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Robot Vacuum – How to Use One?


With the ease and convenience that robot vacuum cleaners bring to many homeowners, it is not surprising that there are now several brands and models to choose from. Each company that manufactures cleaners continuously makes improvements to their current models so that newer and better versions of their vacuum are periodically released.

The various brands and models of robot vacuum have a lot of differences and similarities. The differences often involve the features that the cleaners come with. When buying robot cleaners, it is important to identify the specific features that will be absolutely useful for you to help you determine which brand and model to get. It will also be helpful to read reviews that you can find online so you can get actual feedback from users of a particular vacuum.

Once you have your robot vacuum, it is important to read its instruction manual carefully. This will help you fully maximize everything that your cleaner has to offer. Nevertheless, there is no need to be wary of using one because robot cleaners are very easy to use, below is a guide in using.

Scope of Job

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The first thing you need to determine is how your robot cleaner goes about its job. Some robot vacuum is random cleaners which means they randomly vacuum around a room. This means that some areas are vacuumed several times while other areas might get just one pass. On the other hand, there are cleaners that come with the ability to map its surroundings either with the use of a built-in camera or with input from the user. These vacuum are more methodical, allowing them to clean faster. You will have to type in the room size and dimensions if your cleaner requires it. Otherwise, all you have to do is to clear the floor of any major clutter and let the robot do its job.

Virtual Wall

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If your robot comes with a virtual wall feature, make sure that you set it up before turning on your vacuum. This virtual wall feature will set up virtual walls for your gadget, often with the use of infrared sensors. This feature is designed to keep your robot away from areas beyond the virtual wall.


Most cleaners come with a scheduling function. This lets you specify a time when you want your robot to do its job, allowing it to do its vacuuming at a regular time every day even when you are out of the house.


Despite all the convenience that vacuum provide, one thing it cannot do is to clean itself. You will have to regularly empty its dirt and dust bin to ensure the hassle-free operation of your gadget.

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The robot cleaner is fully automatic and with their ability to go back to their bases and recharge means that you almost do not have to do anything except for the four things listed above. To help you find the best automatic cleaner for you, we have compiled a list of businesses in Australia that sell them. Feel free to browse their websites to view their wide selection of gadget for clean and to compare the different models and their features and prices.


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