Roman Reigns Teaming Up for a Movie – Playing Dwayne Johnson’s Brother


We are used to seeing Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on a small screen or in a cinema. He is one of the most popular actors working today, and definitely, he is the most popular WWE fighter working as an actor. We know him from various movies and tv, maybe the most prominent is “Fast and Furious” and “Ballers”.

The Rock announced that his WWE colleague Roman Reigns will join him in the spinoff of “Fast and Furious” called “Hobbs and Shaw”. The movie will premier in the August this year. In the August 2018 Reigns became WWE universal champion after defeating Brock Lesnar. Few months after he announced that he battles leukemia for the second time.


Anyway, the movie was announced on Rock`s Instagram profile. Dwayne Johnson said that he is really excited to work with his colleague and cousin on the movie for the first time. He expressed his delight with Reigns positive mindset that will surely be something that will help him return to the ring. In the end, he said that he enjoys filming on the Samoan islands from where his ancestors are.

On his Instagram profile, Roman Reigns expressed his gratitude towards Dwayne and the rest of the crew, saying that he considers this a “Family Healing”. As we said, the movie “Hobbs and Shaw”, which starts Johnson and Leati Joseph Anoa`I (Roman Reigns), plus Jason Statham, will premiere in August 2019.


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