The Most Common Complaints About Resume Writing Services, and Why They’re Bunk

The most common complaints about resume writing services are that they are expensive, provide little to no value, and the quality of the resumes they produce is bad. This article will address those three gripes and provide reasons why these complaints are bunk.

But first, the caveat: these complaints are only bunk if you go to the wrong service provider. There are plenty of bad, incompetent and overpriced resume writing services in the market.

But: But when you find a good one, they will make your resume sing. The difference is night and day. If you have a great resume writer, you’ll get a resume tailored to your skillset, experience and career goals. You’ll get tons of value in terms of advice, guidance and feedback. And most importantly, when recruiters look at your resume, it will be an eye-popping piece of work that will likely win you more interviews than resumes that were written by people who overpaid for their help.

Now here are some of the most common complaints about resume writing services, and why they’re bunk

They’re Expensive

You can buy costly things—like a Ferrari—but you don’t expect that car to do your laundry, pick up your kids from soccer practice, or cook you dinner. A resume writing service is a better value than an exotic car because you will have that resume for years to come. It’s not an expense that will be passed on to your children. Furthermore, a resume’s cost is less than the total value it will provide to your career. Perhaps you’ll get one job from your new resume, but that one job could be the beginning of something great.

They Provide Little to No Value

One of the perks of using an expensive resume service is that they can evaluate the quality of your resume by gauging your interview results. As an example, if you send a resume to Resume To Interview and you didn’t get a single interview, they’ll tell you that your resume has issues and needs work. To avoid a bad resume service, you can check out a list of the top resume services to consider here.

The Quality of Their Resumes is Bad

Professional resume writers staff high-quality writing services, so you can expect a high-quality product. After all, they must maintain a good name. Additionally, you can get past work samples and read testimonials from clients before placing your trust in their hands.

Low-quality writing services are staffed by hacks who don’t know the first thing about resume writing. You’re better off doing it yourself than using one of these fly-by-night operations.

They’re Too Busy to Help Me

A good writing service will offer a free phone consultation to help you decide if they’re the right service for you. You can also ask past clients about their experiences working with the writing service.

Their Products are Shoddy and Unprofessional

You should receive a high-quality product from a company that takes pride in its work. If you buy an expensive car, for example, you expect it to be polished and clean. A car wash service will give your vehicle a thorough cleaning so that the finish gleams when the sun hits it. Likewise, you should expect a high-quality product from any writing service you choose to pay.

I Can Write a Resume Myself

It’s true that you can write a resume yourself, but why would you when there are such good products available? Why would you spend countless hours writing a resume that may or may not be any good? Time is money…and few people have time to waste. When you get a professional resume, the hours it took to create your masterpiece will pay off with job interviews.

It’s Too Difficult to Find a Good Resume Writer

It can be tough to find the right writing service. There are many out there, and most writers don’t know what they’re doing. One way to find the best writing service is by reading reviews of their products. Good writers will have good reviews, and you won’t have to spend hours on end examining their work samples before you make a decision.

The biggest problem with resume writing services is that many people don’t know how they work. They assume that these companies are like copy shops or dry cleaners, and they churn out resumes like pizza. The truth is that good resume writing services are staffed by professional resume writers who know what they’re doing. They provide quality products, and the value they add to your career is well worth it.

The only time that these complaints are true is when you choose a bad resume writer. Avoid bad writers and consider using a professional resume writing service to get the most out of your resume.

This article proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that resume services are not ripoffs — and the fact that people continue to complain about how much they cost and how little value you get from them shows just how desperate people are for jobs. Also, it’s not as hard as people make it out to be.