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Saskatoon Windows Installation Prep Works

Finally, you have decided to get rid of those old windows and install new replacement one. Congratulations! The process of window replacement starts with first doing research on the type of the one you want to install and also consulting your installer for advice.

You can browse the type of Saskatoon windows on this page to be able to install, choose the frame and color to further hire the installer who will do the work for you. You understand this is a significant project, and you want it to flow smoothly without compromising any stage. But before the installation work starts, there are few things you need to do to make your home ready for the replacements. Here are a few things you should do.

  • Schedule the Right Time

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Though it is true that window replacement will cause some inconveniences, you can reduce the effect by scheduling the project to take time when people are not at home. You can also make arrangements for pets and children to go somewhere while the project is running.

The same applies if you choose to DIY. This reduces disturbances. It is advisable to do the whole work at once rather than doing it piece by piece.

  • Clear Path

You need to make clear paths for contractors to pass both in the inside and outside. Take away rugs, carpets, plants, and furniture that may hinder movement during the work. Create enough space at the outside to place the ladder to access the higher floors. You should also remove any décor around the windows and such things like sculptures, toys, potted plants, etc.

  • Get Rid of The Accessories

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After making the pathway, both inside and outside, the next step would be to get rid of window accessories such as blinds, curtains sheers, etc. however, this should be removed if you are doing full replacement.

You should also remove any artwork hanging on the walls. They may get dirty or damaged in the process of replacing the windows.

  • Arrange for Space for Storage

You will need to get a storage space to store your belongings, especially if you are replacing windows for the entire home. Some options you may consider are your garage, the basement, or renting a place.

This will ensure that your belongings are safe and none is misplaced. If you choose to rent a place, you will need to contact the owners in advance to avoid inconveniences and delays.

  • Cover Up

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Even if you transfer some property from the room, there are some which will not be removed. For those belongings, you need to cover them to protect them from dust and debris that may fall on them during windows replacement.

  • Plan for Clean Up

The installers you have hired should leave the area clean. They should clean all the debris. If you chose to DIY, then arrange for the place you will dump the debris and other dirt generated from work.