7 Tips for Saving Money at Ikea

Nowadays, Ikea is one of the most demanding places for all. There are two ways for you to shop at Ikea, using the online and in-store methods. Ikea provides a wide range of offers and discounts on the products. If you are not satisfied enough with the product you can refer to the return policy and do easy Ikea returns in-store or online.

They provide such deals for a trustworthy shopping experience. The below-mentioned article will help you to save money while purchasing with Ikea.

Which Products Does Ikea Offer?

Ikea provides a holiday collection of all seasonal home furnishing and decor items. You will find a mattress, bed sheets, everyday kitchen appliances, and many more. Some of the most demanding products are as follows.

  • General & Holiday Lighting
  • Bathroom and outdoor products
  • Carpets, mats & floors
  • Pots & plants
  • Home electronics and improvement items

Why Shop From Ikea?


There are numerous reasons to purchase at Ikea. You certainly will get affordable prices on various goods. Get your desired item at the cheapest price possible. If you are planning for new renovations the best place to visit is Ikea. They will allow you to pick the best and most good quality home decor and furnishing items.

The associates of Ikea are also helpful. They will guide you to pick up the best decor for your place. If you visit to return an item at Ikea then they will guide you with the best instructions. If you get a membership at Ikea then you also get free meals during your visit.

7 Tips To Save At Ikea

Although Ikea sells all the products at affordable prices, we have listed some of the best tips to shop. You can save money while shopping at Ikea and get pretty amazing deals. Those tips are as follows

1. Take Ikea Family Membership

When you join Ikea Family, you avail lots of perks and take advantage of them. Those perks are as follows

  • Discounts on special products with a retail price
  • A free cost on drinks for you and meals for kids
  • Advantages of extra time in Smaland

Note: These perks are not available at the planning studio of Ikea.

2. Visit on Tuesdays

We would suggest you visit on Tuesdays if you plan an Ikea visit with your kids. You will get free meals one day a week for your kids. Feeding them is a huge draw and Ikea makes it easy for you. Plan a visit on Tuesday and avail a worthy trip for yourself and your little ones.

3. Compare Pricing if Necessary

You can definitely ask for price adjustments at Ikea if you find a less-priced item. Make sure you ask for price adjustments for the same product. The merchandise has to be the same in all aspects from model number to color and size.

Ikea will price adjust and give you the amount that differs from the same mode of payment. Contact the manager if you do not receive the amount.

4. Return Your Product if Not Satisfied


Ikea will gladly accept your return if you are not satisfied. You can return an item at the nearest store or even online. Just add in a shipping label and also make sure you return the item within 365 days of its purchase date. Refer to the return policy if you have any doubts regarding your returns.

You can visit returnsandrefund.com to get the details regarding Ikea’s return policy.

5. Get Ikea Alerts

You should stay updated if you want to buy the latest products at Ikea. You can follow the Ikea page on all the social media platforms. Certainly, you can download the app and get regular updates about the products. When you are willing to buy from Ikea the smartest thing to do is to subscribe to Ikea’s newsletters.

6. Shop Using Gift Cards

You can sign for the Ikea family contest and win up to a $100 gift card. You can avail of the discounts and make a purchase. The gift card will help you claim the best products present at the warehouse. You can shop whichever product you need as all the items are eligible.

7. Access Occasional Deals

You can get Black Friday deals and purchase the products with great discounts. To avoid the in-store chaos you can simply order online and then pick it up after 1 p.m. They allow you to grab sale items from your nearest location. Click and collect deal is only available for one day.

Ways to Save Money at Ikea


Apart from the tips mentioned above, you can go through other ways as well that will help you save at Ikea. Following are some of the ways you can prefer while shopping.

Ikea’s “As-is” Section

Ikea’s “As-is” section is where you find the items which are slightly damaged and also the ones which are discontinued. You certainly cannot miss this section while shopping at Ikea. You can grab previously displayed items at the lowest price possible.

Certainly they also provide such goods at 30% to 60% discount. At the end of the store, you can find this section. It is one of the best ways to save yourself some bucks and shop for your desired item at a low cost.

Hidden Section

Yes! There certainly is a hidden section at Ikea. You can save yourself some extra bucks while shopping from the hidden sales section. In such hidden section, you can find items below $10 or $10.

Grab the desired product and get the best deal. You surely cannot miss out on this section and buy the best for your place and yourself. You must know about these sections while you plan your visit to Ikea.

To Sum Up

Spend less and Save more at Ikea while using these tips when you visit the store for purchase. These great tips will help you make the right choice and if you do not like an item then you probably can return or exchange it at Ikea. Start your shopping and save money while grabbing affordable and quality products.