Ryan Raynolds Stopped Talking to Blake Lively when he Found out she was Pregnant

Blake Lively was pregnant when she noticed her husband, Ryan Raynolds, was acting weird. When Blake got pregnant with his baby they had decided to stay away from the media.

But the media wasn’t the main problem. Ryan was behaving differently. He had stopped talking to Blake when she got pregnant. Blake couldn’t believe it. The couple had always been supportive of each other, But Ryan wasn’t the same man she had loved.

“I’m carrying his child, and he doesn’t seem to be interested. Blake tried to be a good wife, but Ryan was distancing himself from her.

What really happened? Blake wanted to know the truth behind Ryan’s add behavior. She forced Ryan until he told the truth. When he finally revealed the truth, Blake was shocked.

Ryan was having anxiety issues. Growing up, he didn’t have a good relationship with his own father. Ryan was always afraid of his dad. His dad had caused insecurities in him during his childhood and because of that, Ryan had never forgiven him. “ Growing up in my house was never easy. My dad was a tough guy, and I still can’t forgive him “.

When Ryan found out that he was going to be a father, his insecurities kicked in.

He was afraid of whether he would be a better father. Upon hearing all this, Blake told Ryan to talk with his father immediately. Ryan hadn’t talked with his father for years, even though he was ill. Blake told Ryan that before becoming a good father, he had to become a good son.

Blake forced Ryan to talk with his dad and amend the issues. Ryan listened to his wife and talked with his father. It wasn’t as hard as Ryan thought it would be. His father was delighted upon hearing the news of his grandchild. Ryan finally made peace with his father before he passed away. After Ryan’s daughter was born, he named her James in honor of his dad Jim Reynolds.

Blake didn’t only help Ryan deal with his anxiety. She healed a relationship between a father and son, which was broken years. And that’s how she made her husband become a good soon and a good father at the same time.