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Richard Lewis Net Worth 2021 – The Old-School Comedy

He is one of the best and acknowledged comedians in the world. Apart from this, he has also done some work as an actor. The period of his fame and when he made a lot of movies was in the 1980s. He is also very famous for having appearances in Anything but Love, he appeared there from 1989 until 1992.

Personal life

He was born in 1947 in Brooklyn, NYC, the USA. However, he grew up in Englewood, New Jersey. His interest in movies and films came from his mother who was an actress. His father, on the other hand, was working as a caterer. We should also mention that he has a Jewish origin.


As we have already said, from the earliest age, he decided to try himself in acting, and he preferred comedy. This was the reason why he decided to start doing stand-ups in the 1970s. This was not his primary job since he has also been working for an organization as a copywriter. He kept his stand-ups for night shows and performances.

His breakthrough happened in the 1980s since this was the time when he succeeded to appear on some very important TV shows. For example, he appeared in David Letterman’s Late Night Show. Apart from this, HBO has aired some of his personal specials.

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Some of his roles in include appearing in Anything but Love in which he acted alongside with Jamie Lee Curtis. We should mention that his character was present in the series for four seasons. Apart from this, he also had a role on Daddy Dearest with Don Rickles.

We should also add that he had a cameo appearance as Philip in George Lopez.

He has been appearing in Curb Your Enthusiasm. Namely, he has had a recurring role here.

One of his best-known roles is of Jimmy Epstein in Drunks, as well as in Game Day.


Richard Lewis has also had a very good writing career and we should mention that he has even written some articles for Playboy. He also used to write a lot of comics. Furthermore, he decided to pursue the dramatic pictures and this is the reason why he prepared Leaving Las Vegas, Hugo Pool, and The Maze.

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He has been present on the scene for a long time and he has had a very good career. This has brought a lot of fame, especially in the 1980s when he was working a lot. We may freely say that his best recognition is in his character in the series called Anything but Love.

Net worth

In 2021, his net worth has been estimated at 8 million USD. The vast majority of this money comes from his main profession – acting. More precisely, he has earned the vast majority of this money as being a stand-up comedian and appearing on TV. Most of the money has been earned in the 1980s when he was at the peak of his career, such as Anything but Love.