Rooster Teeth Net Worth 2021 – Everything you need to know

American production company Rooster Teeth Productions, LLC, became popular thanks to the web-series called Red Vs. Blue. In August 2018, the Rooster Teeth’s primary YouTube channel had more 5.6 billion video views and more than 9.5 million subscribers.


Rooster Teeth was founded on 1st of April 2004, by Geoff Ramsey, Jason Saldaña, Joel Heyman, Burnie Burns, Matt Hullum, and Gus Sorola. The company’s first name was “Drunkgamers”, but founders changed it to “Rooster Teeth” because of a lack of sponsors and support.

The business strategy of the Rooster Teeth company is a mix of YouTube pre-roll ads subscriptions, licensed studio productions, onsite pre-roll ads, annual live events, and branded merchandise. The founders created a video for Apple Switch ad campaign and pointed to a lack of games for Apple computer and laptop’s program, Macintosh.


The Rooster Teeth Company won many awards in the industry and the most important are: IAWTV Award for Best Supplemental Content for Red Vs. Blue, Podcast Award for Gaming, and Best Animated Series for Red Vs. Blue for two years in a row.

Rooster Teeth Productions

Channels – Company owns ‘The Know”, a platform for discussions on movies, gaming, TV shows, technology, and media. Other channels are Screw Attack, Game Kids, Achievement Hunter, and Funhouse.

Animations – The biggest project of the Rooster Teeth company was games and fiction films parody called Red Vs. Blue. This web-series had around 20.000 downloads per day. The company has also other great products, such as X-Ray & Wav, RWBY, Gen: Lock, Camp Camp, etc.

Video Games – Rooster Teeth vs. Zombies, made by Team Chaos in cooperation with Rooster Teeth members. The second very popular game the company created is RWBY, released in 2015. The Company also produced an interesting show “Will Gavin Sell His Bitcoin?” and a few other shows about Bitcoin, which showcase the popularity of it. Take a moment to go through the bitcoin loophole review that will provide you with good knowledge about trading bitcoin using the software.


Live-Action Productions – The company has developed live-action products such as Rooster Teeth Shorts, RT-ES, Day 5, Immersion, Crunch Time, etc. Rooster Teeth is involved in commercial and film projects like EA Sports commercial, and Lazer Team film projects.

Rooster Teeth Productions Net Worth

Successful American media and entertaining company, the Rooster Teeth Production is estimated to worth around $25 million. Founders of the company worked hard to bring the Rooster Teeth to the place where is today. Company’s production is professional as the costs per episodes goes up to $100.000.