5 Tips and Tricks for better Remote Team Managing

In the times of the pandemic where entire businesses have shifted to WFH, or work from home protocol, it is necessary that more and more businesses start putting a priority on effective remote team management. Remote team management has become a need of the times and the businesses that integrate it in their work process are only designed to flourish even in these trying times.

According to, one of the leading software tools for remote team management that has helped thousands of businesses around the world, it is integral that you put various implementations into place that will help your business have seamless remote team management.

That being said, many business owners weren’t expecting to go online with their businesses and almost none expected that they would have to communicate with their teams on a remote basis. That is why most business owners have no idea how they can manage teams remotely and what things they should do to ensure excellent management of their remote teams.

If you too are a business owner like this and are looking for tips for better remote team managing, then don’t worry, because in this article we are going to list exactly that. Read the article till the end so that you don’t miss out on crucial details.

Explain your expectations to your team beforehand

The moment an employee joins your company during the times of the pandemic, it is your responsibility as the company owner to tell them the guidelines and rules that they are supposed to follow. Letting your company members know exactly what you expect from them beforehand was already crucial before, but it is even more so in today’s times.

Tell all the teams what their end and start goal is and what conduct you expect them to follow. The more your employees know about your company values, the more respect they will be able to give you and your company. Having a fixed set of guidelines tells your new employees exactly what they are supposed to do and creates a starting point for them to build upon with their own independent creative means.

This also encourages better communication and role acknowledgment between managers and team members. A lack of these expectations can find your employees in mental disarray and confusion the moment they join your job, which is the last thing you, or they, want.

Be flexible with your timings

While having a fixed amount of timing for your employees to follow could have worked effectively before in your offline company, it is quite impractical and unreasonable to follow the same timing protocol when your employees are working from home. The single most significant point about WFH is that it allows team members to work at timings they feel the most comfortable in.

It is your responsibility to understand this if you want to develop better remote team managing capabilities in your employees. Allow your employees the freedom of time and working anytime they want inside their homes as long as they complete their work within a given deadline. Assigning fixed deadlines will encourage your team members to work on their own leisure which only leads to more productive results and better quality of work.

Never be too adamant on a particular timing where all the team members must start working or take a break. In a WFH scenario, this will only produce bad results.

Use third-party tools to your advantage

There are various tools and software out there are specifically designed for businesses that need resources for managing remote teams. Even the older collaboration and interface tools have updated themselves with the pandemic in mind to satisfy the needs of businesses and companies that operate remotely.

Using these tools to enhance your business structure and cater to your communication, management, and collaboration needs makes a lot of financial sense for your business. You will be only paying a small fee but the efficiency and seamlessness you will have access to with the help of these tools are unmatched.

These third-party tools can enhance team communication which ensures that work misunderstandings don’t arise and everyone fully grasps the line of their work. This allows for seamless collaboration between team members which in turn generates better productivity and efficiency for the company.

Communicate a lot

When you are working remotely, communicating with each other takes a higher priority than all the other things at your company. People who work from home can’t just take a few steps and talk to their boss or manager physically and face-to-face whenever they want, as was possible back when things were normal.

Working remotely disallows employees from accessing the most common communication channels and they are forced to look for alternative means to communicate with their superiors as well as their team. Providing them with an effective communication and collaboration solution is extremely crucial at such times.

Communication is the key to success and only when your employees start communicating with each other freely will they be able to share ideas, work on projects together as a team and report to you with data effectively.

Employ all means possible to keep communication alive between team members such as video call conferencing, collaboration software, or even social media apps.

Track the progress of your employees.

Inform your team to keep you regularly updated with their work progress to assure yourself that the work they are assigned to is being completed on a competent basis. It is normal to feel anxious or nervous when you don’t see your employees physically invested in their work at their stations.

Regular updates and notifications can help you curb this anxiety and deal with your work as rationally as possible. Always keep an eye out on the progress of your employees, ensure that all members are working optimally and meeting deadlines, and in case someone isn’t, talk to them about the matter and ask them if everything is okay.


There are several tips that can help you manage your remote teams in a much more efficient and streamlined way. We hope this article was insightful for you and if it was, please consider following our website for regular updates as it will help us out immensely.