5 Most Affordable Rural Areas to Buy a Home in the UK

When you mention the UK or the United Kingdom, most of you ask “is that England, Great Britain or what?” Since it is a bit “complicated” we see a reason for asking such a question and we will give you a brief rundown of what is what in the UK before we tell you about all the splendid places that are rather affordable for a home purchase.

The United Kingdom is a country of countries meaning it isn’t a single country but contains four co-equal and sovereign nations. First of those is England which is the biggest and most populous of all four and contains a de facto capital city London. This is why most consider England to be the UK. Scotland is up north and Wales is down to the middle north, while Northern Ireland is to the west.

One interesting thing is that all of them are English, but since they don’t like each other that much you should referee to them as English for England, Scottish for Scots, Northern Iris and Welsh. Passports are unified and whether they all like it or not they are British citizens.

OK, now that we have the geographical positions explained, as well as a bit of politics with this let’s dive into places that are cheap, nice and good to live in the UK. Thanks to this article you will know what to look at and where, while thanks to UK property investment you will find cheap and good property in this country.

We can’t start naming places before we tell you about some pros and cons of living in the UK. This is important to so many of you and if we skipped it, we feel like we will cheat you and not make a complete rundown.


When it comes to pros UK has so many of them from a good and strong economy, a very long and colourful history and tradition, architecture, high tolerance and patience threshold, awesome and big sports and music events that take place there year-round, good quality medicine, education and infrastructure. All around this is a good place to start fresh or to take a break from where you are now.


Every country has both of these and UK, sadly has them as well. Some of the cons that this country suffers from, like any other, are a high taxation rate and generally a very expensive place to live in, bad weather one of the things that you all know by now, expensive education – especially higher education like medicine and technology and last but not the least is the cuisine that needs some getting used to, especially if you are a foreigner coming here for the first time.

Now the meat and potatoes of this article.

1. Scotland, Highlands

For those of you who love picturesque and peaceful areas, Highlands in Scotland is the place to be. The average price of the property here is around £130,000 meaning you can enjoy the beautiful and movie-like life here easily. They have preserved areas and they like hunting there. If you have similar preferences Highlands are a no-brainer.

2. North West, Wyre

If you are looking for a decent and cheap rural area then Wyre is the place to be. Property here is starting at £80,000 and for this price, you get a place full of rivers, castles parks and beaches that are breathtaking. Some rural places in the UK, like this one, will make you live a life of a fairy tale and romantic movie.

3. Wales, Carmarthenshire

Wales is awesome and cheap as well, but what they have going for this rural area the most is its historic sights. The prices here are ranging from  £90,000 to £120,000 and depending on the place you pick you will be graced with renaissance looks and true suburban spirits, great markets and warm people, small local cafes that will cater to your wishes and so on. Those that prefer an ambience like this shouldn’t think too much but act as fast as possible since a lot of people are flocking here lately because of these things.

4. North West, Lancashire

If the UK has anything that is the rural hotspots that are awesome for many different reasons. One of those is Lancashire and with an average price of £90,000 for a property here, this is the place you want to settle in if you like a place that is rural but modern, with some tourists and that is close to cities like Manchester and Liverpool. This is important if you are working in a bigger city and need to commute to your office and back home. Lancashire is a city with a long-standing medieval and industrial heritage which makes it even more appealing.

5. North East, Northumberland

A highly contrasting spot, when it comes to its landscape, with rocky hills and swampy areas to its coastal agricultural plains is Northumberland. Here you can find peaceful and cinematic areas and a bit populated urban and industrial areas. You can choose whatever is more for you which is great and with an average price of real estate here of £125,000 you will enjoy a bit colder and windy climate, thanks to the northern latitude but the winters are awesome, long and cold. Those that love this will enjoy this area of the UK and settle nicely.

As you can see the UK has to offer a lot. This is a progressive country that is moving forward really quickly but it hasn’t forgotten its roots. It has big cities, crowded cities, as well as expensive and more prestige places, but it also has the other side of the coin for those of you that like peace, quiet, untouched history and breathtaking places. Rural areas still exist and, in the UK, more than anywhere else, they look like they come from a fairy tale. What you see in those old movies with knights and castles is what you can pretty much find today in some of these places we mentioned.