The 4 Best Ways to Sell ​​a Plot ofFast Land.
  • How to publish your land on real estate portalsin a totally different way, without having to pay to get many requests for information.
  • Template and 16 truly “groundbreaking” ad examples that have been used to successfully sell parcels of land.

In addition, we include a video on how to create a campaign on Google to sell land. A video showing how to set up a campaign. Examples that have been used to successfully sell land.

Of course, we had to include the method that we followed successfully to create a campaign on Facebook, to sell a plot of land.

A video is included showing how to easily set up a campaign on Facebook.

All the steps to carry out the campaign are explained in detail, and what you must do to avoid the most common mistakes. This kind of advertising will bring you very good results.

But that is not all. In this third part we also include how to create an email marketing campaign to reach more than 30,000 or 1,000 real estate developers, builders, and investors at a national or international level.

Video is included demonstrating how to extract more than 30,000 emails on the Internet in an easy, totally legal way and in less than 30 days. And we complete this part with several examples on how to write emails that are read and responded to. These are examples that have already been used to contact land buyers and investors.

And we complete this part by showing how to create your personal public relations strategy at a national and international level, to become an expert in the sale of land and projects. Real case example. How to get real estate investors and brokers to call you.

We also include an example of a real case of ours. You will also learn how to get called “brokers” and real estate investors. You will understand that Public Relations is the secret means of recruitment of expert agents; using it as a fundamental weapon to sell a plot of land quickly and at the best market price.

How to Sell a Plot of Land. Picking the Fruits.


Do you want to secure your sales fees? In this last part, Blue Town Lahore show you and demonstrate how all the work you have done has been worth it. Now is when the negotiation becomes easy and fast.

Now is when the negotiation becomes easy and fast. Now you are in control and you dominate the situation, and you will not have to negotiate or lower the price, because you will have several interested investors. This is how the sale of a plot of land is negotiated!

In this 4th part we will show you, for example, how to answer the requests for information you receive, to distinguish the really interested clients from those who waste your time.

You will also learn how to Negotiate with Investors or Buyers. Techniques that will surprise you and help you maintain the price of your land. And that this price is accepted. You will know why it is not advisable to lower the price of a land when it has been fixed.

You will learn to influence the Perception of Value of your Land, presenting your land and project to investors in an appropriate way. And it is that, during the negotiation process, you will learn to reduce the price of a Land in an Elegant Way while maintaining the initial price.

We include at the end a Real Practical Case of how a real estate agency in Malaga was able to sell 8 plots of land in less than 3 months. Putting into practice a recruitment strategy that we call “Sell parcels of land with elegance” You cannot miss this. You have to know this strategy.

One of the fundamental principles of marketing and sales is that, to sell any product, service or idea, you need to know how to sell yourself first and know well what you sell. Knowing how to sell yourself means knowing how to sell trust and credibility.

In the sale of land, trust and credibility are very important and it translates into demonstrating transparency.

A land is a good or a product, if we could call it that, that lends itself to many manipulations, confusion, nonsense, deception and current legislation that is sometimes not very clear and is open to interpretation.

Therefore, demonstrating transparency, that precisely what it says on the packaging is sold, is a priority in the sale of land. Knowing what one sells means knowing the product that one sells 100%. It is not enough to know it by 80% and much less by 50%.

“The better you know the land you want to sell, the faster you will sell it. This principle, which is not so obvious to many real estate agents, is rarely applied in real estate sales and very rarely in the sale of land.

This Manual will help you to sell a parcel of land as investors really want to present it. Investors are not looking for lots or land at a low price; what they are looking for is transparency and profitability. Give it to him and you will sell fast”.

When I say that they do not seek low prices, it is true. A plot of land that is offered at a low price, usually brings with it added problems that in the end makes it expensive. Investors know this very well.