Save Yourself From A Speeding Ticket Using A Radar Detector

I guess a lot of you reading this article enjoy driving a car or a motorbike, and I do as well. Driving, especially alone, gives you a specific feeling of freedom and it is a way to relax unless you end up in a traffic jam. The reason cars and all the motor vehicles were made at the first place was to replace the horse carriages and get us to from point A to point B in a faster and safer manner. Nowadays, with thousands of different models, people enjoy buying new cars and driving thousands of kilometers in the same.

Still, all of us from time to time to go over the allowed speed limit. Of course, I don’t recommend it (though it happens to me as well), I still think that sometimes receiving a speeding ticket isn’t fair – you get one for going above the allowed speed for only 1 or 2 mph, and the fine you have to pay isn’t small. Thus, a radar detector can work as our savior. It detects all the speed guns that are possibly used by a police patrol nearby. This small investment allows you to escape multiple fines and tickets by only slowing down a hundred meters before the radar points. There are tons of radars out there, and it is good to see which ones are most worth your money.

How To Know A Good Radar Detector

First of all, when we talk about radar detectors it is important to know what they can offer and what tech do those bring. Every good radar detector needs to have a dual antenna – front and rear, plus a laser range. This way almost no police patrol can go unnoticed. Along with that a feature such as Automatic Sensitivity Adjustment can be crucial as well, as it turns off the radar once your speed is low enough and you are no longer in the danger of receiving a speeding ticket. Also, as police know most of the drivers can have the radar detector, it uses Spectre detection in order to notice any around – but the best radar detectors you can buy are immune to this.

Know that the radar detector should have an available GPS database of all the possible red lights and speed cams in order to alert you in the right way. And the good thing is that most of the modern radar detectors can be connected to a smartphone and thus the options are even greater (when combined with the right smartphone app).

What Are The Best Radar Detectors For 2019


  1. Valentine One Radar Detector. For the price of at around $400, it is surely one of the best, coming as a windshield mounted unit and two external antennas it can notice any X K or Ka upcoming signal. Also, the antennas facing separate directions so it can’t go wrong from where the signal is coming, and the laser can detect any use of Spectre high-tech. It also comes with a nice design, and simple to assemble instructions. It can be used in almost all countries from the USA to Israel. The only problem might be that it doesn’t have the GPS reception, but it still covered by all the other functions it offers.


  1. Escort Max 360 Radar Detector. The first radar detector ever to have a rear facing antenna and a beautiful OLED screen that clearly shows every possible risk. It comes with six mounted buttons easy to use, and it has a signal strength of four radar sources. Also, an option to automatically connect to your car’s Wifi and use Bluetooth with smartphone apps is a great plus. As mentioned the pretty important GPS feature is there, and it also has an Autolearn option which allows the radar to already show the risky points of possible patrol, before even detecting it (if you were at that place recently). It has pretty good audible alerts and an amazing range. The con is the price which is at around $600 but believe me, this one is absolutely worth it in the long-term!


  1. Escort Passport 9500IX Radar Detector. With various attachable cords and accessories, another Escort detector is sure to be among the best radar detector 2019 units. You can choose the display color between red and blue, and it comes with the anti-flashing option. It does provide an instant alert, both in the audio and visual form, and it has a pretty good range and an important GPS feature. Also, same as the previous one it has the Autolearn future, which is an absolute beast. The problem might be that it doesn’t stay in its place that easily, but everything is fixable. Anyways, an excellent choice at a somewhat lower price than the previous one!


  1. Radenso Pro M Extreme. At a solid price, this Radenso unit is beautiful. Coming with the database of over 6000 red lights and speed cams, that is monthly updated you are completely safe. And it also has that false alert filtering option, so you get noticed only when the threat is real. It has an unbelievably big range so it will be detecting units that are miles away. Along with that with an easy to read display, and an excellent GPS location this one is one of my favorites!


  1. Uniden R3 Extreme Long Range Radar Detector. Last, but not least is this radar detector coming from the well known Uniden brand. Coming at a fifth place of my best radar detector 2019 list, it detects all the X K and Ka bands and signals and filters out all the false alerts. Its360-degree detection will keep you safe, and the great updated database of red lights and speed cams is always a plus. Also, the GPS location works really well, and you can check everything you need on the beautiful OLED screen. Plus, you can easily mute the audio alert when you need to. The cons might be the fact that it is kind of bulky, and sensitive, but overall an excellent pick.


Believe me, though it might sound ridiculous paying a few hundred dollars will be as a lifelong investment. You will be much more relaxed driving around. Still even with the radar detector on don’t forget about yours and others safety. Drive carefully and enjoy!