Rick and Morty Season 5 – Is it Happening for Real?

New episodes can in no way seem to come back quickly enough for fanatics of the Adult Swim series Rick and Morty. At the moment, they (who’re we kidding: we) are waiting for the final five episodes of season 4, which aired its front 5 in November and December last year.

Rick and Morty show has an even greater in-depth production method than many other shows, which we’re going to get to in a moment — however, at times, it may appear like its producers simply experience maintaining lovers endlessly pining for more episodes. In May 2018, lengthy after its third season had completed, the show acquired a 70-episode renewal from Adult Swim, so we understand that there are truckloads of new adventures on the way. However, we do not even know precisely whilst season four will resume.

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That means that we know even much less about the status of Rick and Morty season 5 — but, thanks to the records we do have on hand, we will make some educated guesses about whether we should expect it, and who might be involved. If you’re as tense for more Rick and Morty as we are, you might need to bookmark this page, because we will be updating it with  new info each time it becomes available.

When can we expect Rick and Morty season 5 to air?

Assuming that the fifth season’s production schedule doesn’t emerge as looking much distinct from that of season four, we can field a quite respectable bet as to when we would see its premiere.

The first trailer for season four debuted at San Diego Comic Con 2019.  That happened in July and that season then started airing in November. Because of that,  we anticipate that those final 5 episodes will start to drop sometime around March or April of this year.

How many episodes can we expect from Rick and Morty season?

Each season of Rick and Morty has clocked in at ten episodes for now, and we do not anticipate that season 5 might be any different.

“You just don’t get the full feeling of how much effort goes into every episode by watching the 22 minutes fly by on the TV,” says Nathan Litz, animation director at Bardel Entertainment.

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The cast of Rick and Morty season 5

Every season of Rick and Morty typically brings many celebrity guest stars in one-shot appearances, such as David Cross, Alfred Molina, Keegan-Michael Key and also Jordan Peele, Patton Oswalt, Stephen Colbert, Nathan Fillion, Danny Trejo, Christian Slater, Keith David, Paul Giamatti, and Sam Neill. We expect nothing less from season 5.

For now, no plot details for the fifth season of the show have been revealed. We will first have to see how the fourth season will end.

“The amount of season 5 ideas [writer] Rob Schrab can come up with in a day is just awe-inspiring from a certain distance at which I should have stayed”, says Harmon.