Royal Women’s Strict Beauty Rules

Do you want to look like a princess? Well, it’s tougher than it looks. There are many privileges that come with being part of the British royal family, like having a royal jeweler and traveling the world. But the position also holds many responsibilities. Members of the royal family must follow strict protocols for every aspect of their lives, especially when they’re attending public events.

For Queen Elizabeth II, Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle, and every other female royal, there are a series of royal beauty rules they must obey to the letter. It’s against protocol to use red, orange, bright pink, or any other hue of bright-colored lipstick. Ideally, they should only use neutral and subtle shades, like nudes or pale pink. This makes them look more natural, avoids the hassle of retouching their lipstick, and helps steer clear of committing the faux pas of lipstick-stained teeth.

There’s a similar rule for manicures. Royal women are not allowed to paint their nails in dark or bright colors. They’re one of the Queen’s biggest pet peeves. They can only wear subtle, neutral shades or a glossy finish. That’s why Queen Elizabeth has been wearing the same shade of soft pink since 1989. Doesn’t she get sick of it? Essie’s shade called Ballet Slippers is said to be the Queen’s favorite. Although this is a huge trend among modern-day celebrities, the royal ladies must avoid it at all costs.

The protocol requires them to look natural and never overdone, so using blush is more than enough. No matter how long an event is, if it’s held outdoors or if it requires physical activity, royal women are forbidden to touch-up their makeup in public because it’s not considered classy. And finally, the hairstyle each woman of the royal family chooses must be approved by a special committee. They must always be simple, polished, and flattering. In addition, they also have regular hair appointments to keep their hair looking perfect because unhealthy hair is never an option. They must also trim their hair frequently, avoid major changes to their look, and regularly dye unwanted grey hairs. Pretty strict, right?