Selena Gomez Made Barbara Palvin’s Life a Hell!

Barbara Palvin used to cry all night. But what really happened? Here’s the truth behind Barbara Palvin and Selena Gomez’s clash!


Barbara Palvin was only 18 at that time. She was walking in Victoria’s Fashion show for the first time. When she went backstage…she ran into Justin Bieber. Justin and Barbara were photographed together. However,  they didn’t even know each other. It was just a casual photo, but it spread everywhere quickly. The model had no idea at that moment, what she had done wrong. But her life was about to be changed. When she woke up the next morning, her phone was full of notifications. Thousands of Selena and Justin’s fans threatened her on Twitter. All thanks to Selena Gomez’s jealousy. Selena had retweeted the photo of Justin with the model. She expressed her anger in front of millions of people on social media. Barbara couldn’t figure out what was going on. She started receiving serious threats from Jelena fans.”You shouldn’t get involved in other people’s business “.”Justin already has a love of his life, and you are nobody”. Barbara was terrified. She didn’t know to do.”Hey everyone, please calm down. He is all yours!! Please,” she wrote.

Even Taylor Swift retweeted Selena Gomez’s post without knowing the whole story. Later, when Selena and Justin broke up, Barbara was held responsible by the fans. She was portrayed as the woman who split them up.” All this drama is ridiculous “.Things went worse when Barbara’s boyfriend returned to Hungary. The media was messing with her personal life.  Fake rumors spread that she was cheating on him with Justin. Bieber didn’t make any statement regarding the incident. Barbara suffered alone. But she learned an important lesson. Never to click a photograph with any male celebrity again in life.