Secrets of Modern Investing – How to Make Money on Time?

Each of us has heard that in the 21st century free money should not just lie in a box, but it can work for you. Because in today’s world there are so many ways to invest. Let’s talk about what are the ways of investing and what principles should be followed in order to protect yourself from losses.

The most common ways to invest are

  • bank deposits
  • purchase of gold and other precious metals,
  • bonds,
  • stock,
  • acquisition of antiques, art objects, rarities, etc.

If everything is clear with bank deposits and shares, then questions about precious metals and antiques may arise. Why can precious metals be bought? Why should it be trusted? Where to buy them? Brentwood Management team says it is very easy to answer all questions.

First, buying precious metals has a low entry threshold. Even for a relatively small amount, you can afford a few grams of the precious metal. Secondly, precious metals are the most reliable investment. You will always feel calm because a bar of gold or silver will always be near you, and not somewhere in the virtual world. You can make bullion deals using special services, such as Try it and make your money work for you! Let’s move on to the main principles of investors.

Have a strategy and stick to it

For a trader, a trading strategy is a vital thing and the key to success. As for investors, it is rather problematic to formalize a strategy here, and in general, many people wonder if this is necessary. Experts believe that an investment strategy is necessary even for investors. It helps you collect your thoughts.

In general, what is an investment strategy? This is a formalized set of methods and tools that a person can apply in their work. The investor has a choice of these methods.

So then, the strategy is the map for the investor. If you do not have such a card, then your actions can be really dangerous for your wallet. Before investing the first money, decide on the tactics and strategy of work, investment profile, opportunities and conditions, goals and investment horizon.

First make sure you understand

If you are unable to fully understand the processes of the investment you have chosen, it is better to abandon independent investment in favor of other options. If something seems too complicated, maybe someone is trying to confuse you, or this asset is simply not right for you.

Responsibility and attentiveness

A big number of professionals with excellent experience work on the exchange, and their goal is to make money. Sometimes they can cross the line of ethics and deceive their clients, taking advantage of the naivety, greed and other participants’ incompetence.

Invest only money you can afford to lose

If you decide to invest, it is important to understand that the money you plan to invest must be free. And also the amount should be rather big. If you invest a small amount, be prepared for the fact that you will not earn anything. Such investments are called micro investments or nano investments. But if this is only the beginning of the formation of your investment portfolio, there is definitely a chance for success.

A big mistake is to place on the exchange the money that you and your family need at the moment. The stock market can be a great place to invest “surplus” funds. The more independent your capital is from external non-market factors, the less likely it is that you will have to urgently sell your portfolio of shares at the most unfavorable prices.

Make trades without emotions

Investors often find themselves in situations where decisions are dictated by both heart and mind. It is very important to always remember that it is extremely important for the buyer of shares to maintain a sound mind. There are many things in the financial world that move the stock market up or down, but most of these factors have a short-term effect.

What are the most common job-damaging emotions that investors experience?

Envy. Influenced by the success of other investors, some people try to duplicate the behavior, but this usually does not lead to success. Usually, the strategy of one person is tied to a specific moment in time, the state of the market, the information field, financial opportunities and other pitfalls that no one knows about. Therefore, to indulge in the visible strategy of another investor is naive and stupid.

Fear is the emotion that most often hinders development not only in investments, but probably in all other areas of life. It can easily prevent you from making a good investment. It forces many people to abandon assets at the first negative sign, which also prevents them from extracting the maximum return from investments.


Faith and enthusiasm for investing is good, but it’s important to make sure that faith doesn’t turn into stubbornness. This feature of behavior deprives the investment strategy of flexibility and forces them to make erroneous decisions.

For many people it is difficult to admit a mistake even to themselves, therefore it is very difficult for them to stop being stubborn and go to the end on the wrong path. Relinquishing your hopes and past decisions requires admitting your mistake. But in investing it is impossible otherwise. Until you admit that the purchase of certain assets was a mistake, it will be difficult for you to sell them. Admitting to a bad decision is difficult, but it is necessary to reduce losses and move further towards profits.

As we can see emotions definitely should not accompany you during transactions. Many mistakes in the stock market are caused precisely by the fact that the investor could not control his emotions and misjudged the situation. If you feel overwhelmed or excited, it is better to close the terminal and return to transactions when you are calm and able to think clearly and without prejudice.


Here are at least 6 basic tips to follow when investing. Of course, this list is endless, but remember that mindfulness and strategy are your best friends when investing. Wish you successful transactions and let the money work for you!