Here’s what Happened in the Season 7 Episode 19 of ‘The Curse of Oak Island’

The team managed to find something fascinating in the last episode of ‘The Curse of Oak Island’, and they believe it’s the closest to the treasure they’ve been.

It’s the perfect time to watch this epic TV show

Due to the lockdown and the pandemic that has pressed a pause on our lives, you have a lot more spare time. You can use it to watch all the episodes of ‘The Curse of Oak Island’, that you’ve haven’t managed to before. It will brighten up your days and make you forget for a second about everything that’s happening around the world currently.

In Episode 19 that was titled ‘Lord Of The Ring’, the team found more than one interesting thing

Just like the title says, they’ve found a ring with a sophisticated design. They are not sure from which decade is the ring they found in the swamp, but they assume that it’s an ornate Spanish ring and that it’s from the 1730s.

They now have new and better technology with them, and they are full of hope that the treasure is near. The team with Lagina brothers leading them found many artifacts like a lead cross, iron pikes, things from ships, and they’ve even found fragments from human bones. Everything indicates that the treasure is somewhere near and that ships are at the bottom of the swamp.

In ‘Lord Of The Ring’ episode, the team found a part of a keg and a piece of wood. They automatically concluded that the treasure is Spanish and that it was kept in kegs. Even if it sounds a little bit unreal, they have proof of that.

What’s next for the Lagina brothers?

The brothers need to come up with a new tactic and to connect the dots of their every single discovery. They have been reading and researching Dave Blankenship’s documents, and they’ve agreed on excavating a new site on Oak Island. That means that some fresh and new adventures are coming their way.

To find out more about the adventures on Oak Island, be sure to follow the upcoming episodes. Because you never know when the brothers and the team will find something.

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